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NYX Cosmetics Diamond Sparkle Lipstick, Sparkling Plum, 0.15 Ounce

Velvet lipstick formulation that provides a luminous, shimmery finish. Mineral oils moisturize and condition. Long-lasting, smudge-proof color. Finish delivers diamond quality brightness, sparkle and shine.

Key features

  • Mineral oils moisturize and condition
  • Long-lasting, smudge-proof color
  • Finish delivers diamond quality brightness, sparkle and shine

Honest reviews



I have about ten different colors of the NYX sparkle lipstick and I love them!!! They are like lipstick and gloss put together because you have the color and the shine with only one application. They last all day long!!! The colors are so bold and the shimmer is so beautiful. NYX is my favorite makeup brand so I am very partial but they really are amazing. Other then Amazon and the NYX website, Ulta is the only place I can find them.

Shari Port Wing, WI

It’s okay

It’s not really as golden as I would like it to be, but paired with the lip gloss with the same name, it is wayyyyyyy better. It’s has a frosty finish more so than a shimmery one. I hope this helps…

Queen Westbrook, ME

Smooth and Shiny!

This was my 1st NYX Cosmetics purchase.Wow! Beautiful color, sparkle and shine!What else could you want in a Lipstick?I selected the Sparkling Salmon, as its ayear-round favorite, but I will probablyget more use out of this color during theSpring and Summer. Darker shades seemto look better in Fall and Winter … = )

Tisha Afton, NY
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Gently exfoliate lips to remove dry, chapped skin with our Lip Exfoliator! A sweet sugar and smoothing sensation, infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect. This Lip Exfoliator treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel.

Key features

  • Become Your Own Makeup Artist.
  • Gently exfoliate lips.
  • Sweet sugar & smoothing sensation.
  • Treats & smoothes lips for a conditioned & revitalized feel.

Honest reviews


Just Okay

Let me start off by saying this is more of a lip scrub than lip balm. If you are looking for a moisturizing lip balm, this is not the product you need. To properly get the ‘scrub’ properties of this balm, you have to use it around 3 times to scrape off a thick layer of soft moisturizing balm on the tip of the stick. Once you actually get to the scrub part however, I found that this is pretty inconvenient. First off, if you have dry or chapped lips and you actually want to get enough product on your lips.. it just won’t work for you. Mine broke at the 4th or 5th use when I tried to rub it on my lips (not enough product was actually getting on my lips). I did learn a good trick from the breaking of this product however. I took the broken stick out of the holder/packaging thing and used the bottom side as a deep exfoliator. It is very rough, and basically like applying brown sugar to your lips. But it finally got enough product on my lips to actually repair dryness! The reason that this product is inconvenient is because after using it, you have to wipe it off your lips with a moist towel, and then have to apply layers of your favorite lip balm. The only useful purpose of this is if you have very chapped, flaky lips and need something to get the dead skin off. Other than that, it’s not very useful. I still do use it sometimes however, because the smell is fantastic (it reminds me of warm cookies, vanilla, and brown sugar- absolutely delicious)!

Fanny Lakin, KS

Ripped My Poor Lips to Shreds!

Wow! I can’t understand the fabulous reviews this product received, because it left my poor lips feeling like they’d been run through a chipper shredder! Don’t know what the exfoliating grit was used in the stuff, but it felt like I was torturing my lips with gravel embedded in grease. Such a painful experience that I threw it out immediately and was glad that ELF cosmetics are so inexpensive. Yoiks! I am fair skinned and have sensitive skin and my lips were screaming for mercy after I tried this stuff. To be fair, I usually love the quality and price of the ELF brand but will never get within 10 feet of this stuff again! For those of you who love this lip exfoliator, I am envious, because I am still looking for the perfect product. What works great for me is after cleansing my face, I simply rub my lips briskly with a soft washcloth & then massage in a couple of drop of unscented grapeseed oil and my lops are soft, exfoliated and soothed. I do this every morning and night.

Misty Cosby, MO

One of the best lip scrubs, period.

Okay, so if you can find this item in a store, it only runs approximately 3 bucks for ONE. I ordered here on amazon because the local Target did not have the item at the time (you can look up the store in your area and the system will tell you if it is in stock or otherwise), but I don’t mind because the price was not gouged all that much (at the original time of purchase, at least…).Onto the actual product:Fab, period. I’ve made my own lipscrubs and I’ve purchased some from luxury companies (LUSH, for example). I find that this product is not only the most affordable option, but it is also one of the LEAST MESSY and MOST EFFECTIVE! This scrub is so easy to use in a lipstick like form. I absolutely love the concept: portability. This is such a great item to have in your purse/makeup-to-go bag.I’ve found that other lipscrubs are WAYYY overpriced. And if you make your own, you’re looking at about 10-20 in start up costs. You really CAN’T go wrong here…

Kenya Villa Maria, PA
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REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter, Creamsicle, 0.09 Ounce

Color burst lip butter combines beautiful color with a buttery balm to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips. It has a pampering gel formula which glides on lips buttery smooth and instantly hydrates lips.

Key features

  • Pampering gel formula glides on lips buttery smooth and instantly hydrates lips
  • Medium coverage color with a high shine finish
  • Mango butter, shea butter and coconut butter naturally boosts lip moisture
  • Gives balm like feel to lips, making lips feel soothed, pampered, and conditioned

Honest reviews


Not for dry lips or pale complexions, but otherwise a good product!

I’m going to start by saying that I am a huge fan of Revlon’s new Colorburst Lip Butters. I was reeled in by the hype as well as the ads featuring actress Emma Stone (Crazy Stupid Love) that I was bombarded with everywhere I went. The lip butter line is a great option for those who suffer from dry lips and who want a lasting touch of sheer color and stain coupled with ample hydration. Lip butters contain jojoba oil, shea butter and mango butter so they live up to their claim of being ultra moisturizing.So why only two stars? I’m giving two stars to the color Creamsicle.Revlon released this product line in 20 unique shades named after various sugary sweets. Creamsicle is one of the lightest options and is an opaque peachy beige. In my opinion it lacks too much pink and is too heavy handed on the orange. I think this will look good on some people, but not the grand majority.First, I would caution pale girls against this. It is just too pale, but not in a complimentary way. It will wash you out and make you look sick. And this is even worse for girls with dry lips. I realize that goes against everything I said about the formulation of these lip butters. And, yes, this lipstick is still super-hydrating, HOWEVER, this color is so pale and opaque that it highlights any rough or dry areas and makes them 100% more obvious. Kind of defeats the purpose of lip butters. Such a waste.I recommend the lip butter in Creme Brule if you’re looking for a pale option that is ten times more flattering.

Marietta Ambia, IN


The picture of sooooo pretty but this whole line of lip sticks are more of a buttery application. It does say it in the head line but it is a sheer top coat not an actual lipstick. I am just more disappointed that the color doesn’t show through it looks like such a beautiful coral.

Ila Gilbert, AR

Good alternative nude

This lip butter is really great for those not looking for a real dramatic nude lip. The lipstick tint itself is pretty sheer (obviously its a lip butter) but it still comes out pretty nicely and you can probably try building it up if you want to.

Randi Pine Mountain Valley, GA
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Kiss My Face Sport Lip Balm SPF 30, 0.15 Ounce

Extra SPF-30 protection for active adults & children. This long-lasting lip balm with organic ingredients is preservative free & water resistant. With certified organic beeswax, certified organic coconut oil, Vitamin E, shea butter & scented with lime & spearmint essential oils.

Key features

  • Organic beeswax is skin softening with antioxidant properties
  • Shea butter is moisturizing & soothing
  • FDA approved sunscreens protect lips from sun damage

Honest reviews


It’s okay

This stuff comes off easily. Had to constantly re-apply. It has a nice coat but doesn’t feel like it penetrates. Went with the softlips watermelon instead. SO much better.

Eloise Hermon, NY

Good lip balm

I bike a lot and wanted some lip balm that would provide SPF. This was a great deal. The lip balm tastes like peppermint when you first put it on. The flavor does fade pretty quickly but it is nice lip balm. Very soothing to the lips, isn’t greasy and feels nice. It stays on well and has an SPF. Fits all my needs!

Brooke Elmira, WV

Not impressed

Not super impressed. Felt like drugstore brand Chapstick. It does have a good minty scent and goes on smoothly. Other than it having higher SPF of 30, there really isn’t anything special about it. I paid close to $5 which I think I overpaid. I’ll use what I have but will not buy again unless on deep discount.

Leann Texhoma, OK
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Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm-Mocha

Badger’s Mocha Cocoa – Cocoa Butter Lip Balm is made for true coffee lovers! We don’t just add coffee flavoring, we use real CO2 extract of Arabica Coffee beans, meaning this lip balm stands up to any taste-test challenge. All of Badger’s dreamy Cocoa Butter Organic Lip Balms come in larger .25oz sticks to provide soothing rich relief for dry lips! These creamy organic lip balms feature rich, Certified Organic and Fair Trade CertifiedTM Cocoa Butter, which has the sultry fragrance of dark chocolate. Badger’s Cocoa Butter is traditionally processed at low temperatures, allowing the butter to retain its natural, health-giving properties. Flavored with all natural steam distilled essential oils – no artificial sweeteners or fragrances. We may be a little biased, but these are some of the best lip balms we’ve ever tried! (We think you’ll probably agree.)

Key features

  • Super moisturizing protection from Organic Fair Trade Certified TM Cocoa Butter.
  • Powerful antioxidants fromAloe, Rosehip, and Seabuckthorn help to prevent cellular damage.
  • Nice larger-sized stick.
  • We never use any artificial “fragrances,” color, detergents, synthetics, mineral oils or harsh ingredients.

Honest reviews


Nice Lime Lip Balm

I, too, am a lip balm addict, and I love anything lime-flavored. Limes remind me of all the times I’ve visited Thailand and Florida. The W.S. Badger Company make great lip balms and body salves. In the past, I have bought a lot of their salves and rubs for co-workers, friends, and family. I bought the Lime Rocket and Poetic Pomegranate lip balms at Rollin’ Oats Market and Cafe in St. Petersburg, Florida last year for some of my friends and myself. This Lime Rocket lip balm feels and tastes great. The lime fragrance is very pleasing, and the taste is pleasant. This lip balm applies very smoothly on the lips. There’s no stickiness or wax feeling. This lip balm is Fair Trade and Certified Organic. This lip balm has extra virgin olive oil, fair trade certified cocoa butter, beeswax, castor oil, essential oils of lime, litsea cubeba, tangerine, aloe vera extract, and CO2 extracts of rosehip and seabuckthorn berry. I really like the size of this lip balm tube – it’s .25 oz, and well worth the money. The size of this lip balm tube is the equivalent of Mission Skincare’s Acai Lemonade Mega Balm lip balm, which I will review later. The biggest lip balm I own is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Swivel Stick .5 oz tube, which I will review later as well. Most of the lip balm tubes sized .25 oz and above have been well worth the money. Anyways, it’s the cocoa butter that stands out in this lip balm. The cocoa butter really softens your lips. Another lip balm I highly recommend besides any of the W.S. Badger Company lip balms, Mission Skincare lip balms, and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula lip balm is Thistle Farms’ lip smoothie. I highly recommend buying any product from Thistle Farms – product purchases and donations help the women who work at Thistle Farms in Tennessee, an organization/company that has ran for ten years and that has helped women freeing themselves from violence, addiction, etc. I’m highly supportive of buying products that help people get back on their feet, so if you buy products such as their lip smoothies or Sandal Survival Kit, with celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson, singer Julie Roberts, Reba McEntire, Jordin Sparks, Jane Pauley, Nancy Lieberman, etc. supporting them – check out Thistle Farms’ Facebook page to see what I mean, then that’s great. Anyways, in early June, when my sister and I stopped at a Greenlife Grocery store in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I bought Thistle Farms lip smoothies for some of my friends and myself. Some of the ingredients in their lip smoothies include almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, cocoa butter, etc. If you want a great lip balm, Thistle Farms’ lip smoothie fits the bill. Also, if you want another great lip balm that has a lime taste to it, try 423balm’s Patchouli Lime Lip and Body Balm. 423balm is a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based company. You can check out 423balm via their website. I first bought 423balm’s Patchouli Lime Lip and Body Balm when I also visited Greenlife Grocery in Chattanooga, Tennessee last year. They have lip and body balms in Tangerine Sage, Green Tea, Rosemary Lemongrass, and Sage Mint. I bought some 423balm products for my co-workers and friends, and they loved the 423balm products. Anyways, 423balm’s Patchouli Lime smells and feels great when applied to lip and body. My verdict: if you want to own some excellent lip balms, try W.S. Badger Co.’s Lime Rocket and Poetic Pomegranate lip balms. Like their slogan says, their lip balms truly feel like “a little magic for your lips”.

Connie Palmdale, CA

Very creamy and hydrating

I love this lip balm. You really should only use it at night or indoors because it doesn’t have any SPF, but it goes on smooth and wonderfully. Highly recommend!

Jaclyn Springfield, NH

Fine Ingredients, but Not My Cuppa

I have used Badger Lips and Body Balms for over 10 years. Their product Badger Organic & Natural Lip Care was packaged in a box and contained seven average-sized ( approximately .15 oz like a Chapstick) lip balms with flavors like Chai Rose, Highland Mint, Cinnamon Bay and Tangerine Breeze. These lip and body products come in disc format also in (.74 ounces) in an Unscented version and in all the other flavors which includesGinger & Lemon Balm Stick – 0.15 oz – BalmandBadger Lip & Body Balm, Lavender & Orange – .75 oz. This flavor selection offers the user something energizing, balancing, relaxing and romantic in their realm of “flavor-therapy.” Presently, Badger is including some “gourmand” flavors likeBadger Lip Balm, Vanilla Madagascar, .15 ozandCocoa Butter Cream Cocoa – 0.25 oz – Lip Balm.This particular flavor Badger Mocha Cocoa Lip Balm tastes and smells like coffee. The flavoring isn’t overly strong but it is slightly bitter; I had to look on the tube to put a name to what I was experiencing. If you like that type of sensation then perhaps, add a star to this review. However, I find that it is not one of my favorites. Because of this, Mocha Cocoa is something I reach for only when I don’t have anything else to use.The overall size of the product is larger (.25 oz) than Badger’s other products in stick format which makes the application initially awkward. The consistency of the product is like that of the other Badger balms–they melt with the warmth of your skin and have an overall soothing effect. This product is part of their cocoa butter balm line that includesBadger Organic Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Sweet Orange — 0.25 oz, Cocoa Butter Poetic Pomegranate Lip Balm – 0.25 oz – Balm and Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm-Vanilla Bean (Quantity of 5). Like all the of the fine Badger products, this line uses CO2 extracts and essential oils for flavoring and aloe and seabuckthorn and olive oils for moisturizing in addition to the cocoa butter.As the ingredients are faultless, my only complaint about this product is its flavoring. I just don’t like a coffee scent:( For a non-caloric chocolate hit, I use myGanache for Lips, Chocolate Moussewhich tastes good and has similar ingredients.Badger has been making these wonderful body and lip balms for quite a while. Before this line took off–it is featured in Whole Foods around the country–the W.S. Badger Company was offered on the internet. At that time, ordering a product entitled you to so many handcrafted samples packaged in tiny plastic jars–I would be beside myself with joy as I treated myself to so many different flavor combinations of fine organic quality. What more could you ask for? Caring people who communicate well and make a quality product from fine ingredients cannot be beat.Bottom line? Badger’s Mocha Cocoa Cocoa Butter Lip Balm is a superior product in a larger than average size that definitely will moisturize your lips. Personally, the coffee flavoring is not to my liking so I would not purchase this again–instead I would stick to their wide selection of other more likable flavors. Recommended for those who like the taste of coffee on their lips.Diana Faillace Von Behren”reneofc”

Cheri Silver Star, MT
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Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain, Crush, 0.1 Ounce

Revlon Just bitten kissing balm stain provides a gorgeous flush of color and the moisturizing comfort of a balm in a portable, self sharpening chubby crayon.

Key features

  • Balm stain provides gorgeous flush of kiss-proof color with the comfortable feel of a balm
  • Ultra moisturizing formula glides on and feels very comfortable
  • Smooth gel formula that is glossy on lips

Honest reviews


Not nude on my lips

I bought color precious, because it looked very similar to revlon lip butter in cream brlée, which i like and Which looks nice nude color on my bright, very pigmented lips, but revlon lip stain in precious oxidizes to a very orangey clay color on my lips. Very disappointing.

Margery Forbes Road, PA

Perfect Red

ROMANTIC! I love this shade. I love the feeling of this product on my lips. I think it must contain some peppermint extract or Menthol because its cooling and tingly! The thick pencil shape allows for precise application and leaves a dewy satiny finish. This RED looks great on many skin tones…but it especially pretty with my olive complexion. I plan on wearing this color for Christmas and New Years! I will get more of these Revlon Balm/Stains in other shades for sure! The texture and wear-ability is GREAT!

Brenda Bonita, CA

My everyday go-to lip color

I finally found the perfect lip make-up! Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain is emollient, a bit shiny, and has a pleasant minty taste/smell. The first time my husband kissed me, and I was wearing Balm Stain, I didn’t think I’d get him to stop! He’d kiss me, look at me and smack his lips and then come back for another and another. LOL What fun! 😉 I had previously tried the Covergirl Outlast Lipstain in Teasing Blush and it’s very pretty but it seems to me that it’s a bit drying. Now I start with the Covergirl, outlining my lip shape and then I fill in with this Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain. I carry the Revlon with me all day long and reapply as needed. Now my lips look fabulous all day long. I only need to reapply after eating. The stain lasts really long. I like never having to sharpen it. It’s not a regular pencil. It’s a roll-up! Love it! I’d give it more stars if I could.

Elisabeth Thurston, NE
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Colortrak Safari Croc Clips, 2.24 Ounce

Colortrak safari croc clips are designed with the wild stylist in mind. The clips are designed to expand to hold larger volumes of hair. A rubberized grip also prevents slippage when working with wet or chemically treated hair. Trendy leopard and zebra patterns.

Key features

  • Section large amounts of hair while coloring, cutting, and styling
  • Rubber grip ensures no slipping while working with wet hair, product or color
  • Color black

Honest reviews


Exactly what I was looking for

Great for holding hair in place while styling. The "rubberized" texture is especially helpful. 4 were more than enough, but I ordered 8.

Germaine Webber, KS

haven’t ripped out my hair or fallen out yet

I use these when coloring and styling my thick, medium-long, curly hair. They stay put and don’t rip my hair out! I’d buy this exact brand again for sure. I’ve been using them for several months now, about 3-4 times a month. Still holding up.

Joyce Arlington, KS

Great for Blow Drying, Doesn’t Pull Hair

Before ordering, I was a little concerned that the rubberized finish would pull my hair, but it doesn’t at all. The clips are great for sectioning hair when blow drying, which is exactly what I use them for. Would recommend.

Gertrude Rockwood, MI
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Aquaphor Lip Repair, 0.35 Ounce

Aquaphor Immediate Relief Lip Repair. Dermatologist #1 lip brand recommended. From Eucerin. Proven to relieve dryness and soothe chapped, cracked lips. With vitamins, shea butter and chamomile essence. Fragrance free. From Eucerin, Aquaphor, lip repair, relieves dryness and soothes chapped, cracked lips, fragrance free and preservative free, immediate relief.

Key features

  • #1 Dermatologist recommended lip care brand
  • Proven to relieve dryness and soothe chapped, cracked lips
  • Seals in moisture and helps prevent dryness
  • Formulated with nourishing vitamins, Shea Butter and soothing Chamomile essence for soft lips
  • Specially formulated for sensitive lips; preservative and fragrance free

Honest reviews



I have read tons of great reviews about this but sadly its horrible. it has the most distugusting texture, i ended up just wiping it off and it didnt help my lips AT ALL!! i do not recommend this product to anyone! save your money.

Jewell Birdsnest, VA

Essential for Accutane users

I’m on my second round of Accutane, and my lips were dry to the point of splitting in more than one place. I left this product on overnight, and it made my lips about 70% better. As I continued to use it, my lips fully recovered. I now use it constantly with a touch ofDr. Dans CortiBalm Lip Balm for Chapped Lips – 0.15 Oz (3 pack).every few days.The texture is the same asCarmex – Lip Moisturizing Tube, Original Balm – 0.35 Oz (3-Pack). The taste is a little unpleasant, kind of bitter and salty– but I don’t go around licking my lips with this on. It is odorless.I will definitely repurchase!

Michelle Santa, ID

good but not something special

Good product but I can’t see much difference form the other lip balm brands. I found the EOS ones to be better.

Araceli Preston Hollow, NY
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The Naked Bee Moisturizing Orange Blossom Honey Lip Balm

Moisturize, pamper, and protect your lips with this natural lip balm. “All the good stuff, none of the bad stuff” — and your skin will surely thank you for it!

Key features

  • Size: 0.15 oz.
  • None of the bad stuff like paraben, gluten, laurel, proylene glycol, mineral oil, laureth sulfate, artificial colors and dyes, phthalate fragrances, or EDTA.
  • No animal testing!
  • All the good stuff like certified organic olive oil & beeswax, soybean oil, and honey.
  • Contains 55% Certified Organic ingredients.

Honest reviews


Decent lip balm, but disappointed in the scent

I purchased this because I was a huge fan of Shadow & Light’s “Black Tea & Orange Blossom Honey” scent. The company went out of business and reopened as The Naked Bee, and claimed that they were using the tea/honey scent in their new products.Not so much. This lip balm smells like bubblegum, and nothing at all like the luscious Black Tea & Honey scent they used to make. I’m very disappointed.

Christy Greenland, NH

Very moisturizing

I bought this product for my son, who hates chapstick but his lips get super chapped during the winter. And I wanted something more natural. He’ll only usually let me do two swipes before he throws a fit and I can say that even that little bit helps keep his lips from being chapped.I realize some of the other reviewers didn’t like the scent, but it didn’t bother me and my son hates all chapstick so there is no such thing as a good scent.

Wendi Deer Park, WI

The Best

Wasn’t to sure about purchasing this with mixed reviews but sure glad I did.Only have used this for a few days now and to my surprise my chapped lips healed .This isn’t like the typical chap stick they goes on dry,this goes on so smoothly and keeps my lips moisturized through the day.The best part is this is all natural With organic honey,orange peel extract,organic olive oil,green tea extract along with other ingredients.As far as some reviewers that wrote the smell is horrible I did not find that,In fact I found this to be the best of all the brands I have used .I would recommend this Lip Balm to anyone.

Joanna Checotah, OK
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Nivea Lip Care A Kiss Of Moisture Lip Care Stick

NIVEA A Kiss of Moisture – Essential Lip Care: • A rich, pampering formula enriched with Beeswax and Shea Butter to provide lips with long-lasting moisturization • Creamy, non-waxy formula glides easily onto lips The result is soft, healthy and beautiful looking lips for hours NIVEA A Kiss of Moisture – Essential Lip Care with Beeswax and Shea Butter delivers long lasting moisturization to lips, leaving lips feeling soft and looking

Key features

  • Let your lips look and feel soft and smooth to make every kiss memorable
  • Nivea

Honest reviews


Too greasy

The skin around my lips actually broke out because this lip balm is so greasy. It gives your lips a feeling of being coated in wax rather than being moisturized. It’s also sticky and hard to remove. Not recommended!

Michelle Herald, IL

Works super well

The product came in five days with its original packaging and its the only lip balm that actually makes my lips soft! A+++++++++

Pansy Hartsfield, GA


Makes your lips feel so nice! A definite must buy. Fully moisturizes your lips and makes them feel so soft

Adele Weott, CA
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