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Carol’s Daughter, Some Of Marguerite’s Magic, Packaging May Vary, 8-Ounce

Rich, Creamy hairdress for shine and manageability of over-processed hair.

Key features

  • Essential Oil of Lavendder infused in a Cocoa and Shea Butter Base
  • Paraben-Free
  • No Petroleum minerail oil or artificial color

Honest reviews


Works well!

This is my second purchase of this product [one from Amazon and one from a retailer]. I like it a lot for the way I am wearing my hair presently, which is all natural. I did not like it as well when I first purchased it because my hair was straight and it was too heavy and weighty for the hair. Works best on hair that is not permed.

Earnestine Morgan, UT

Best hair cream ever made!

I have type 4a natural hair and I use to use miss Jessie products but all they did was dry out my hair. I came to find out it was because miss Jessie puts mineral oil in her products. I can witness that carol daughter hair products have no mineral oil and they cost less. All in all I use this cream to do twist and twist out and it leaves my hair moist and shiny also no frizz and super soft. When using use a little and you will be amazed. I also love the scent. It is not over powering at all. Try it and you too will love it.

Zelda Glenarm, IL

So Far So Good….

Finding good products that actually work for African American hair types can be a difficult task. I’ve been on the hunt for good hair products that moisturizes, reduce flakes, safe for relaxed/color treated hair, helps breakage, and doesn’t weigh your hair down. I’ve tried almost everything!! From Soft Sheen (Anti Breakage/Dandruff), Organic Root Stimulator (Carrot Oil, Coconut Oil, Hair Fertilizer), Sulfur 8, Top Brass, Dr. Miracle, Motions, Castor Oil, etc. But I was never completely satisfied with either of those products. They either didn’t work, still had flakes, didn’t smell too great, or weighed my hair down.Carol’s Daughter Marguerite to the RESCUE!!! I LOVE the smell of this hairdress. This is my 1st time using it and so far my hair feels light, moisturized, and smells GREAT! The price is a little steep for a hairdress but I think it may be worth it. You don’t need to use much so 1 jar could last you a good while. As I continue to use this product I will update my review if I experience any changes.

Avis Angus, MN

Mixed opinion

I purchased this product several months ago when I was transitioning, i.e. growing out my relaxer. When I was transitioning, it made my new growth softer and more manageable, and my relaxed hair less dry and more moisturized. Now that I am fully natural, I have a different opinion. I have used this product many times, and on both wet, freshly-shampooed and dry hair. I have used it as a leave-in before applying a styler, and have used it over a styler. While on initial application, the hair is soft and shiny, these attributes, at least in my experience, are not long-lasting. I find that by the end of the day, my hair has lost its luster, and feels rather crunchy. My mother, who is natural, and who presses her hair, really likes this product. I think, at least for me as an African-American, that this product works better on relaxed hair, or on pressed, natural hair. So, I don’t plan on tossing it; it’s much too expensive for that. LOL! When I press my hair, I will give the product a try.The thing that I find rather peculiar about Carol’s Daughter hair care products is this: Lisa Price claims that they are designed for all hair types and textures. I don’t think that this is the case. I think that some hair types and textures have better success with Carol’s Daughter’s products than others.

Camilla Portlandville, NY

works ok; don’t like smell

this is often my complaint with many products for black hair. I don’t know why they don’t use a mix of ingredients that also smell nice – like fruits and vanilla and such. there are often these ingredients that have such strong smells. I hate to use it but it really conditions my hair well and makes it soft and have a nice sheen to it. but I have to wash my hair every 3 days.

Lindsay Sutton, MA

My first CD product

**I ended up returning the product because I found better and more cost-effective alternative for myself. But my experiences were still positive; maybe this will help someone.I used this on clean damp hair. I used just a tiny bit, emulsified it between my palms, and smoothed it on a small section of hair, then twisted my hair. I made 20 medium twists.My medium twists came out shiny and healthy looking. If you are making small to medium sized twists/braids, just use a touch per section.The next day my twists were beautiful. Two days later I unraveled to re moisturize and re twist. My hair was shiny, healthy, and fluffy, with a uniform pattern. I used just a touch of creme on each section to moisturize for the day, then twisted back up.A week later on clean hair, I used a lot more product to do 6 large twists (about a quarter size for entire head) on damp hair. My hair responded well and is moisturized, shiny, and soft while twisted up. It’s winter here so I don’t plan on wearing a twist out until summer, but whenever I take my twists down to remoisturize I like the results.It has a pleasant, light scent. I have a sensitive nose, and it doesn’t give me problems. It is VERY thick. A little goes a long way. I think I will only use this the first time I two strand twist my hair, then every other day or more. I would not put it all over your hair every single day.I really like this stuff. The consistency really throws me off, though. I plan to use it for when I twist and to moisturize twists, but it also works well as a normal moisturizer sans twisting. Works great paired with the M. Honey, which I used on my ends only.

Rebekah Carter Lake, IA