PediFix Visco-GEL Toe Spacers – Medium

These soft Gel Spacers are worn between the big and second toes to prevent rubbing. They help align and straighten the big toe to relieve pressure on bunions. Exclusive Gel releases mineral oil to soothe and soften skin. Interchangeable for left or right foot. 2 per pack.

Key features

  • Relieve Toe Pain Instantly
  • Straighten & Align Crooked Toes that Rub
  • Cushion & Relieve Pressure
  • Relief Guaranteed
  • Effective for Weeks

Honest reviews


Slightly effective as long as kept w/talcum powder

I have these in LARGE to use as bunion relief, they tend to irritate and chafe my toes a bit after prolonged use but I’ve found that if I apply talcum powder frequently PROBLEM SOLVED. The bunion relief is quite minimum but better than nothing. For lasting relief you may want to try the Bunion Aid Hinged Splint for prolonged use, like I will soon. Once I’ve had it a while I will post a review in the hopes of guiding others in their search of pain relief. Hope this helps.

Sherri Orick, CA

They did not work for me: slipped out, irrirated the skin, did not solve the problem

My small toe rubs again the forth toe and gives me painful blisters. These toe separators did not work for me. I have given myself a chance to get used to them and suffered with them for 2 weeks wearing them every day. They slipped out from between my toes. They were not comfortable in my shoes. I felt them all the time. And they irritated the skin between the toes while they were in place. I threw them out.I found a better solution chatting with an avid biker. He uses BodyGlide to prevent saddle sores, I decided to try BodyGlide between my toes and it worked for me. Now I use BodyGlideBodyglide Advanced Technical Formulato put between my toes every day. The toes glide against it each other rather than rub, and I don’t have any blisters. I have no ill effect from using it as frequently as I do.Ali Julia review

Autumn Plummer, ID


Due to arthritis, I have crooked toes, and thought these would help to separate them. However, they tend to slip out, and are uncomfortable. I have tried different sizes, but all had the same results. I wouldn’t waste my time buying these, unless, perhaps, your toes are slightly crooked; they might help.

Lara Hoxie, KS
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