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Case Pack of 4 Giell Styrofoam Foam Mannequin Wig Head Display No Facial Features

Styrofoam mannequin head form to hold / display wigs, hats, caps and more.

Key features

  • 21 inches head circumference
  • 10 1/4″ tall (26cm)
  • Female Form, White

Honest reviews


My old standby

I’ve used a lot of wig stands over the years. Most of the ones with pretty faces displayed at salons, have necks held at an angle that just aren’t good for storage and styling of your own wig in your own home. The folding stands are adequate for travel, but I just tip my toiletry bag on end and store my wig overnight on that.These stands are perfectly sized for average women’s wigs, falls, 3/4’s. If your wig is extra length, you can place the stand on the corner of your dresser. They’d work well at this price to store a hat collection.If you need to make this stand more stable, it is easy to fill the hole in the bottom with a mix of Plaster of Paris available at any hardware store. There is a formal table clip, but I never found it suited my home use – it was more for professionals. I use standard T-pins to hold wigs or newly knit hats in place.T-Pins for pinning wigs on foam headI’m glad to have found this source at Amazon so I can order these apart from other hair care supplies.

Liz Painesville, OH

Does what it needs to do

It is very basic and perhaps a little too small but it it does the job as long as you pin the wig to it. I wonder why none of the manufacturers of these dummy heads doesn’t add little spikes on the top of the dummy to hold the wig in place? Very inexpensive is good. Dummies!

Danielle Charlotte, IA

Wig Head

This is a great wig stand! fits perfectI would recommend this to anyone looking for a budget stand for their wigs

Liz Jamestown, KY

Perfect hat blocker!

I knit, crochet and otherwise make a lot of hats, mostly Juliet type close fitting caps. This head form is perfect for blocking hats that are made to fit to the head. It is exactly what I wanted, great size and shape. I had been looking at a milliner’s form which was hundreds of dollars….but this is just what I needed for a fraction of the price!

Casandra Smock, PA

Works for me

yea there is a ding in the back but I’m using it to take pictures of my knits so who is going to see it? I like having no face because honestly faces on things freak me out. Plus, when I do a knit for a guy I don’t have to worry about placing it on girl face.

Dianne Grayson, LA

Great for hat displays.

I bought this to take proper pictures of my crochet hats I will be selling, and this is a great display head, nice and round, stands nicely. it arrived quickly and was packaged perfectly 🙂 I will definitely buy another one from giell when I need it 🙂

Celia Margie, MN