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Carol’s Daughter, Black Vanilla

Intense Conditioning Treatment for Chemically Treated Hair.

Key features

  • Our bye-bye tangles recipe contains naturally moisturizing oils of Olive, Shea, Cocoa and Buriti
  • Detangles and Conditions
  • For healthy shine

Honest reviews



my hair tangles and mattes like a cheap discount weave if I even sneeze the wrong way. This conditioner DETANGLES and is sooo nourishing and moisturizing, I remember when I first started using it my hair stylist was in shock. when I went for my bi-montly trim no split ends at all! Im a product junkie so I have tried other products drugstore and departmentstore and NOTHING works for me like this product!! LOVE IT!!! and the smell is AMAZING I also used it with the matching leave in conditioner and phyto 9 leave in cream. Most people wont need that combo this alone should do wonders!

Lacey Pomfret, CT

Not for my hair

I have 4 sections of different types of hair on my head….frustrating!!!! The nape of my neck is 3c large curls. Just above that 4a curls but not tight. just above that 4c tight curls and in the front tight coils soft and really defined ?!? This product worked on all of my hair but the 4c portion and left a white caked up residue ( applied to freshly washed hair). I dont know if my hair didnt absorb it but did not like that look. Its just not for my hair.

Jacquelyn Denver, IA

Softens, moisturizes and detangles

I love this conditioner. I am an African American woman with relaxed hair. I use the smoothie along with the Black Vanilla Shampoo and the leave-in conditioner from this line. It makes my hair so soft and manageable; after the first use, it made my hair much easier to comb through and blow-dry out. My hair was also so much softer and smoother after blow-drying than it normally is. I had less breakage, and my hair was moisturized when normally it is so dry after a wash. The scent is also really nice!

Young Hanover, MA

Works Well w/ Regular Conditioner

This product is best when added to a regular conditioner. I massage it into my ends when conditioning my hair with my regular conditioner and it absolutely makes the ends softer and more manageable after my hair dries. I started using it because my regular products (Wen) work great for my hair, but leaves my ends dry. I could tell a difference as soon as I applied it the first time. I would recommend this for anyone who has a conditioner they like but thinks they could use a little boost of moisture.Unfortunately, the product did not work on its own as a deep conditioner for me. I agree with the other reviewer that it left my hair feeling dry. Even when it was still in my hair, I could tell nothing good was happening. But I will continue to use it as a special treatment on top of my regular products. It makes them work so much better.

Addie Selma, NC

Finally A Deep Conditioner That Doesn’t Weigh My Hair Down!!!

I’ve been trying all kinds of different hair care products for the past several months. Then I finally decided to give Carol’s Daughter a try. I absolutely love the Black Vanilla Conditioner. It does wonders for my hair. But I was still looking for a deep conditioner. I would buy other products (Mizani, ORS, etc.) online and in beauty stores, but they dried out my scalp, tangled and/or weighed my hair down heavily. What a waste of money for products I don’t plan on using ever again. I have no idea why I didn’t try this Black Vanilla Smoothie in the first place! This smoothie does EXACTLY what it says. After sitting under the dryer for 15 to 20 minutes, it detangles and makes my hair bouncy, shiny, and moisturized. Since using this smoothie, I’ve been getting compliments on how healthy my hair has been looking. So the search is finally over! I will continue to use this as my one and only deep conditioner.

Audrey Acton, ME

Very moisturizing

I actually use this as a leave in, I just use like a dime amount and its great and last a long time! I have curly/wavy hair 2b/2c under the naturally curly website. If I put too much then my curls are weighted down so I only use a little dime size along with my hair gel and it offers great soft curls. I will use more if I feel dry OR if I will be putting my hair in a braid and want some good heavy moisture. There is a lady at work who has 3c/4a hair and she loves it as well as a leave in. I would recommend it to anyone who has curly wavy hair and wants a good leave in. Not to mention the ingredients are great and its a cruelty free brand!!

Charlotte Birds Landing, CA