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Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Rollers with Shields, Small

The Caruso Professional Molecular patented rollers model #06749-01 are designed to allow breathing space between foam and shield for faster evaporation and tighter curls. The unique shield lock holds rollers tightly and is available in 5 sizes for maximum styling versatility.

Key features

  • Patented roller design
  • Rollers allow for breathing space between foam and shield for faster evaporation and tighter curls
  • Unique shield lock holds rollers tightly
  • Soft foam rollers are infused with gentle, steamed moisture
  • Great for all types of hair

Honest reviews


Great rollers

These rollers work very well with the Caruso steam hairsetter. I have some from my original purchase. I just needed more.

Barbra Creston, IA

Loved them. Great for fine thin hair. Very Gentle

I have since cut my hair and don’t use these, but they were great. Didn’t snag your hair and gave a great curl.

Luz Loco, OK

Great curlers

I have had Caruso hair curler set for over a decade. I have been very pleased with the product. My hair is hard to curl and it does a wonderful job curling my hair without burning/drying out my hair.Needed to replaced some of the curlers because they were over a decade old and were starting to disintegrate. They did last a long time and I purchased them again.

Flossie Tullahoma, TN

Caruso – best hairsetter

These roller’s foam is firm enough to keep the large curls large & the caps fit snugly but aren’t too difficult to pull off.

Jasmine Mount Nebo, WV

make sure you know what size you want; very differnt curls

These are exactly as stated and work just fine, but I wish I had bought a size, or even two, smaller. Granted I am new to this system, but I find the curls are looser than normal setting rollers (or even electric rollers or curling irons). I like the curls; they are soft and long lasting, but I recommend you buy the set, experiment with the differnt sizes, THEN decide if you need more curlers and if so which size.

Brittany Tecumseh, MO

Not the exact same.

I have been using the Caruso system for years. My mom used to use the old salt version on me when I was little. My hair doesn’t hold regular curl well, so I tried Caruso. LOVE it. I use it every day and people often ask me how I get my curls.I use the Jumbo Rollers only, so I go through them quickly. I ordered these and they appear a little different than the rollers that came with my last system. They are a little stiffer and seem to be made out of a bit of different material. They have a hint of a "sparkle" to these versus the older rollers I have. Overall, they seem to work as well, but I do wish they were a little softer. I still gave them 4 stars because they do still get the job done.

Jewel Pound, VA


The price of this product has continued to climb and they often don’t last long. However, they have the corner on the market – I guess no one else is allowed to produce them. I wouldn’t want to be without my steamer!

Joyce Saint Cloud, FL

Just what I needed!

The steam roller set I bought came with small and jumbo. There were only a few medium (the size I’m sure most people need). I was horrified when I realized that the type I bought didn’t sell individual curlers. I saved so much money with this. Fabulous product and fit perfectly with my steamer.

Maribel Hebron, IN

Very Nice!

These are good curlers – gives your hair a nice curl without the damage of a heat tool. I ordered extra of the medium sized ones because they seem to be the right size for me. I’d recommend these over any other brand of hot rollers/curlers!

Jeanie Lowell, FL


Have been using the Caruso Steam unit for years now and find the Medium just the size I need. They last for several years and the different sizes are hard to find in the local stores. Ordering online is the answer and thru Amazon is the best way. I had ordered the jumbo’s in error and they refunded my money within in days so I re-ordered the size that I wanted. Love Amazon, you should try it.

Veronica Brookston, IN

Did not work for me/

Take to long. To much effort. Did not like at all. Did not like the steam and water. Regular curlers work better.

Tonya Eclectic, AL

Soft sponge rollers

I love the soft sponge material they used on these rollers. I order these rollers for sponges since i already have many different color rollers. Most of old rollers have these rough porous sponges around them. Now I wish the manufacturer also sells 1. just sponges only 2.plstic rollers with shorter shaft

Araceli Goessel, KS


as expected, bought to go with steam set. easy to use, nice results. Good price. Clips can leave a dent but no biggie just go over that with reg curling iron

Marion Spring City, TN