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Caribbean Hair Grow

Caribbean Hair Grow contains over 23 essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to grow long, lush, beautiful hair. Caribbean Hair Grow is formulated to heal and repair all ethnic hair types. Amazing results for dry, damaged, relaxed, color-treated, thinning, or brittle hair.

Key features

  • Essential Ethnic Hair Care Product
  • Over 23 Growth Enhancing Vitamins and Nutrients
  • Rapid Growth Formula
  • Repairs and Heals Damage to Dry, Brittle, Permed, and Color-Treated Hair
  • Daily Dietary Supplement

Honest reviews



I have been taking these vitamins since 01/07/12. I am taking two per day but…. I noticed my urine was like a “Neon” yellow. When I read all the reviews only one other person mentioned this in their review. It changes the color of your urine because of the high amount of vitamin B. I have been taking these vitamins for 12 days and can tell you it will grow your hair at an accelerated rate. I can feel the new growth in my scalp, so it works. I was just concerned with the color of my urine. When I googled Bright yellow urine, I found out that it is from ingesting a high amount of vitamin B, which this product has plenty of. It also stated that the body will only absorb what it needs and the rest is discarded through the urine which makes the color almost a fluoresant/neon yellow color. So for all of you who may have noticed this slight missing detail from other reviews, now you know. I also wanted to let you know that if you want an alternative to this product, or if this one is suddenly discontinued you can try “GROGANICS VITAMINS 2-A-DAY” these have the exact same ingredients as these vitamins for a price far less. The only thing I say is the Groganics vitamins are not as smooth and perfect in texture as these Caribbean vitamins. The Groganics vitamins each pill looks cracked and doesn’t have a smooth finish to them. My personal favorite is the Caribbean Hair Grow Vitamins. They are smooth with a nice coating over each pill that makes it easier to take. I will continue to purchase this Magic Pill. My hair before I started taking these vitamins were just above APL(Arm Pit Length)I will give an update in about 2 months.

Elizabeth Cadillac, MI

I just got it today

I just got it to day popped it open took my first 2 pills it looks just like the picture ill post a picture of the pill it self. and keep yall updated on my progress after i finish my 1st month of it ( fyi thats 1 bottle of pills) so yay wiss me luck.Ok. i’ve been taking this pill for almost a week still to soon to say anything

Clare Beaverville, IL

Not work as fast as I though

It probably be good vitamins for hair, but didnt work in one month, maybe I should try one more bottle. The only things I realized is the hair loss was less than before, but didnt growing up at all. No side effects. So far ok…

Esther Ithaca, NE

Good For Your Health

I’ve been taking this for about six weeks now and I honestly don’t think my hair has grown any faster then it has in the past. I will say that I didn’t get acne around my period like I normally do and have felt more energy since taking this with my regular vitamin. Because of that I do think it’s possible that after it’s in my blood stream for a couple of months I might see an increase in hair growth. My hair seems to grow at a very slow pace no matter what I do. I do really like this product better then other hair growth supplements I’ve tried and will continue buying it and taking it.

Nanette Jenkintown, PA

Breakouts?? Am I the only one??

I started taking these pills 2 weeks ago and my face broke out quite a bit. My skin is good and I rarely ever have breakouts so it’s a toss up between these pills or the oils that I use for my scalp/hair. I have since suspended taking them so I can pinpoint what the exact cause of my breakout is and I have to say my face is slowly healing and getting back to normal since I stopped. I can’t say I really saw a lot of growth because I took them for only 2 weeks I’m sure you would need more time to see results. I think I may leave off taking them for the whole month of September and see if my breakout was from something else. I may try and finish off the bottle at a later time if I feel okay with it but for now I will not take them anymore. It could be the overload of Vitamins in these pills that caused it as well I noticed it has Biotin and I’ve read lots of reviews that it makes people break out sometimes and to drink a lot of water to counteract it which I normally do anyway so I don’t know…I’ll provide an update maybe at later date to confirm whether it was these pills or not for now I’m staying away…

Anne Pfeifer, KS

Product does work!

Carribean Hair Grow is an excellent vitamin for achieving long hair growth. I have used it for about 4 wks and noticed growth in my first week. It was slight, but noticeable. That is something that has never happened with any other hair vitamin before. Including Infinity or the ones I have bought from Walmart, I saw some reviews on here that stated that they have experienced a strong urine odor and dark urine using the vitamins.I believe that these people probably do not drink sufficient amounts of water. I drink about 6-8 8oz glasses of water a day. You should include drinking more water on a daily basis and that should clear up the problem.I am on a long hair journey to grow my hair MBL, (Mid back length) and using these vitamins will more than likely increase my hair growth substantially. I even have a Hair journal to track my progress.I am doing so many things to insure that I succeed. Using these vitamins is a great start!

Matilda Wilsall, MT

Works very well, but eat your breakfast and drink plenty of water

I completed a full bottle of this product and ordered another for myself and my mother. Let me say that I love this product. I found that my hair and nails grew tremendously. I am African American. I put my hair in twists and after two weeks I had over an inch of new growth!! That is crazy! I bought this product because I got impatient after being close to my goal length. This got me there… and fast! I would like to mention that this causes *all* of your hair to grow so be prepared for that ladies. Also, be sure to eat a full breakfast/meal before taking these pills. I found if I took them in the morning before breakfast it would upset my stomach. I also experienced heartburn during that time but I will not necessarily attribute to the vitamins because I was under a lot of stress during that time. I did not even take the tablets religiously. Some mornings I took the 2 tablet dosage, some mornings I only took 1, some days I took at lunch or dinner, some days I skipped all together. I still saw results.All the comments of neon yellow urine is correct indeed. It was as if I dyed my insides with radio active dye lol! Be sure to drink plenty of water. I mean upwards of 6 glasses a day just to dilute it down into the normal range.The positives:- rapid hair growth!- rapid nail growth- will see results even if do not take religiouslyThe negatives:- huge pills (normal for this type of supplement)- must drink LOTS of waterI have only tried this supplement and theIrwin Naturals Skin And Hair Plus Nails, 60 Softgels. I will say that I think this supplement works better (faster results, longer hair growth) but the Irwin Naturals brand does work without the upset stomach. I have finished a bottle of each so I feel I can give an honest review of each.

Antionette Bridgeville, CA

Just Ok for me

I had better but I’m sure it does work but only if you want spend 25 dollars every single month at a time. Just not worth it to me. Just keep taking Biotin and your One a Day vitamin and you’ll reap the same benefits.

Ericka Potsdam, NY

So far, so good

So before purchasing Caribbean Hair Grow, I read the reviews. I’m not a vitamin junkie. BUT, there was a consistency in the reviews indicating satisfaction with the product. Could it be that all of those reviewers weren’t telling the truth? Or that they were posers to boost sales? Well, I didn’t know but decided to take a chance anyway. Lo and behold the vitamins were out of stock! I checked all over and could not find them. I figured it must have been a manufacturing issue as to why they could not be found. A few weeks later, I received an alert from Amazon that the vitamins were in stock and pounced on the opportunity to order, right away!I purchased two bottles and have been taking the vitamins for 3 weeks. Let’s just say…so far, so good! I have seen visible growth on my hair-line. Fine hairs have appeared out of no where. I guess it could be that all of those people who gave glowing reviews were telling the truth 🙂 I will continue with the vitamins until they are all gone. Something tells me I will be ordering more.

Mary Wailuku, HI