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Case Pack of 1 Giell Styrofoam Foam Mannequin Long Neck Wig Head Display Tan


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The neck breaks easily

It does the job but the neck breaks easily. I ordered two of these for my 14 and 16 inch wigs. They came nicely packaged in a ton of bubble wrap but one has a huge crack in the neck. I can still use it. Nothing some crazy glue won’t fix I suppose. Besides that the base is sturdy and the head portion is a little larger than the normal foam heads.

Jennifer Riverdale, ND

Love, but actually….

I love the mannequin heads. The four stars is for the pretty faces… one has a big gash running from the eyebrow to cheekbone. The other looks like she’s been punched in the cheek. But for some reason I still like them. I’m planning on buying two more.

Dolly Red Valley, AZ

Welcomed alternative

Great product! It allows room for those longer hairstyles or for those who have to constantly adjust to the standard (smaller) foam heads.

Amparo Glenville, WV

What to do with Longer Wigs

I had the regular wig head and a longer wig that I would have hanging over the counter. This Styrofoam heads worked really well and without the cost of the other long neck heads.

Dolly Hot Springs, MT

Does What Its Made For

Nice color,comes with 1 pin. Nice long neck for your more glamorous units although if your unit is really heavy it does tend to tip over if you don’t set it down just right. But no worries, setting it down just right is not some big task, you just have to give it a few seconds and pay attention to how you set it down. Not at all a deterrent. What else can I say, it does what it’s made for and is better than your units dragging on the table/counter or being piled up.

Jennifer Texarkana, AR

I Like It.

The long neck heads are good for storing and styling wigs with medium to long hair. Would have given 5 stars if they were more stable but I still consider them a good value.

Marva Manitou, OK