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Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner 8.5 FL OZ

Monoi repairing conditioner by carol’s daughter for unisex – 8.5 ounces conditioner. Monoi repairing conditioner was launched by the design house of carol’s daughter. It is recommended for normal hair.

Key features

  • 8.5 ounces conditioner
  • Monoi repairing conditioner was launched by the design house of carol’s daughter
  • It is recommended for normal hair

Honest reviews


Love thee has a name – CD Monoi!

I use this with theCarol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo 8.5 FL OZ. This is the dynamic duo for my fine, thin, normal hair that needs volume and as much help as is possible with shedding and breaking. I got some fragile locks and this stuff has been the cat’s meow on them!This is the best smelling conditioner I have ever used. There are a few that come close but none that can top it. It moisturizes very well without leaving my hair limp, lank, and lifeless. The curse of fine thin hair that’s not uber dry is that many/most conditioners just weigh you down — and by mid day your hair is a bunch of bah humbug’ness that makes you want to skip out on any form of mirror or reflection.You don’t need a ton, it does distribute well in my hair, and it provides a medium amount of slip. I prefer “grabby” conditioners that don’t make my hair feel like I waxed it up like a surf board. It’s enough slip to comb through easily – and that’s what I like.My hair feels soft, has volume, and (MOST importantly) I have found this combo (shampoo and conditioner) to really decrease the breakage and shedding I have. My hair is stronger and easier to manage.I do need to point out that I would not recommend this conditioner to someone with coarse very thick hair that requires a lot of slip in order to get out tangles and such. While I think this *could* work for that type I would be a bit scared at how much product you’d need. The cost of this stuff per month could be like an Iphone. My daughter has very very thick mixed hair that requires about 1/2 c. of conditioner just to be able to comb through. This is an 8.5 oz bottle — you can do the math!For fine haired gals/guys this is a superb find. Curly or straight it works awesome. I do rotate it withCurl Junkie Beauticurls Strengthening Hair Conditioner, 12 fl. oz.because I find mixing it up a bit helps my hair to stay in top notch shape and between both of them my hair is loving me!I also just have to give a shout out to the ladies at the Carol’s Daughters store in Pentagon City. They were fantastic, knowledgable, and immensely helpful to me (and patient!). Thanks girls!

Autumn Hertel, WI

I wouldn’t purchase this again.

I have oily hair and this shampoo did not strip my hair clean as some can. It also didn’t feel as if my hair were fully clean. It weighed my hair down within 24 hours after use. I also use it in combination with the Monoi Repairing Conditioner and occasionally a thermal protectant product (which I have used for more than one year) when I use the flat iron. It does make my hair manageable for combing after washing and has a decent scent. It does not add much shine to my hair. I am in my 40’s and color my hair every 2-3 months. I used this product at the end of summer and through to fall. It may have added some elasticity to my hair but it is difficult to tell at this point. Perhaps with additional use one could determine for certain. I will not be making a repeat purchase of this product. It may work better for someone with normal or dry hair.

Shana Leavenworth, WA

Great treat for your hair

I have long, color-treated, aging hair–early 40s. And this conditioner is amazing. I don’t use it every shampoo. I’m a Wen girl. But when I do use it, I think I experience less breakage. My hair is super soft after using, and the product smells delicious.

Regina Ligonier, PA

Works great

This is a new fave product of mine. It works wonderfully with Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo, and leaves my hair soft, shiny, and healthy. It is worth every dollar. I highly recommend it.

Daisy Percival, IA

Experiencing far less hair loss.

Honest to goodness, I am loosing far less hair than I was before. This product, along with the shampoo, is working amazingly well for me. The drain doesn’t lie!

Alta Benton Harbor, MI

Will probably repurchase

I have fine, tangle-prone, color treated hair that comes to below my shoulder. This does a decent job detangling my hair and leaves it looking fairly moisturized and frizz free. And that’s no small feat because my hair is pretty fried. I really like the smell. The price is a bit of a deterrent, but if I can’t find any better options I will stick with it.

Annmarie Alicia, AR


Perfect for me and my stubborn hair. I use it together with the Shampoo and it is like having a Spa treatment for my hair and me. Love it!

Cortney Malaga, NM

Best conditioner EVER!!

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner is the best conditioner EVER! It not only smells amazing but is sulfate free with all the other great benefits of this product. I love love love this conditioner and will definitely try other Carol’s Daughters products. It is worth every penny!!!!

Benita Brokaw, WI

5 stars is not nearly enough….

note: since I use the shampoo and the conditioner together this review covers both as a “team” and I’ve left basically the same review for the shampoo.I don’t give out five stars unless a product is pretty flawless; it has to meet or exceed its product claims, be fairly priced for what it claims to do, and have no obvious tweaks needed to make it better. This trifecta of excellence is rarer than you think but with this conditioner and its sister shampoo my hair has finally met its perfect match ….My hair: I am 42 years old, biracial with very curly, slightly kinky hair. It is fine textured, light to medium density, and breaks VERY, VERY easily. My hair is not chemically processed so I occasionally use a flat iron or curling iron for styling. Mostly I wear a medium length afro style these days with Jane Carter Solution Wrap and Roll, 8.5 Ounce as a styling aid to define the curls. Over the years I have used exclusive salon products like Ouidad, drug store brands, high end department store like Fekkai, earthy brands like Ojon, and just about everything in between. The results always left me searching for something that would help my hair feel and look healthy and strong. With all the trial and error I never found any one or two products that worked well enough to satisfy my needs. I can’t comment as to how the conditioner works alone since I have used the shampoo as well from day one, but as far as my experience using both products I’d say that Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner produced results better than anything else I’ve ever tried.After the first shampoo and conditioner treatment I proceeded to comb through my hair while it was still wet, a task that usually involves a considerable amount of pulling and results in the inevitable huge hair ball that winds up tangled on the comb. With the Carol’s Daughter Monoi products the amount of hairs on the comb was only about a quarter of what was usually shed with my former shampoo and conditioner. Suffice to say I was floored…..”92% reduction in breakage” printed right there on the label is a pretty big claim to make and I was
• very
• skeptical of such a bold statement. I would have had no qualms about requesting refund if this product fell short of my expectations but this shampoo along with the conditioner delivers on its claims. With the first use I had about 75% less breakage than with my former products and the results have remained steady over six months of use. I waited to post this review because I wanted to see if I would need to switch products either due to the seasons changing or to see if buildup would happen or if the results would taper off; I’ve seen consistently EXCELLENT results over the months and for the first time ever as far as shampoos and conditioners goes I feel I have FINALLY found “the one”!The scent of both the shampoo and conditioner is fabulous; leaves a light scent on the hair.Does not leave weight or residue on my hair with either the shampoo or conditioner which is VERY important since my hair is fine.For what seems like forever my hair was constantly the same length due to breakage but in the months since switching to Carol’s Daughter I’ve gained over an inch of length.My hair is soft and manageable.Expensive
• but worth it and that’s something I say very RARELY.
• Edit 01/12: recently I’ve seen the price jump here to almost double what I’ve paid; if listed here for more than eighteen dollars you’ll likely be able to “search” this for less.Easily, happily and 100% recommended!

Bonnie Pleasant Mills, IN


I have thick, course hair that is damaged/dry ends (due to ombre style). My hair feels clean and smells great.The Conditioner is thick and goes a long way, I didn’t find myself using very much, but my hair feels very hydrated and smooth.It helped seal down my fly away hairs, leave my usually fried looking bangs smooth and silky, and I see zero-frizz.So far, I’m very happy!

Leta Oakdale, LA


The conditioner is GREAT but you try to turn that bottle top with wet and slippery hands. Worse the stuff costs more money then most and I don’t mind paying it because I like it but so much gets stuck in the bottle you can’t get out. You try water and turning it upside down and still some is left. 🙁

Joyce Fort Meade, FL

It’s OK

This conditioner is OK, nothing to brag about. It really doesn’t do anything for my hair. The best thing that I do like about it is that it smells GREAT!, but it doesn’t make my hair as soft.

Susanna Copperopolis, CA

Great product, terrible bottle

I really like this conditioner, I HATE the bottle top. Did anyone in this company try use open it with wet hands? Its such a pain. I also have their cleansing conditioner, which uses a pump/spout, and its also infuriating to use with wet hands. Whats wrong with the normal style shampoo/conditioner tops? Dear Carol’s Daughter, please test your product packaging in real-world conditions, like, with wet hands in the shower…

Geraldine Olivia, NC

Love it!

This smells so great and have the hair so soft and manageable. I would buy over and over again for these results.

Rosetta Bickmore, WV

Hair care products

While the conditioner went on smoothly and rinsed out well I found it comparable to what I already use on my clients

Kendra Arnett, OK

Left my hair feeling silky-soft!

I have waist-length wavy-to-curly hair, and with hair this long breakage is an inevitable problem. Anything that can help strengthen my hair is worth trying! I was really pleased with Carol’s Daughter Monoi Conditioner (as used with the shampoo from the same product line).The conditioner has a light fragrance. It didn’t really linger in my hair after I rinsed it out, which was really nice. The conditioner isn’t so thick or greasy that it weighs the hair down, either. It washes out very easily, but manages to leave enough moisture behind to make a difference in the hair’s texture.When I was combing my hair after the shower, I was pleased by how soft and silky my hair felt. As it air-dried, I was pleased to see that my hair wasn’t frizzing nearly as much as usual.I’ve already added the conditioner and its matching shampoo to my shopping cart, to be purchased when my current supply runs out. Carol’s Daughter Monoi Conditioner is definitely worth the price.

Leslie Guntersville, AL