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Carol’s Daughter, Hair Balm, Packaging may Vary, 4.3 fl. oz

Thick, water-free emulsion gives a nourishing shine to very dry hair-relaxed or natural.

Key features

  • Coconut Oil, Weet Almond Oil, Soy Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter
  • Paraben-Free
  • No Petroleum minerail oil or artificial color

Honest reviews


works as promised but didn’t knock my socks off

I’ve had spectacular results with the Monoi Shampoo and Conditioner so I’ve been working my way through several other products in the CD line. My hair is natural, fine, and curly to slightly frizzy – tends to be fragile too which has improved considerably with the shampoo+conditioner.This pomade works pretty well with my hair. I was half expecting it to be too heavy as it is
• really
• thick – not what I personally would call a
• liquid
• pomade. It’s almost as thick as a Vaseline type product but just a tiny amount warmed on my hands and then run through my hair gives just enough on the strands to make a difference. My hair looks just a little shinier and felt more silky. Doesn’t weigh my hair down at all.Although I think the shampoo+conditioner are for me beauty
• essentials
• , this balm is nice to have but more of a take it or leave it level product for me. Smells okay, leaves the hair a little more manageable, a little shinier but not bowled over with the results.

Alissa Hancock, MD


The Hair balm smells really good but it didn’t work for my daughter’s hair. My daughter has 3C-4C hair that eats up moisture. This really dried my daughters scalp. There are so many expensive natural products out there. So far the only thing that has worked for her is the Nature’s Natural Carrot oil from House of Nubian. I mix it with virgin melted Coconut oil and that does the trick. Good Luck!

Grace Richmond, UT

I really wanted to like this, but………

it dried my scalp out and caused it to flake! Gross! Mind you I don’t have a sensitive scalp and usually do not have dandruff so I don’t know what it was about this stuff. After that, I was leery of CD but I stumbled upon the Lisa’s Hair Elixer at TJ Maxx and it was wonderful on my hair. So I guess it’s just trial and error.

Marilyn Round Lake, MN

Great Daily usage

I purchased this with the hair Elixir. I have been using the Elixir for 2years and its great as a hot oil. I decided to try the balm for daily shine and softness. I like it. I use a little every morning. A little! So far it has been a week and its great. I prefer using this on my twists versus the hair milk. I use the hair butter/ Marguerite’s magic to twist out. Then to refresh shine I use the balm daily or every other day. Cheers.

Bettie Graff, MO

hair balm

great product, with exception of the consistency could be more solid and in a different container. No problem with smell, it’s a natural smell.

Chelsey Orocovis, PR

Nice for my natural fro

This was recommended by a friend when I decided to go natural. I do like it. It is lite. My only problem is that it can be a challenge to get it out of the bottle. It is solid and becomes thin liquid when you rub on your hands. I typically have to run it under hot water to get it out especially when it gets low.

Yvonne Medaryville, IN

A hot oil treatment without the heat

This product even used sparingly (as stated on the insturctions on the bottle) was too oily for me. If I put a little too much on my hair I would have to basically wash my hair over again to get the oils out.But the great thing is that it became my hot oil treatment without the heat. I just put the product in the microwave for 15 seconds to loosen up the harden oils and left the product on my hair for 20 minutes and shampooed my hair like normal.This product is alcohol-free, paraben-free, and propylene glycol-free.

Jewell Shawmut, ME