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Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Sulfate-Free Shampoo, 8.5 Ounce

Monoi repairing sulfate-free shampoo by carol’s daughter for unisex – 8.5 ounces shampoo. It was launched by the design house of carol’s daughter. It is recommended for normal hair.

Key features

  • 8.5 ounces shampoo
  • Monoi repairing sulfate-free shampoo was launched by the design house of carol’s daughter
  • It is recommended for normal hair

Honest reviews


Amazing scent – not stripping at all and my shedding/breakage is down!

This is my favorite shampoo of all time. The scent is devine — and I mean OMG this shampoo smells soooo good! BUT scent is just not enough for the discerning consumer nowadays — I needed it to WORK. It completely delivered.My hair was clean and not stripped — not tangly, straggly, or crunchy after the shampooing. I never use it on its own since I always use conditioner so I haven’t tried it by itself– but as part of the duo its fabulous!The first time I used it I shed more hair. That got me a little worried. I tried it again and have been using it for a while now and, after that initial shed, I have notice a dramatic decrease in my shedding! My hair is baby fine, very thin, and just below chin length. Overall my hair is normal with a tendency to an oily scalp. This shampoo does a phenomenal job on my hair! It has a very good amount of lather for a sulfate free shampoo (many of them do not lather at all), is easy to spread through my hair, and does not require scrubbing as if I’m cleaning my pots and pans to get my scalp clean.I do have a few caveats for you: If your hair is very thick (my daughter) you will use a fair bit of this stuff to shampoo. Also if your hair is prone to tangling like crazy (my daughter again) this did not help that — it didn’t make it worse but it didn’t make it better. I think this shampoo is best for fine hair that is thin to medium (not overly thick) that tends to be normal or perhaps normal to oily. My daughter (in addition to the above) has exceptionally dry hair and this is not a shampoo we’d use on her on a regular basis. She doesn’t have breakage or shedding issues either which this is designed to fix.I love this stuff!

Pansy Williamsburg, VA

Not for my hair

I really hate to give this shampoo a bad review as I can see others had a good experience with it but it doesn’t work for my hair. I have long, fine, blond, color processed hair and this shampoo makes my scalp feel oily and my hair flat no matter how much I try to rinse it out. The bottom of my hair does really well with it but I can’t put it on my scalp. I tried it over and over again hoping for different results but it disappoints every time. I also feel like it leaves my hair really dangled and I have to use a strong spray in detangler to comb it out. I hate to throw the bottle away so I will be using the shampoo on my ends only and something else on my scalp.

Jannie Lemhi, ID

5 stars is not nearly enough….

I don’t give out five stars unless a product is pretty flawless; it has to meet or exceed its product claims, be fairly priced for what it claims to do, and have no obvious tweaks needed to make it better. This trifecta of excellence is rarer than you think but with this shampoo and its sister conditioner my hair has finally met its perfect match ….My hair: I am 42 years old, biracial with very curly, slightly/kinky hair. It is fine textured, light to medium density, and breaks VERY, VERY easily. My hair is not chemically processed so I occasionally use a flat iron or curling iron for styling. Mostly I wear a medium length afro style these days withJane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll, 8.5 Ounceas a styling aid to define the curls. Over the years I have used exclusive salon products like Ouidad, drug store brands, high end department store brands like Fekkai, earthy brands like Ojon, and just about everything in between. The results always left me searching for something that would help my hair feel and look healthy and strong. With all the trial and error I never found any one or two products that worked well enough to satisfy my needs. I can’t comment as to how the shampoo works alone since I have used the conditioner as well from day one, but as far as my experience using both products I’d say that Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner produced results better than anything else I’ve ever tried.After the first shampoo and conditioner treatment I proceeded to comb through my hair while it was still wet, a task that usually involves a considerable amount of pulling and results in the inevitable huge hair ball that winds up tangled on the comb. With the Carol’s Daughter Monoi products the amount of hairs on the comb was only about a quarter of what was usually shed with my former shampoo and conditioner. Suffice to say I was floored…..”92% reduction in breakage” printed right there on the label is a pretty big claim to make and I was *very* skeptical of such a bold statement. I would have had no qualms about requesting refund if this product fell short of my expectations but this shampoo along with the conditioner delivers on its claims. With the first use I had about 75% less breakage than with my former products and the results have remained steady over six months of use. I waited to post this review because I wanted to see if I would need to switch products either due to the seasons changing or to see if buildup would happen or if the results would taper off; I’ve seen consistently EXCELLENT results over the months and for the first time ever as far as shampoos and conditioners goes I feel I have FINALLY found “the one”!The scent of both the shampoo and conditioner is fabulous; leaves a light scent on the hair.Does not leave weight or residue on my hair with either the shampoo or conditioner which is VERY important since my hair is fine.For what seems like forever my hair was constantly the same length due to breakage but in the months since switching to Carol’s Daughter I’ve gained over an inch of length.My hair is soft and manageable.Expensive but worth it and that’s something I say very RARELY.Easily, happily and 100% recommended!

Rosalinda Yelm, WA

It’s not great but does the job

I was hoping to see 96% breakage prevention in first use. Have only used it twice so far. Makes my hair dry. There is a minimized breakage for sure but would not say as effective as they advertise.

Kathy Belen, MS

I will keep looking for the perfect shampoo

I am 49 years old and color treat my hair every 2-3 months; mostly low lights and very few highlights. I have oily hair but summer and color processing left my hair stiff and with a great deal of breakage. I purchased this shampoo and the Monoi Repairing Condition hoping to restore shine and improve the condition of my hair.After almost three months of use it has not improved the dullness of my hair and I continue to have breakage even after minimizing the use of my flat iron. It has helped a little with improving the elasticity of my hair. The only other product I have used on my hair after washing is a thermal protectant. I feel the shampoo and conditioner actually weigh my hair down too much. I feel the need to wash every day which only makes the scalp produce more oil.This product combination did not work well for me but may work better on normal/dry hair. I will use what is left but will not be purchasing replacement product. The scent is pleasant and it does a decent job of leaving wet hair manageable enough to comb out without too much pulling.

Leticia Williamsburg, MO

Worth the price

Most shampoos seem the same to me regardless of price, but this stuff is worth every penny. It’s refreshing, doesn’t weigh my hair down, smells heavenly, and does everything it promises to in terms of reducing breakage and strengthening hair’s overall condition. It’s a few bucks cheaper if you buy this at Sephora, FYI.

Jana Mineral Ridge, OH

Worth a try if you have problem hair

I have fine, limp, fragile hair that is color treated. My scalp/roots are oily, while my ends are dry like straw. And I have a major problem with hair fall. This lathers better than any other sulfate free shampoo I have tried. I don’t feel like it gets my scalp and roots 100% clean, but again, its an improvement over other sulfate free shampoos I have tried. I absolutely cannot skip a day without my roots becoming a greasy mess, but my ends seem softer and less straw-like with this shampoo. I don’t know about the claims of reduction in hair fall. I can’t say for sure I’m seeing less hair in my comb or shower drain. I really like the scent. The price is a little steep.

Alberta Houston, TX

Great system for rebuilding and moisturizing dry, damaged hair.

The Monoi hair care system by Carol’s daughter is fantastic. You literally see the difference after one use. Don’t let the cost put you of, the benefit to your hair is well worth it. I say this as someone who has bought shampoos and conditioners in all price ranges, without the promised results until Monoi.

Cecelia Pike Road, AL

love it

I am so obsessed with this shampoo, the smell is amazing, it makes my hair look amazing, I didn’t need a haircut right away and when my hair looks flat, I wash it and it looks amazing, nourished and healthy

Tonia Metcalf, IL


First I will say is that the best thing about it is that it smells GREAT! But it makes my hair so hard and brittle, and I don’t like that. I will not use it again – waste my money on this product!!

Colleen Sisters, OR

No more hair falling on my shoulders.

This product, along with the conditioner, is truly amazing for my hair. I was losing a clump of hair with every shampoo–plus pulling hairs off my shoulders all day. Now–the number of lost hairs is significantly diminished. This is the ONLY shampoo (and conditioner) that I will use.

Audra Hamer, ID

The hair gods made this product

My hair: fine, dry, dyed along with having PCOS which makes hair even worseI’ve tried everything under the sun and moon. Some were good results. Nothing like with Carols Daughter. I got it as a sample from Ulta and thought, ehh what the heck. The sample barely gave any product. With my hair type, the more product the better! I used the sample anyway. A little goes a very long way. I literally used about the size of a quarter of the sampoo and conditioner. They spread through out my hair and was enough. I have shoulder length hair so someone with long hair would need a bit more. The conditioner made my hair feel very silky and soft. Even my husband commented on how my hair felt. I know that seems like BS, but believe me my husband isn’t very observational when it comes to hair… or make up. Sometimes the man cant tell when im not wearing make up. -_- *sigh* When he can notice a difference, theres an increadible difference. LolIt is a bit pricey, I know it sucks, but you get what you pay for with this product. I will never use another shampoo and conditioner.As a side note, I wear human hair clip I extentions. I used the mask on them. They were very soft and hydrated. They didnt matt up, which is the sign of dry extentions. I’ll continue to use the mask on the extentions and my own hair.

Helga Mosherville, MI


I love the way it works with my very stubborn hair. The smell is awesome too. A little goes a long way.

Ada Foss, OK

Best shampoo EVER!!

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Sulfate-Free Shampoo is the best shampoo EVER! It not only smells amazing but is sulfate free with all the other great benefits of this product. I love love love this shampoo and will definitely try other Carol’s Daughters products. It is worth every penny!!!!

Jane Marysvale, UT


I have thick, course hair that is damaged/dry ends (due to ombre style). Most issues I have with "No-Sulfate" shampoos is that it doesn’t get my thick hair clean (It can get very oily after a day or two). My hair feels clean and smells great.I usually alternate between Bumble and Bumble, Enjoy, and Bed Head. Those never quite got my hair frizz-free or rid of the fly-aways.I have to say this stuff is amazing, it sealed down all my "fly-away" hairs, and my hair feels very smooth and I see no frizz. My bangs are usually all over the place, but after using this they’re clean, silky, and not all frizzy-fried looking!

Dina Patton, MO

Makes me hair soft

Love this product. Really helped strengthen my hair along with the conditioner. I flat iron every day and it really helps keep it looking good.

Gussie Wattsville, AL

Tumble weed

I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone with color treated, fine hair. This shampoo made my hair dry instantly. It turned my long hair into a tumble weed. I had to use my hair mask to undo what this shampoo did.

Caitlin Prospect, NY


This Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing shampoo is the best! I use the conditioner also. I use it every day as I have very long hair and shampoo a lot because I am outside most of the day and am very active. This shampoo does not dry it out at all.

Letha Stambaugh, MI

Great product!

Love the smell and the results I have since I’ve been using it. My hair is much stronger. You only need a small amount to create a huge lather!

Roxanne Williams, SC

Good shampoo

Great shampoo for curly hair. It activates quickly. It smells good and cleans the hair pretty good. I’ll keep buying it.

Mai Millbrook, NY

Def helps damaged hair

Great shampoo. Def helps damaged bleached hair like mine and the smell is wonderful. I love the fact it’s all natural too. This is my new shampoo.

Claire Pillsbury, ND

Hair care product

This particular shampoo is very good. It doesn’t strip the hair or leave a film. Diffenently lived up to its potential less breakage was true. Also leaves a wonderful fresh smell to the hair.

Kristina Cleghorn, IA

Left my hair looking beautiful!

I have waist-length wavy-to-curly hair, and with hair this long breakage is an inevitable problem. Anything that can help strengthen my hair is worth trying! I was really pleased with Carol’s Daughter Monoi Shampoo.The shampoo has a pleasant fragrance that seemed a bit strong when I first opened the bottle, but it was hardly noticeable after my shower. It left my hair feeling clean, even though it doesn’t lather much.When I was combing my hair after the shower, I was pleased by how soft and silky my hair felt. As it air-dried, I was pleased to see that my hair wasn’t frizzing nearly as much as usual.I’ve already added the shampoo and its matching conditioner to my shopping cart, to be purchased when my current supply runs out. Carol’s Daughter Monoi Shampoo is the real deal!

Angelina Urbanna, VA

Great Product

I had been using this product for 2 years. You can see the different on your hair the same day you first use it. My hair was breaking a lot do to over processing and as soon as i started to use this shampoo and conditioner as well my hair brakeage was reduce abut 80% . I will recommend this product.

Barbara Coaldale, PA

Great Product-

I’ve used this shampoo for a few years on my then relaxer hair and now on my natural hair and I have always been pleased with it, no dislikes here.

Tanisha Franklin, IN