Nature’s Gate Sunless Tanner — 4 fl oz

Sunless Tanner by Nature’s Gate 4 oz Cream Sunless Tanner 4 oz Cream Get the look of a natural tan without exposure to the sun. Our Sunless tanner provides a natural looking tan while lightly hydrating and soothing skin with a classic blend of Aloe and Olive oil. Ingredients Water (Eau) Caprylic Capric Triglyceride Dihydroxyacetone Glycerin Sorbitan Stearate Cetyl Alcohol Glyceryl Stearate Behenyl Alcohol Cetearyl Alcohol Cetyl Ricinoleate Dimethicone Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea th vert) Leaf Extract Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry framboise) Fruit Extract Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil Lauryl Alcohol Myristyl Alcohol Palmitic Acid Stearic Acid Polysorbate 60 Squalane Sclerotium Gum Lecithin Citric Acid Potassium Sorbate Phenoxyethanol Fragrance (Parfum) Caramel. Directions For optimal results exfoliate skin before applying. Evenly apply Natures Gate Sunless Tanner on all body parts. Start with a light layer and re-apply for a

Key features

  • Nature’s Gate

Honest reviews


I like it a lot!

I have only used this on my face and neck area so far. The 1st time I used it, I applied 1 coat, waited about 5-10 min’s and applied a 2nd coat. In about 4 hrs. I had a nice tan on my face! It isn’t as noticable on the neck area but that section seems to be more stubborn with any product. I wish I could tell where I’ve applied it, but other than that, I think it’s great so far! It creates a real nice color and is easy to apply; smooth and creamy feel to it. I will keep using this and I’m sure I’ll end up buying more. I wish they had it in a larger, pump bottle…. great stuff!

Latonya New Paris, OH

Another disappointment

I read pretty positive reviews on this sunless tanner and liked the fact that it’s from an organic company that doesn’t add a bunch of crap chemicals to their products. It was cheap so I gave it a try. The smell wasn’t horrible. The color guide could have been darker (I like to really be able to see where i’m putting it so I don’t end up with missed patches and streaks). I did get some color from this, but not enough to repurchase. The color looked…ok…indoors but more on the yellow/washed out orangeish side when I went outdoors. Not pretty. I’m very pale so that could be a big reason. May be better suited for someone who already has a golden tone to their skin.

Pamela Stillwater, OK

Happy and impressed…

I was really impressed with this self tanning lotion. I liked the olive oil component in it and I actually liked the scent! I appreciate that it’s made in the US and contains so many natural ingredients, but more than anything… it’s about the tan. I was really really happy with the brown in the results (as opposed to orange). Of all the different application methods, lotions are my least favorite, but the reviews on this one had me try it once more and I’m really glad I did. I think I’ll really use this one in the cooler months when my house is drier and my skin sucks up the moisture of a lotion super fast. In the meantime, I just lay in room under a fan and watch TV for 20 minutes to speed up the drying. Overall, I think the benefits of the moisture far outweighs the nuisance of extra drying time. Besides, isn’t tanner softer skin what we’re ultimately trying to achieve? Win-win.

Meagan Freeport, TX
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Designer Skin Body Bronzer, Conceited, 13.5 Fluid Ounce

Features designer skins notorious 10x bronzing power wrapped in an illuminating base with an airbrush finish. Contains opal extracts to help enhance skin radiance for a luminous glow. Fragrance: candy crush

Key features

  • Matte finish
  • 10x bronzing power
  • Quicksun technology gets you bronzer faster

Honest reviews


Great Lotion

This lotion smells great and leaves skin silky smooth. I haven’t really tanned enough with it yet to see the benefits from the tanning bed but so far it is great!

Julia Westfield Center, OH

Beach Bunny Glow

Smells fruity and does not have that gross after tan smell, gives good color and has a thick consistency. I am pleased with this purchase.

Geri Deferiet, NY


I love this tanning lotion. It has the best and lightest smell. I got so many compliments on how wonderful I smelled hours after I tanned. Goes on smooth. And what a great price. would def buy again!

Brittney Eugene, MO
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Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Sun Care Moisturizing Oil – 8 Ounce

Achieve optimal color for your skin with our indulgent outdoor tanning oils. These products contain formulas enriched with skin-nourishing antioxidants, and moderate levels of spf to keep your skin ultra-moisturized, soft and glowing.

Key features

  • A rare blend of nature’s rich tanning oils
  • Formulated with exotic moisturizing ingredients
  • Contains skin conditioners
  • Antioxidant vitamins a, c and e
  • Classic coconut fragrance

Honest reviews


Main ingredient: Mineral oil

This is a very nice and pleasant tanning oil. The oil itself doesn’t have any color. Used it a couple of times onyl, so I can’t say anything about getting tan with it. Stopped using it when I noticed that its main ingredient is a mineral oil. Why mineral oil is bed for you skin?”Your skin is the body’s largest organ, and it works together with the kidneys to rid the body of toxins. However, your skin needs to be able to breathe to perform these functions. Kim Anderson, a health care consultant to Arbonne International, states that “mineral oil coats the skin like plastic wrap, disrupting the skin’s natural immune barrier and inhibiting its ability to breathe and absorb the ‘natural moisture factor’ (moisture and nutrition).” In addition, mineral oil attracts needed moisture from cells deep inside your skin. This means that cell renewal is slowed, collagen breaks down, and the connective tissue is destroyed. Normal cell development is slowed down and the skin ages prematurely when skin cells are robbed of moisture.Read more: […]

Heather Prewitt, NM

Sexy Poolside Scent

I tan pretty easily, but I think this product assists me with it. Of course it’s oily, because it’s oil! One bottle lasts for a long time if you don’t share. The smell is simply incredible. You shouldn’t use this if you have fair skin since it has no SPF whatsoever.

Carlene Startex, SC


This is the only dark tanning oil i ever use. I have tried every tanning product before i found this one. It smells incredible and gives you the perfect tan. All you need is a little bit on each part of your body and the results are amazing.Love it so much and will never use another tanning oil product again. Good luck finding it in stores though..because i go to CVS, Rite Aid, supermarkets, convenient stores, Duane Read .. They are ALWAYS sold out ! I swear people must buy this product year round because i can never find it except online! Thank God for Amazon!

Cecelia East Haven, CT
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Vanicream Sunscreen, Sensitive Skin, SPF 30, 4-Ounce,

VanicreamTM Sunscreen SPF 30 is a broad spectrum sunscreen that protect your skin throughout the UVA spectrum and provide more protection than your natural sunburn protection (UVB). While all sunscreens protect your skin from the sun’s burning UVB rays, the SPF 30 sunscreen contain zinc oxide, an ingredient that offers additional protection from the UVA rays which may contribute to skin damage and premature aging of the skin. Antioxidants in the formulas help prevent damage to the skin by neutralizing free radicals produced when skin is exposed to the sun. Active Ingredients: SPF 30: titanium dioxide 5%, zinc oxide 5% Inactive ingredients: alumina, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, caprylic/capric triglyceride, cetearyl isononanoate, cetyl alcohol, isopropyl titanium triisostearate/triethoxycaprylylsilane crosspolymer, magnesium sulfate, methylpropanediol, PEG-12 dimethicone, PEG-30 dipolyhydroxystearate, phenyl trimethicone, polyethylene, polyhydroxystearic acid, purified water, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, stearyl dimethicone, tetrasodium EDTA, tocopheryl acetate, triethoxycaprylylsilane

Key features

  • Dermatologist Recommended
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30
  • No Sensitizing Chemical Sunscreen
  • Non-Comedogenic

Honest reviews


sun block

This sun block is highly recommended by EWG as safe. It is very thick and does not blend it easily. I found another that is just as effective and safe and goes on smoother because it contains olive oil.

Patrica Samuels, ID

Awful sunscreen

I’m still searching for the perfect sunscreen but this one is awful. It’s thick and chalky. Goes on greasy and white, it’s extremely hard to rub in and seems to sit on top of the skin. I wouldn’t think of putting this on my face as it’s a greasy nasty paste that would make me break out instantly.

Michele Callaway, NE

Great for sensitive skin BUT…

This sunscreen is great for sensitive skin. I’ve used Neutrogena all my life because of allergic responses to other sunscreens. The problem with Vanicream is that if you’ve never used their cream, you are going to find that it is quite thick and will make you look quite chalky. I also found that I could not use it on my face without using powder since it makes you look extra shiny once you’ve been able to get the white streaks out!

Brianna Nordland, WA
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Body Drench QuickTan Bronzing Spray Instant Self Tanner, Medium/Dark, 6oz, 3 Pack

Salon quality sunless tanning in a bottle. Quick Tan Instant Self Tanners give a natural looking year-round tan. Bronzing spray has 360 degree nozzle for easy application. Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow. Tinted formulas make it easy to see where to apply. Natural-looking sunless tan develops in 3-5 hours.

Key features

  • TIP: Quick tan tanning mist can be applied as often as twice a week.
  • Easy at home spray application
  • Cocoa vanilla scent, Bronze tint for an instant sun-kissed glow
  • Tinted formulas make it easy to see where to apply
  • Natural-looking sunless tan develops in 3-5 hours

Honest reviews


In 15yrs I’ve tried em’ All & THIS is the BEST by far!! Color, easy app. Lasts etc.!!

I have purchased this from Sally’s beauty sup. & tan salons at much higher prices than THIS!! You get 3cans for close to the price of 1in stores. I have used & tried many, many self tan products over the past 15 years.some good, some Great, others Awful! And price seems to have little to do with how good the product really is? I’ve used very expensive brands only to end up “orange” & or blotchy ! But I don’t recommend getting a really cheap store brand either because then ur almost sure to look like an Oompa Loompa!! This product is by far one of the Best I have ever used! Easy to apply , Great color & it last a long time without an uneven blotchy fade . I LOVE this brand! I am ordering the 3can pkg now, @ around $30 it’s a Steal for this! Most everyone that tries this stuff loves it, even though everyone’s skin & chemistry is different, THIS seems to work well on ALL types! I highly recommend anyone to try this, wether your fair skinned or olive toned-this stuff works GREAT! & it smells GOOD too! Some as many of u know have an awful self tan Odor that stinks &is a dead give away that you’ve used a self tanner! Well not with THIS one! It smells kinda chocolate-ish, now I’m not saying your gonna want to EAT the stuff but it by far beats the reg old S.T odor, lol …. All in all this is a wonderful product that works well on almost everyone.for the price , you cannot &will NOT go wrong w/this. Do yourself and your skin a favor &get this stuff! If you buy & use self tanners, you’ll love it- if you go to a tan salon, you’ll love this and won’t even need to go Tanning anymore! I use to spend $100’s at tan salons & ruin my skin , hair color & nail tips, but once I found THIS, I haven’t gone to a salon in a year+! It’s a great not usually a “review” writer, but there are so many self tan products out there &I have wasted so much $$ trying tons of them! So if this help some choose a good product over a bad one & saves you $$ , then I’m happy & wish I had Ppl’s reviews to read 15 yrs ago! Lol. 🙂

Sheri Manor, PA


Was excited to order this. Based on reviews it was exactly what I wanted.After I waited 15 mins after my shower I stood back in my shower and sprayedmyself lightly with it. I noticed that it got more thick in certain areas so I hadto rub it in and then it left swirl marks and I had to hurry and wash my hands sothey wouldn’t get stained. Since I am fair, after this developed it left the poreson my legs more noticable, like my hair follicles. And then after it started to fadeafter 4 days or so it started to look like a giraffe, all spotty, it was weird!Good thing is that it didn’t stink tooooo bad and when you first spray it I think itsmells like vanilla with a hint of cocoa.

Latonya Tecumseh, MI

Immediate color

I apply this stuff once a week. Quick drying and immediate color. The instant color is nice because you can see exactly where it is going. This makes it goof-proof.

Mattie Sturtevant, WI
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Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30, 4 Ounce

Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB. No irritating chemical sunscreens. Instant protection. Dermatologist recommended suncare. Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion SPF 30 is a gentle oil-free formula that physically blocks the suns damaging rays.

Key features

  • Gentle, patented, oil-free formula provides broad spectrum, instant sun protection without irritating chemical sunscreens.
  • Offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with SPF 30; enriched with antioxidants and special moisturizers for healthier looking skin
  • Vanishes on skin for a weightless, non-greasy feel; hypo-allergenic, non-irritating, non-greasy, and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Neutrogena manufactures a line of dermatologist recommended skin and hair care products distributed in more than 70 countries
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


Not for face eczema

Again, if your skin is too sensitive or you suffer from eczema, like I do on my face, you have to be careful because this product may not work for you. It didn’t work for me. My symptoms got worst.

Patrica Ovid, MI

OK…but not great.

I live down in Florida and the sun is scorching here so I need a suncreen for my sensitive skin that really does its job well without interfering with the skin’s business.A friend recommended this product to me and I bought it at a drug store right away but I was a bit skeptical, knowing that I haven’t really found the perfect sunscreen even after trying nearly a dozen sunscreen brands.So after trying this product for a couple of weeks, here are my thoughts about it:Pros:> Adequate protection from sunburn.> Doesn’t hurt the skin.> Doesn’t clog pores.> The packaging is sleek and is small enough to be portable.Cons:> Greasy, doesn’t have a matte finish.> Not that resistant to sweating, forms white rivulets with the sweat after a period of intense heat.> Gives a white sheen upon application that is eerily visible in certain lighting conditions. (I am a bit tan and I found it quite disturbing, its like I had “wearing sunscreen” written on my forehead.)All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone, despite the pros. I just didn’t like it.

Brandie Clifford, ND

Sensitive Skin Sunblock

This is a nice alternative to the oily sunblocks out there on the market. Sure, it doesn’t have the scent of coconut oil, but some of us are allergic to that anyway.So, this is a nice sunblock for us sensitive skin types and it is oil-free and non-irritating, not to mention non-comedogenic. Basically, you can use this on your face and it won’t block your pores.This cream seems really rich and creamy and then suddenly it just disappears into your skin and feels very light and not oily.Highly recommended for when you are out and about in the sun this summer!~The Rebecca Review

Lashonda Lorraine, NY
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Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense Nourishing Broad-spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30, 3-Ounce Tube

Daily use broad spectrum cream with transparent zinc oxide (Z-Cote) helps protect against the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays.

Key features

  • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Elegant nourishing formulation
  • Ideal for all skin types and high-altitude climates
  • PABA-free, oil-free, and fragrance-free

Honest reviews


Great sunscreen although a bit expensive

While most sunscreens these days protect against sunburn, did you know that very few of them actually protect against photodamage? Only two sunscreen ingredients protect against the long UVAI rays that cause photodamage (brown spots, wrinkles, etc); zinc oxide and Parsol 1789. Zinc Oxide protects a broader range of these rays than does Parsol 1789.This Skinceuticals sunscreen has zinc oxide and it goes on without any white film or greasiness-perfect for daily use on the face. While Neutrogena Dry Touch suncreens feel more invisible on the skin (you can’t even tell it is on except for the smell) and is a good alternative (has Parsol 1789), I still prefer the Skinceuticals for the added protection and virtually no scent whatsoever. Since it’s expensive, I tend to use it just on the face and use a cheaper (like Neutrogena) sunscreen on the body when out in the sun.

Ingrid Langhorne, PA


This is the absolute best sunscreen I’ve used. Just right for African-American skin too as it does not leave that milky-white cast on your face; unless of course you use to much. I have medium complexion, so the key is a little bit goes a long way for the best coverage. I had darkening spot damage from over-expoxsure on driver’s side of my face. My dermatologist recommended I use this and after a while the skintone has evened out and now my face has continued protection. Use in year-round!

Consuelo Otis, MA

Great Sunscreen!

Excellent product! Recommended to me by a Dermatologist years ago and have been using it ever since! Try it at least once and you won’t regret it.

Mallory Menoken, ND
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Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Lotion with SPF 15, 2-Ounce Bottle

This wonderfully natural day lotion is specially formulated with royal jelly, one of nature’s most nourishing substances, to help renew and enhance skin’s natural radiance. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide broad spectrum protection to reflect the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays, which are associated with premature aging. So you get younger looking skin, naturally.

Key features

  • Specially formulated with royal jelly to help renew and enhance skin’s natural radiance
  • Provide broad spectrum protection to reflect the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Radiant younger looking skin, naturally

Honest reviews


Natural, Soothing Lotion with SPF 15 – Yay!

Soooo soothing! As with most Burt’s Bees products, this is free of sulfates, parabens, pthalates and petrochemicals. You can’t really tell from the picture, but it does have royal jelly, like the rest of the Radiance line. Not a strong scent – maybe just a hint of honey and floral, but nothing overpowering. The active ingredients for the SPF facotr are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. It comes in a glass bottle (recyclable) with a pump. Awesome stuff! I use in conjunction with Burt’s Bees – Burt’s Bees Radiance Night Creme, 2 oz cream and I feel like my skin imperfections heal quickly and my overall tone is improved.

Deanna Lander, WY

Somewhat Disappointed

I have extremely sensitive skin and was recommended this Burt Bees Radiance Day Lotion to use as a face sun screen as Burt’s Bees tends to be a line that caters to sensitive skin people by using (almost) all natural products. Unfortunately, I did not have a good experience with it. First of all, it feels extremely oily when you put it on. After rubbing it into my face, I noticed that I looked considerably oily. I figured this would wear off after a little bit of time, but it remained that way which I did not care for. Also, it has a noticeable sunscreen smell to it. I was thinking that this would have a little less of a scent to it and smell more like their normal radiance lotion but it smelled distinctly like sunscreen. For someone who does not particularly enjoy this scent or for someone who is very sensitive to scented lotions, this is problematic. The scent made my eyes water. Additionally, I noticed that after wearing this sunscreen for 3 or 4 days I started to breakout along my jaw line and T-zone. After I stopped applying the sunscreen, I noticed that it went away. I will say that it does its job in protecting you from a sunburn. I only applied once a day and I noticed that even though I was outside for about 6 hours on a particularly sunny day, I did not get a sunburn. However, for people that are sensitive to scents and heavy lotions, you may be better served with a more hypoallergenic sunscreen than this one.

Melissa San Carlos, CA

so far so good

I bought this because I am trying to use more natural products. I haven’t used this lotion very long (a couple of weeks) but it is light and absorbs very quickly. It doesn’t really smell like anything and seems to be a good base under my makeup. My skin stays properly moisturized throughout the day, without getting too oily or dry anywhere. If it keeps working like this, I am giving up my old moisturizer for this one!

Marta Yemassee, SC
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Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze One-Day Tinted Gel,6.7oz -3 Pack

Pack of 3, factory shrink-wrapped Streak-free!

Key features

  • Smooth, streak-free, even-looking skin tone
  • Long-lasting hydration for smooth feel
  • Instant radiance & sun-kissed glow

Honest reviews


Great stuff!

Couldn’t find this product locally, although I’ve bought it from Walgreen’s in the past! I’ve been using faux tan for many years, but this is a daily tan, and I love it! Has absolutely no after-smell, like the self-tanners. They all say they don’t smell/stink, but self-tanners all contain thee same chemical dye, and they do! But, not this product, and it gives me a daily bronze tan, that others can’t believe is fake!

Lorraine Floresville, TX


I purchased this because i use to tan a lot and also working at a tanning salon. While I worked there so many women came in saying that they have skin cancer yet hopped right into the tanning bed anyway. i stopped tanning. i found an awesome self tanner that is amazing but its a pain to put on every few days so i figured with this i can put it on when i pt on my lotion after my showers. this stains your hands SO BADLY! its hard to spread onto your skin. I also feel like the color is almost nonexistent. if you dont put enough time into putting this on and making sure its 100% perfect it would probably be very streaky. since this is a three pack i will have to use the rest. If my opinion changes on this I will update my review.

Kathie Swink, CO

Favorite Bronzing Lotion

I love this lotion because it’s not a self tanner and it washes off so easily. No you can’t wear it swimming. This should only be used to make yourself look tan when you’re not on the beach or going swimming. I wish L’oreal had not discontinued this because I don’t like the one they replaced it with. It’s a self tanner and it wears off splotchy.

Earnestine Nimitz, WV
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AG Hot Maximum Intensifier with No Heat No Bronzers 8.5 oz

HOT! Weight: 8.5 fl oz Maximum Tanning Energy Lotion * Dark Tanning Omega Oils help maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier and enhance its ability to retain moisture. * Natural Extracts of pure plant and botanical essences supply important nutrients and promote exceptional skin care. * Ideal Formula is ideal for both beginning tanners and those with an established base tan. * Vitasome Complex a blend of important nutrients and antioxidant vitamins for a darker tan and healthier skin. 8.5 oz

Key features

  • Dark Tanning Omega Oils help maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier and enhance its ability to retain moisture.
  • Natural Extracts of pure plant and botanical essences supply important nutrients and promote exceptional skin care.
  • Ideal Formula is ideal for both beginning tanners and those with an established base tan.
  • Vitasome Complex a blend of important nutrients and antioxidant vitamins for a darker tan and healthier skin.
  • Fragrance: Mysterious Musk ; 8.5 oz

Honest reviews


awesome smell, great conditioning

I recommend it if you like coconut, tropical smelling lotions. It’s doesn’t leave a greasy residue afterward, either, and the fragrance is long lasting. As a comparison, the typical specialty scented creams/lotions never have a smell that lasts as long. I got suckered into buying this at a tanning salon (which I’m glad I did), but I’ve also used this on my hands when they were chapped in the winter and it was an amazing transformation. It’s pricey for a daily lotion, but I love it.

Daisy Richmond, MN

Not hot at all

Maybe I expected too much but this lotion left no tingle at all for me. I do like the smell, the feel, and the color return. I probably won’t purchase again simply because I like a hotter feel to my tanning lotions.

Virginia Grimsley, TN

Awesome product – smells great

I LOVED this product. It is NOT hot. I used it everywhere, including my face. It accelerates your tan an did not smell burnt after I was done in the tanning bed. It absorbed into my skin well and there was no reaction. This also does not have a bronzer in it, which was an absolute deal breaker if it did. I don’t do bronzing. Don’t like it leaching on my clothes and in between my fingers. I loved this and used it to the very last drop, which lasted me about 30 days. Shipping was quick and if I tan again this year, I will reorder!

Natasha Central City, KY
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