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Ecotools Alicia Cosmetic Bag

A cosmetic bag by Alicia Silverstone

Key features

  • Made from recycled and sustainable materials
  • Designed by Alicia Silverstone
  • Perfect size for your beauty must-haves
  • Hangtag printed on tree-free stone paper
  • 1% of Sales donated to environmental organizations

Honest reviews


Great Bag – Great Price!

I looked and scoured websites and stores for the “perfect makeup bag” for my purse. I thought I would give this a try and I’m glad I did! Has lots of room – cut design and on trend for eco-conscious makeup connoisseur. Sturdy construction as well.Will consider more of Alicia’s products in the future.

Katrina Bena, VA

Perfect Little Make Up

This is a cute little make-up bag. It’s the right size for a purse, it’s got a lovely design on really nice fabric.My old make-up bag was getting so ratty looking I didn’t want to take it out of my purse…now I’m good to go!!

Jeannette Friedensburg, PA


This cosmetic bag is of the highest quality. The bag is very well made and so attractive. Fits quite nicely in your pocketbook. Therefore, I would highly recommend the purchase of this product. DAME HILDA VAN WINKLE

Gina Truckee, CA
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Travelon Hanging Toiletry Kit


Key features

  • microfiber
  • Hanging Toiletry Kit
  • Quilted Microfiber
  • Zips together to form compact kit
  • Bottles and containers sit upright
  • Zippered pockets and compartments provide organization

Honest reviews


Major Design Flaw – Hanging Position Allows Fallout from Main Compartment!!

That flaw alone negates the reason I bought this. It needs a better design so that the main compartment (which holds your bottles of liquids!) will remain as upright as possible. As it is now, I can’t keep liquids in that all-important portion of the bag. I can use it as-is as long as there is sufficient (and clean) counter top space wherever I travel. It cannot be used hanging open and I am SO disappointed! There is a simple design change that can be made and I hope Travelon will implement it.I’m going to try to jury-rig this thing so that it is actually usable as it was advertised (hanging open). I hate to have to do this to a new item, but must in order to make it work.*sigh*On the plus side: it is very well made – professionally sewn, all seams are tight and zippers are quality. The construction itself is excellent. The fabric is great, too. It is attractive and holds quite a bit.Such a shame it has the major design flaw.

Antonia North English, IA

I love this thing!

It’s a descent size cosmetic bag that carries 3X what it looks like it can handle! I am very pleased with it! A million compartments. It’s all around wonderful!

Elisha Hot Springs National Park, AR

Perfect toiletry bag!

This bag is exactly what I was looking for. The quality is great, size, organization..etc. Perfect for our trip next week!

Arline Rio, WV
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Cricket Cool Down Iron Travel Case

Cool-Down Iron Traveler

Convenience & Safety on the go.

Secure Storage for hot straightening irons
No waiting for cool-down

Seperate storage compartments prevent cord from accidently melting

Removable pouch for easy transport

Outer wrap doubles as thermal protection mat to prevent counter damage

Rools neatly for storage in compact spaces

Key features

  • Great for travel
  • Seperate storage compartment for cord
  • Fits various size irons

Honest reviews


shopmaster luvs ya!

Bought this for my babyliss flat iron . works great. extra areas plenty of room and fits any brand irons. Dont be fooled some iron holders melt, oh what a mess. I still reccomend letting it cool down a bit before putting it in holder. Play it safe. This holder retains the heat well, and that is what you want, but never hurry, be safe with all your items and they will give you years of pleasure and use. shopmaster gotta go. Talk to you guys soon.

Elma Inez, TX

travel case

purchased this cricket cool down iron travel case for my daughter as a gift; she travels a lot and uses it a flat iron; works well

Marva Bluff, UT

Not what I expected

I really don’t like this mat. I wanted one for travel and it doesn’t lay flat. The Velcro is all over the bag, I thought it had a small Velcro closure… But both sides have it. It is bulky also. Not for me. I needed something for my curling wand. It gets really hot and burned a towel, I guess I need to keep searching.

Josephine Belmore, OH
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Nail Polish Table Rack Display

Nail Polish Table Rack Display (Hold Up To 36 Bottles)

Key features

  • Nail Polish Table Rack Display (Hold Up To 36 Bottles)

Honest reviews


Plastic Seems Sturdy

So far it’s holding up. Not to expensive ,easy to build.Wish it was bigger .other than that .It does what it suppose to .

Carolina Redway, CA

great self

This self is a great size and fits most of my bottles. I am going to buy another self since I have more polish. Very easy to put together and came in great time.

Allison Mc Neil, AR

pictures are accurate

This rack is a tad expensive for being what it is, BUT acrylic displays are expensive in general. They are about the same price even here in Downtown Los Angeles. Mine arrived properly packaged but chipped. nothing a bit of nail glue didnt fix. The screws were barely noticeable. I can see how someone might think it came with none. they are opaque plastic screws in a tiny package. I would be shocked if anyone says theres was not chipped or cracked, it happens. it fits the regular sized polishes. essie, milani, wet n wild, anything from the drugstore will fit. i was able to fit 41 due to a healthy mix of polish brands. overall, worth the price. i will be purchasing a second one.

Patti Westhampton Beach, NY
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Coastal Scents The Brush Guard, Blush Pack, 0.60-Ounce

The coastal scents brush guard keeps your makeup brushes like new! This blush pack contains eight brush guards perfect for your blush brushes that you want to protect from damage.

Key features

  • While drying – bristles dry in perfect shape
  • In use – handle stays clean and grips better
  • In storage – no snags or squashing
  • On the move – perfect packing

Honest reviews


good to protect brushes

good to protect your makeup brushes. the only downside is that sometimes the hairs would stick out through the holes of the brush guard. so when you protect your brushes, make sure to check for hair the would stick out. they do stretch so it would fit the right size brush.

Pauline Glenwood Landing, NY

Make sure you aren’t looking for the foundation sized guards

I like these, but I was actually looking for the foundation sized ones. Luckily I just bought a slew of eye brushes and used all of these. There are the second smallest size guards (out of the 4 possible sizes). I thought the sizes went (in descending order) Kabuki, Blush, Foundation, Eyeshadow, but they actually go Kabuki, Foundation, Blush, Eyeshadow.

Twila Iron Station, NC

Great product

These brush guards are perfect to put on your makeup brushes after cleansing…. helps the brushes hold their shape! will buy more sizes!

Natalie Athens, MI
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SHANY Cosmetics Makeup Trolley Case, Leopard

Black Leopard Trolley case is the most innovative case ever made by our team, Light weight aluminum case with durable print and ABS plastic. 360″ spinning wheel allows you to pull or push your case in any direction. The case comes with 4 wheels and multiple layers of storage with adjustable grids.

Key features

  • High quality aluminum/ leopard textured / abs plastic (hardware may vary)
  • Reinforced steel corners for extra durability with adjustable dividers
  • Telescopic handle with out-line wheels – 360 degrees spinning wheel – 4 wheels
  • Removable tray w/ dividers in lower storage well
  • Product of shany cosmetics

Honest reviews



Hands down, this is my favorite favorite product ever. The leopard print on this trolley case is to. die. for! It’s so girly, yet sassy at the same time. And if you love animal print, and are looking for a trolley case, this is the one for you! It’s lightweight, and has sooo much room for storage. PLUS it helps you stay organized. (:

Kathleen Melrose, CT

Fabulous Case

My Husband gave me one of these cases for Christmas. I love it. It is just fabulous for traveling. I can carry all of my cosmetics and bath items in the case along with extras you just want to have along. I don’t use it as much as I used to because it is such a hassel at the airports anymore. If I am just going on a weekend or 2-3 day trip I will take it and substitute it for one of my suit cases. I’ll carry my lingerie and shoes in the bigger lower section. I love this case it rolls so easily, it is easy to take along. As a matter of fact it rolls easier than my suitcase. I just love the way I can organize everything. I definately think this case would be a must have for the budding makeup artist. I definatly recommend this case to evertone. Linda W.

Karla Stone Lake, WI

Good Product !

Love the Leopard design of the product, Very sturdy and good for travel. You will not go wrong with this product.

Lynette Power, MT
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Compartment Travel Toiletry Bag


Key features

  • cotton
  • Quality tested and ensured for maximum durability
  • Designed with only the toughest, roughest users in mind
  • Comfort and performance come hand in hand with rothco

Honest reviews


Son loves it

Bought to send my son off to college. Fits all his skin care, shower stuff, and razors. Very nice. I will update once I see how it holds up.

Elva Woodbridge, CT

GREAT, Tough Bag!

My husband has had a toiletry bag that he got when he joined the Army 20+ years ago, and it is still in fairly good condition considering it has been all over the world! But I felt it was time to get him a new one…at least to travel with…the old one can just be used for storage at home if he wanted to keep it.This Rothco bag is VERY well made. It is a nice thick canvas and the construction is awesome.It is large enough to hold my husbands toiletries and then some – it’s pretty good size, bigger then the one he’s been using. I think it would take a lot to ruin this bag. The prices is GREAT so there’s no complaints at all. I’m actually thinking of getting one for myself!

Joanne Hinsdale, NY

Good quality

Made of the same material as a military duffel bag – if you know what they are like. Good stitching and zippers. Being cloth it would be machine washable, if needed. The side compartment has a waterproof liner – things like a dripping tooth brush would be fine.I intend to use mine as a first aid kit for my day pack. I want to carry an assortment of goods not found together in smaller first aid kits.

Patricia Saronville, NE
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Complete Cosmetic Bag


Key features

  • Nylon
  • Zipper closure
  • 3″ high
  • 7″ wide
  • Travel-friendly cosmetic bag with multiple zippered, clear, and elastic pockets for optimal storage
  • Entire bag can be hung by swivel hood for easy access
  • Featuring clear pockets, elastics, roomy zippered compartments, it holds everything you can think of.
  • The entire bag can be hung by a swivel hood from door-knobs, shower rods and counter tops.
  • Large zippered pockets on the outside hold additional items for easy access when the bag is zipped closed.
  • 20″ x 12″ x 3″, 2.5 lbs, Made from lightweight, water resistant fabric and clear plastic
  • Made in China

Honest reviews


Easy to Clean But Not to Use

I don’t hate this but it is not my favorite makeup bag. If you put your makeup on sitting down at a Vanity or table it is fine but on the go without a place to lay it down in front of you it can be cumbersome. Not for the gal on the go!

Arline Red Hill, PA

cosmetic bag

This bag is perfect for all my cosmetics as well as shampoo, etc when on a trip. It is sometimes hard to find a bag that is not too big and still holds all you need. This one does and is so convenient.

Lauri Eddyville, OR

It’s good enough

I got this bag for the size, I wanted a bag that I could fit all my bathroom stuff in it. Couple of problems. First, the little zipper grippers fall off easily, and then the zipper only zips in one direction. I have had bags where there are two zippers for each opening that way no matter what direction you reach for you can open or close the case. So I do miss that. I will keep the bag as I don’t want to go through the trouble of returning, but I believe the quality could be bettter

Patrica Kathleen, FL
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Pink and Green Polka Dot Cosmetic Makeup Hanging Bag

It’s easy to take beauty on the go and look stylish doing so with a Jenzys Hanging Cosmetic Organizer. When unrolled, this fold up makeup bag reveals a large mesh pocket, 2 clear plastic zipper pockets, and a spacious main microfiber pocket with plenty of room for all your eye shadows and lipsticks. The metal hook makes for easy hanging in a bathroom or closet. Made of a durable microfiber, this bag is the envy of beauty mavens everywhere in a chic pink and green polka dot design with hot pink trim. Hanging makeup bags are a wonderful way to organize your favorite beauty products, take care of cluttered cosmetics, or an ideal present for the makeup artist in your life who likes to travel in style while still expressing their personality. Great for a college student who doesn’t want to sacrifice space for their style. This toiletry tote folds up with velcro tabs and has a handle so you can take your favorite beauty products to go. Its versatile size is perfect for extended vacations or for a quick weekend getaway. Small enough to fit in an overhead plane compartment but large enough to store all your essentials, never travel without the necessities of your beauty regime again when everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Key features

  • 11″ wide x 25.5″ tall x 2.75″ deep
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Metal Hook for hanging and handle for carrying, with Velcro external closure
  • 4 main inside zippered pockets
  • Color: Pink Green Polka Dot

Honest reviews


Gave away for a gift!

This is my second one. I bought me one and my niece feel in love with it. It makes packing easier!

Marta Cordova, MD


This is a great sized make up bag, however I wouldn’t feel comfortable hanging it because I have so much make up and I just wouldn’t risk it. With the amount of make up I put in is probably abnormal LOL considering I have tons! If you have a moderate amount, you should be fine. It’s great to rollup input in my duffel bag for the gym. And it holds everything very well. My only concern that the seller doesn’t advertise, is that when received, it says in the state of California it is a known carcinogen and may cause birth defects. I’m not super concerned with that statement, but I think it would be fair to include that to any buyers. Other than that this is a great bye. Also, I do see a lot of complaints about the smell. When I first received it, it was very slight. Now I don’t smell at all. Maybe if you are pregnant, then you will be able to smell it because you have a nose of a dog!!

Francesca Worthington, MO

Easy to organize

Love it so far, all my makeup fit perfectly and its easy to find! deff. worth the price I modified it by coloring in the white part with bright highlighters and it looks great! i deff. recommend it.

Erica Oglesby, IL
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Zebra Makeup Cosmetic Bag

This bag is perfect for your purse or in the car. Big enough to hold all your makeup needs, yet small enough to fit in your purse. 10 1/4 x 5 1/2

Key features

  • 10 1/4 x 5 1/2
  • Hot ZebraPrint
  • Zippered
  • Plenty of room for all your makeup

Honest reviews


Giving it to niece as a pencil case!

My 11 year-old niece and her friends are all into peace sign everything. For Easter I’m giving her this peace sign make-up case in her Easter basket with some novelty pens because it’s big enough to fit pencils and pens and she can use it at school as a pencil case. For her birthday a few weeks back I bought her a purple & multicolored peace sign messenger bag on Amazon so this will go with it nicely. Really cute and doesn’t appear to be too flimsy for daily use.

Shawn Harper Woods, MI


Love this bag; it is big enough to keep all 3 pairs of my sunglasses in it and it fits in my purse so no more sunglass-forgetting.

Phyllis Nada, TX

Perfect size! Nice Print!

I got this today and I am happy with my purchase. It is just the right size to fit all your makeup items, especially when you are travelling. It slides easily into my purse. And the fabric of this case, is great too! It is just as pictured! And has lotsss of space to store all your makeup products! Must buy! If I ever need, I will definetely buy from this seller again! 🙂

Patrica Bloomery, WV
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