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Carol’s Daughter, Healthy Hair Butter, 4 Ounce

Creamy Hairdress for Relaxed or Natural Hair.

Key features

  • Essential Oils of Ylang-Ylang, sage, patchouli, bay and cedarwood
  • Paraben-Free
  • No Petroleum minerail oil or artificial color

Honest reviews


The Smell Is Awful!

I went to my local Sephora store to check out Carol’s Daughter products for the 1st time. Some of the products had an OK smell but this was unbearable. I put a little tip on the back of my hand to get the full affect of the scent & after 3 hand washes the smell still lingers! It might actually be a good hair product but the smell is a turn off. I’m glad I had the opportunity to check the products out before purchasing online.

Jimmie Mc Intyre, PA

Ok but kind of disappointed

Ive been hearing rave reviews about the Carol’s daughter line for years. I decided to purchase this after relocating to the dry areas of California. Well I was disappointed with this product overall but I do understand how it can be a great product for some.I process my hair, so maybe this is why my experience has been a bit different than other reviewers. This stuff is pretty thick, smells awful, and doesnt add any shine to the hair. Oh did I say it smells awful?! I then zoomed in on the ingredients and noticed it had beeswax in it. Well Im sorry but beeswax is prettty heavy for my liking. I like moisture BUT also MOVEMENT, not a stiff drying looking, smelly hair. Plus I had to reapply this stuff the next day.To give you more insight on my hair and styling preference, I process my hair every 6 to 8 weeks. I wash my hair every 4 to 6 days. I sometimes let me hair air dry and will flat iron it at least once a week.

Latoya Berkley, MA

Makes hair shine, holds strays down, nice scent

I really love this scent. It smells very clean. I think that is because the Patchouli and Cedar are the high notes. Another reason I like this scent is because it is “androgynous”. It doesn’t smell too feminine for a man to wear or too masculine for a woman to wear. It just smells clean. This is is very important when you don’t wash your hair every day. It doesn’t turn “sour” after a few days either.After using our regular styling creme we take a dime sized dot of this, rub it between our hands and then smooth it over the fly-aways just before the final brushing and styling (braids, twists, etc). It holds them down for a good portion of the day and gives the hair a beautiful shine.This is a Carol’s daughter that we will continue to purchase.

Kristin Americus, GA

Healthy Hair Butter

The first time I used this butter I didn’t like it. However, I gave it another try & used less. I like it a lot more. It has all the ingredients my 4a hair loves like: shea butter, sweet almond oil, & jojoba oil. Not too fond of the smell though, it has a very earthy smell that just isn’t that appealing. Other than that, it’s a great product, just a little on the expensive side.

Alberta Muskogee, OK

What a difference it has made with my locs

After coloring my hair numerous amount of times I found that it had become very coarse, hard and brittle. I tried many products but it was only until I used the hair butter that my hair actually transformed. It is soft, shiny and more healthy looking than it has ever been. I love the smell but more importantly I am very satisfied with the look and the feel.

Camille Morse Mill, MO

Chemical free moisture

Usages: Mid spring through summer onlyThe texture of the product was not creamy enough to just put it on my hair. I felt it caused too much friction for my hair. I had to place the product in my hands and rub it to create a lighter texture. Actually, this procedure is probably used with other products. It is just that this particular item is just too heavy and thick. It is parabens-free and Propylene Glycol-free which is why it gets 4 starts instead of 3.

Geri Putnam Station, NY

OMG-AA Relaxed

My fine hair, which is relaxed, takes well to this product. Usually carol’s daughter is more for thicker haired women, but worked fine for me. I specifically use this before I do my bantu knot outs.. I only use this once- twice a week and i usually bantu every night.

Kristi Marianna, FL

It’s ok

I got 2 4-oz jars of this for free at the Carol’s Daughter store when I spent over $150 there. I wasn’t going to try it, but one day my hair was so very dry so I tried a dollop. I used too much, so it weighed my hair down. I tried it once more a different day, this time a VERY small amount, and it was far better. I have straight relaxed hair a little past my shoulders.So here’s the deal – because it’s so thick, you have to work with it to get the right amount to use in your hair. Because my hair is so thick and kind of long, I am used to using a lot of product to moisturize it properly. With this, I used the amount that can fit on the pads of two fingers (index and middle) and that was enough to moisturize my hair. The hair butter softened and moisturized my hair very nicely, but the potential for weighing it down and the precise science needed to get the right amount is kind of a turn off. Also, it smells pretty bad.

Carly Grace City, ND

A little goes a long way

This hair butter is very concentrated. It is a mousse,but it feels both ight and heavy at the same time so use it sparingly. Honestly you only need a little bit. I put it on my finger tips and work it through my hair. Only two ‘five finger-tip’ applications through wet hair and I feel that it makes my hair nicely pliable and gives it a little extra sheen. It also defines my curls without making them feel weighted down. I have the 4-ounce bottle and it is small, but I have had it for a couple months and haven’t finished it. A little goes along way and you get your money’s worth.

Latanya Ayrshire, IA