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Caress Exfoliating Body Wash, Evenly Gorgeous 18 oz

Ready to reveal your daring side? Caress Evenly Gorgeous, with scents of burnt brown sugar and karite butter, gently exfoliates, leaving you with beautiful, even-toned skin. Caress body washes and beauty bars are made with alluring fragrances that help women feel fabulous, every day. The Caress collection of Silkening and Exfoliating Body Washes and Beauty Bars blend rich lather and sophisticated fragrances all in one for beautiful and silky smooth skin. Transform your daily shower into an everyday treat with Caress.

Key features

  • Scented body wash
  • Featuring the delicious scents of burnt brown sugar and karite butter
  • Gently exfoliates to reveal beautifully even-toned skin
  • Blend rich lather and sophisticated fragrances all in one for beautiful and silky smooth skin
  • Transform your daily shower into an everyday treat with Caress
  • Caress Body Washes treat women to alluring fine fragrances crafted by the world’s best perfumers, allowing them to be truly unforgettable

Honest reviews


Good Exfoliating

I received a sample of his body wash.I liked the exfoliator scrubbing off dead skin cells. It was refreshing and my skin felt cool and tingly. Sqeaky clean!The scent is better for women, very sweet and very reminiscent of burnt sugar. It is a woman’s product so the scent is more suited to women then for me.The exfoliating particles really do the job. My skin felt wonderful afterwards and I would recommend this to women.

Lacy Green River, UT

Smells Sooooooooo Good!

I received a free sample of this body wash and absolutely love it! Using this body wash is a sensory delight! My whole bathroom smelled wonderful after showering and it left a wonderful subtle fragance on my skin. The brown sugar and butter combination smell like someone is baking something delicious!The exfoliant is gentle and I really could feel the difference the moisturizer made on my skin. I will definitely be buying this great product.

Juliana Carlinville, IL


I ordered this wash for my daughters and they love it. the smell is great and it makes your skin feel so smooth you dont even need lotion after your bath. Was so glad we found this on amazon just wish we could find it in our stores and not have to order it online.

Ida Winston, NM

A Great Buy!!

I received a sample of this body wash from where I can’t remember. But, this body wash is a must- have! It smells oh-so good, lathers nicely, and cleans and moistures my skin where I don’t even need lotion after my shower or bath, which is a plus! And it arrived on time and in good condition.

Jennifer Tarrytown, NY

Love it!

I like the sweet sugary scent this has. I don’t feel the need for a lotion after using this. It has very small sugar bits when applied on skin which I didn’t mind, after all , it IS suppose to be gently exfoliating like the name suggests. So, overall, it’s all good. Bought them in a three pack so have a long way to go before it runs out. Yay!

Beverley Page, NE

This smells so good.

I really like this stuff. This makes my skin so soft. I only use caress and bath and body works body wash. Caress even helps with my acne.

Sharlene Brentwood, NY

Great scent, inexpensive, works well on sensitive skin, healed eczema

I normally dislike body products that smell like food (vanilla, etc.) but for some reason I can’t get enough of this stuff. It has a really nice, sweet smell but it’s not overwhelming or fake smelling. It leaves no scent once your skin dries which I prefer. The color is a rich, shimmery, brown sugar shade. It contains fine scrubbing granules that don’t scratch or feel sharp. A little goes a long way. I use it on a scrubby puff. I have dry, sensitive skin and get winter eczema so I was worried that it would make my skin worse but instead it seemed to make the eczema go away. It also made my legs shiny in a nice smooth way. I received a small bottle as a gift. It’s almost gone and I like this wash well enough that I ran out and bought more. I also bought some 3 ounce travel size bottles to give to girlfriends. It’s inexpensive, lasts forever and makes a shower extra nice. I found an 18 ounce bottle for a lower price at a large drugstore.

Olga Montrose, MN

Heavenly scent! I want to eat this stuff 🙂

I was literally standing in the drug store smelling this stuff like a mental patient! This scent is amazing! It’s like a yummy brown sugary/vanilla scent.If anyone from Caress is reading…PLEASE make this scent into a lotion, body spray, hair spray, room spray, dog spray… I want to smell this ALL DAY LONG.The only downside is that the scent disappears very quickly!Oh yeah, it’s moisturizing too. Don’t have to lotion up after my showers. Although I WOULD if they made this scent into a lotion.Just sayin’ 🙂

Janell Genoa, WI

I have a stockpile of this stuff

I absolutely love this product. It smells amazing! If I could find a perfume that smelled exactly like this I would buy it; fortunately the smell lingers a few hours after I use this stuff. The exfoliation isn’t as extreme as other body washes I’ve used, but I like that it’s not too abrasive. I hope they never discontinue this product, it’s simply amazing.

Willa Villa Maria, PA