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Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Leave-in Conditioner

Hydrating Refresher and Detangler for Dry Hair.

Key features

  • Extracts of Lavender, Honeysuckle and Sage
  • Fragranced with comforting notes of Vanilla
  • Paraben-free No petroleum, mineral oil or artificial color

Honest reviews


Scented WATER!!!!

This stuff is horrible. If it cost $1, I still wouldn’t buy it. The smell isnt even all that great. It literally feels like you’re spraying your hair with vanilla water. I felt no conditioning agents in my hair, no softness, or no slip. It’s just blah! Totally not worth purchasing. I’ve tried several carol daughter products, hated all of them!

Joan Clipper Mills, CA

Conditioner smells good

I love the smell of this conditoner and I especially like how my hair feels after applying it. I hate pump spray bottles tho and thats the only reason why I won’t continue usng this product!

Irene Boncarbo, CO


I loved the smell of this product, but it dried my hair out :(It did not condition or detangle my hair. What a bummer – the scent is a keep though.

Winifred Rosharon, TX

Sincerely disappointed Carol’s daughter fan 😣

First I would like to say that I am an avid Carol’s daughter purchaser. I currently have and LOVE the hair milk line, the Monoi line (to include the newly released Monoi serum), the 1-2-3 transitioning kit, the Olive oil infusion kit, the healthy hair butter, the marguerite’s magic hair dress, the hair balm, Lisa’s hair elixir, the rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner, the black vanilla smoothie, the honey hair mimosa , the macadamia line (smoother, thermal serum & gloss spray) and I intend on purchasing the two newly released Lisa’s elixir fortifying hair scalp spray/restoring oil; HOWEVER, I will NEVER, EVER purchase the black vanilla spray leave in unless there are some changes! NOTE: I do not ‘need’ all of these products to maintain my mane; I am simply a self-proclaimed product junkie! I read through all the reviews on the Carol’s daughter website and there were definitely a lot of mixed reviews but being the loyal Carol’s daughter fan that I am, I still wanted to experience this product for my self. I currently have fully natural 4a/b textured hair, I also used CDs products during my 1 year and 1 month transition; all of her products have done me justice except this one. The black vanilla leave in claims to provide your hair with shine, easier detangling and softness of which none of these happened for me. It smelled wonderful with the initial application and even that didn’t linger for any amount of time, my hair felt dry and there wasn’t any shine, so you can imagine my disappointment. 😣 In an attempt to salvage this product I have mixed it with other watery or creamy leave-ins that I know WORK for me in order to use it up. I WILL NOT be purchasing this product again UNLESS the formula is revamped to add MORE moisturizing, shine enhancing ingredients. I was hoping to keep my shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, leave ins, hair butters and oils all within the same brand family BUT because of the poor performance of this item I will continue to use Nexxus Humectress spray leave in which FOLLOWS through on all of the claims that this one promised. I will be posting this review BOTH on Amazon and the Carol’s daughter website. It may work for other textures but definitely serves no benefit to my coarse, kinky, coily 4a/b texture. The only reason I’m giving this product 1 ⭐is because of the vanilla scent which dissipates SOON after applying.

Maureen Union City, NJ

Heavenly Hair

This is a great product. It does not contain alcohol ( I didn’t notice any when I read the ingredient) so this is a great product for my natural African American hair. Besides the wonderful ingredient, I love the light vanilla scent.Carol’s Daughter, Black Vanilla (Moisturizing) Leave-in Conditioner, 8-Ounce

Matilda Beetown, WI

smells great, detangles

it works. It is lightweight though so I spray this in and then use phyto 9 leave in cream which is the best combo for my hair, but this stuff works great even alone, it detangles and nourishes and since it is lightweight you can spray it on daily between washes without looking dirty.

Rosalind Haugen, WI

Revived Curls

I received my Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner yesterday. Considering I ordered this product on New Year’s Eve, it was an incredibly LONG wait to receive this product. Nonetheless, I tried it out on my 3c/4a hair last night. The smell is tolerable (kinda earthy) and my bottle leaks if it’s laying on it’s side. I sprayed this on sections of hair before I dry flat twisted. It doesn’t leave a build up and the spray concentrates the product exactly where I want it. This morning, I took out my twists and I must say, they had more “spring to them” and they were soft too. I may have found a great leave in….

Jacquelyn South Plymouth, NY

Oh,i wish

I loved this product as much as other…I wanted to I really did but it left my hair so dry like weeds or hay I I had to wear my hair it in a pony tail and then a lot of my hair came out because of the dryness. I’m not sure who hair this is made for but not mine and I have curly hair so I thought it would be perfect. Better luck next time…

Eula Downers Grove, IL

I didn’t buy this product from Amazon, but the CD sight directly…….

It makes your hair smell good. That is the only benefit that I can see that came from it. I did not purchase it again. As a MOF, I still have half a bottle left. Thanks, but no thanks for making my hair smell good. I’d rather have healthy hair that is not hard, than hair that smells good. No, this didn’t add any moisture to my hair I don’t think.

Rose Corydon, KY

not for my hair

It did not detangle nor did it make my hair more manageable. I have combination hair 3c,4a,4c. It smelled wonderful.

Milagros Reynolds, ND

Very Strong vamilla smell

This smells good, but the smell is very strong. I don’t really want my daughter going around smelling like cookies all day. Also it’s expensive, and didn’t detangle that well. I switched back to Johnson and Johnson’s detangler which is about 1/3 the price, doesn’t have a smell and works much better

Connie Hartland, MN

I love this

I love this leave-in conditioner. I use it almost every day to give my hair a perk of freshness. It works as a daily moisturizer for my relatively dry, relaxed, thick hair without adding any weight to it – it’s not enough on it’s own, but using it in conjunction with a little olive oil or a small bit of the Mimosa Hair Honey works to keep my hair soft and shiny. I also use it liberally right before blow-drying to help detangle and straighten my hair.

Letitia Milnesville, PA


I use this for my scalp and braids and love it! It keeps my braids looking nice and smooth and keeps my scalp from feeling dry.

Alberta Mandan, ND


Did not notice any real value to buying this product. It smells really nice, but I did not see any significant gain to buying it over a generic product.

Jodie Greenwood, MO

Not as good as it sounds

I purchased this in a set and must say was disappointed in the results. It was packaged beautifully and could not wait to use it so I shampooed that night and conditioned my hair. I sprayed in the CD Leave in and my hair only felt wet with a strong smell of vanilla. It did not detangle all that well and I did not feel as though my hair was moisturized after using it. It was like spritzing vanilla scented water in my hair more than conditioning. After blow drying, my hair felt stripped and looked rather dry. Not a fan of CD and will not purchase again.

Jasmin Melvin, IL

Too expensive on amazon. Product is Good but not GREAT.

**UPDATE**I cant beleive the price of this on amazon is now over $20, when I bought it earlier this year it was $12 and its currently $11 on the carols daughter website. Amazon prime is sometimes such a rip off!***ORIGINAL REVIEW***I like the smell of this, but I was a bit dissappointed after hearing and reading such raving reviews about carols daughter. It is a nice but lightweight leave in conditioner that moistens the hair and makes it a bit soft but its no better than lusters s curl activator or kinky curly knot today leave in. Its just so lightweight that its barely there and if you have kinky hair this product wont make much impact on its own, you have to spray it on after using a heavier activator or leave in

Nichole Glen Dale, WV


It smells very nice and i wished that it worked but it zilch zero for my hair. Very disappointed Overall. Another one going to good will or whoever wants it. Not worth the hassle and cost to return.

Ann Cold Spring, NY