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Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Herbal Shampoo 8.oz

For Dry and Damged Hair.

Key features

  • A rich recipe of gentle cleansers infused with intense moisturizers, Nettle, Lavender, Red Clover and comforting notes of warmed Vanilla
  • Paraben-Free
  • No Petroleum minerail oil or artificial color

Honest reviews


Still debating

Love the scent, and my hair had a comfortable texture. I am concerned about my scalp, trying to use non sulfate shampoos and there was a lot more lather than expected, so I’ll investigate the ingredients more. If all checks out it could replace my old faithful Motions shampoo.

Luz Lexington, MI


I’ve used this shampoo up over a year (just because I don’t want to throw it out), and every time I use it I have to wash my hair again with something else to get the oily film off my hair. Used alone, it makes my hair oily no matter how much I rinse (clumps together in strings) as soon as it dries. My hair needs a lot of moisture, but this one is just too greasy.The scent is nice (and strong). It’s not too different from the Almond Cookie scent.

Nadine Fishers Island, NY

ue it once and fell in love with it

It doesn’t make my coarse hair soft, but my hair does feel clean and smells good. A little goes a long way and so it lasts a long time. I have to agree with one reviewer on this shampoo actually making my skin feel cleaner.

Lisa Mc Leod, TX

Great Shampoo for Locks

This product not only smells great but has my locks feeling softer and not so dry, this is my first time using Carols Daughter after my cousin has been raving about it forever. It is a an awesome product! I will be using more of these products=)

Clare Monrovia, CA

Smells great, doesn’t strip your hair and sooo much moisture

I’m African American with relaxed hair that’s past my shoulders. I bought Black Vanilla Shampoo to alternate with the Chocolat Smoothing collection, because the Chocolat was a little drying. I washed my hair with this, then followed with the smoothie and the leave-in conditioner. I used some other Carol’s Daughter products to blow-dry and flat-iron my hair straight (Khoret Amen Oil and Macadamia Heat Protection Gloss).I LOVE this shampoo. It’s funny, it’s so much cheaper than the new Chocolat line but not only did it do a better job cleaning my hair, it also got my hair smoother and straighter! I could feel my hair getting clean but even after two shampoos it was still more moist and not as squeaky as it is when I wash it with other shampoos. And when I went to comb out and blow-dry my hair, I got less breakage and it was so much easier to comb it out. My hair was far smoother and straighter than it ever is when I heat style it. This shampoo is definitely going to be my go-to from now on.

Dana Augusta, IL

For Everyone

I am Caucasian and wanted a sulfate free shampoo that moisturized, but didn’t weigh down my fine hair. This shampoo does the trick. I’m not crazy about the conditioner, doesn’t seem to work as well, but I will keep using the shampoo.

Kasey Dahlonega, GA