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Carol’s Daughter, Hair Milk The Original Curl Definer, 10-Ounce

Quenching, fast-absorbing lotion that defines, tames and restores luster to natural curls while conditioning.

Key features

  • Made with essential oil of Lemongrass, Vitamin C and Sweet Almond Oil
  • for bouncy, soft, yet
  • completely manageable curls

Honest reviews


Great moisturizer but once rinsed out hair feels rough

I love this as a moisturizer while it’s in my hair. I am a big fan of natural hair care lines like darcy botanicals and qhemet biologics for my afro textured 3c/4a mix of natural black hair. I didn’t buy this product to define my curls since plain ol’ water and detangling using my fingers will do that and if I use gel the results will last after sleeping on my hair. I bought this product as a leave in/moisturizer since I bought the shampoo I wanted to also use another product in her line. This product compares to qhemet biologics burdock root butter cream to me just w/o the glycerin. It is great for those days when you need something light to moisturize your hair, but don’t need the glycerin if you live in a hot dry place. It was not greasy an didn’t make my hair feel coarser or dry while it was in on dry hair. I didn’t care for it as a leave in on wet hair. My hair felt sticky and gross like it wasn’t drying properly and coated. But, I did like it alot as a moisturizer on dry hair until I went to wash it out. I was skeptical since soy bean oil seems nothing but upgraded mineral oil to me when companies want to cut corners and b/c soybean is packed w/protein and I am protein sensitive. I can’t say it will replace my afroveda or qhemet b/c it won’t. It felt good while in my hair but once rinsed out my hair was very rough and dry when rinsing it under water in the shower as I was getting ready to wash it out. It is lighter than qhemets cocoa tree detangling ghee but heavier than her burdock root butter cream. But, moisturizes the same as the burdock root butter cream yet more than cocoa tree detangling ghee “while it is in the hair”. My fav’ cd product is the hair milk curl shampoo. Since it moisturizes,detangles,conditions, and softens all in one and didn’t give adverse effects like this product which once rinsed out made my hair rough and dry with tons of splits and single strand knots. This product is white, not runny and not thick more like a thin white lotion that is not dense at all. It has more of the consistency of qhemet’s moringa tree just not quite as runny. No white or greasy residue. Think elmers glue. Make sure you’re not using excessive protein or silicones as they coat the hair and that may be why some complain products are greasy or not moisturizing. Remember silicones are plastic molecules some companies put in products to make your hair look/seem shiny and smooth. They prevent frizz by preventing moisture in and out of your hair which suffocates your hair over time. And keeps your stylist and them in business lol.I gave it 2 stars b/c it feels wonderful while it is in but if your hair is funny w/ protein/soy it feels rough and gross when it gets rinsed out. Hopes this helps!

Lula Trenton, UT

One of my favorite products right now

I’m not really sure what people mean when they say “its stench.” Everyone always says my hair smells divine and loves how this product smells. This is a great product… but like any product, it works with what YOU’VE got. It doesn’t work magic. It’s not gonna turn kinky hair into curly hair. It makes curly hair curl better without adding a ton of grease and moisturizer, etc. It makes my naturally curly hair, curled and defined with no frizz, shiny and soft. It goes a very long way, too. It’s a must have whenever I want to wear my hair down. Don’t buy this product if you’re expecting it to do the work of a chemical. It is best on thick hair, this is not a flimsy thin product, it’s almost a light custard. I, however, love it. For mixed chicks and girls with 3b/c or anything close to that will find this useful.

Ofelia Ceiba, PR

most certainly not impressed by this product

I recently purchased this product at ulta, and was super excited about it. For many years ive wanted to buy carol’s daughter products. Celebrity endorsements, talk show segments, and their website further influenced my desire for carol’s daughter products. But boy, this was a let down.The smell isnt a big deal for me, but i can understand how its a turn off for others. I didnt really care about the smell, i just wanted it to define my curls, and no such luck in that department. It took a lot of product to get any sort of curl defintion.At ulta, i received the hair milk pudding as a free gift and it wasnt too much of an improvement. I plan to return both and get a refund, which is a bummer because i really, really wanted to love this.Like most products that i dont care for, i dont want to be responsible for those intrigued by the product to snub them completely. This is simply my opinion and i believe that what may work for some, wont work for others.

Lucinda Isabela, PR

Not as it used to be 🙁

Curl definition: forget it.I only use this to moiturize my hair when it is wet before I blow dry. The older version used to make it silky.Sorry to say but this new version doesn’t smell or feel like the old one, I still have the old one so I can compare how it feels on my hair. This one seats on my hair, doesn’t really penetrate the shaft when wet.And I asked for 2 regulars and they sent me 1 regular and 1 light. I live overseas, so can’t return it. Quiet disappointing this time around, CD.

Catalina Jennings, FL

Only For Photo Shoots

Hair Milk really does make my hair curl beautifully … but it leaves it feeling greasy and smelling like Lemon Pledge. I’ve gone back to my combination of Infusium 23 Leave In Treatment and Biotherapy Silk (my hair is waist-length, curly, colored, and getting frizzy since it’s begun graying, so I need a lot of product now).I do keep a bottle of Hair Milk around, though, because when I have a photo shoot, have to be videotaped, or have to make a public appearance, I know my hair will look good. (Then I go home and wash it.)

Elvira Mayfield, KY


My hair is so thick, naturally curly, so frizzy, I live in Florida, the Sunshine State and the Super Humid State as well, I’ve tried from A to Z to tame my frizzy hair, from famous brands as Moroccan oil, Ojon, Straight Sexy Hair, Alterna Caviar, Paul Mitchel Awapuhi Keratin Products, and so on. I could say these products help a lot, but nothing seems to be good enough for my type of hair and this humid weather. I even have compared my hair with the weather, totally unpredictable!!! Until I got this product on my hands…this is the only product so far which I could say bye-bye to the frizz for good, even on a very humid day. Now I’d see my curls well define, I have beautiful natural curls, my mother is latina, my father chinese, my hair is from the mix of these two genes. Every body at work admire my hair and always receive compliments on how beautiful my curls look, I used to have my hair on a pony tail most of the time. I found this product at Macy’s the cost is $20.00 so I don’t really see any big difference in between Macy’s and Amazon’s price. I would buy it over and over again, on dry or humid conditions, I will always have it in my beauty products as one of the “must have”… I’d like to add something else to this comment of mine. First of all people are writing on their comments about “STENCH”, to me that word is for something completely unpleasant, and let me say this: I am a very selective person when I have to pick a perfume or even a disinfectant to clean my house, strong smells get me headache and even nausea, certainly this product isn’t good because it’s smell, to me a good product is because it works…the smell of this product isn’t like candy, flowers or perfumes, I wish it could smell the same as Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin, but it doesn’t!, so when I apply this product I try to put some over my hair while is damp, and after it gets dry as well, I don’t blow dry my hair. The smell goes away after a while, doesn’t stay on my hair for a whole day neither!…Now I don’t understand the second opinion of a consumer, she wrote: the hair feels rough after you rinsed the product off your hair, YOU DON’T RINSE THIS PRODUCT OFF YOUR HAIR, YOU HAVE TO LEAVE IT ON! The 10 oz. bottle cost is $20.00 and I use my hair long, I have very thick hair and believe me that bottle has been with me for months already, probably from 4 to 5 months, it lasts for ever!!!. Well every body have different opinions but I am just being honest, that’s all!!!!!!

Meredith Adah, PA

Serves it’s purpose

it moisturizes hair and it smells ok. i didn’t notice my hair change in any significant way, which, i suppose, is good.

Joyce Barnwell, SC