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Caress Body Wash, Scarlet Blossom, 18-Ounce

Want to be enchanting without a spoken word? Caress Scarlet Blossom – a finely fragranced body wash with Fragrance Pearls which release the scent of Red Lychee and Patchouli Oil. This alluring fragrance, inspired by exotic blossoms at the peak of their bloom, lingers on your soft skin long after you step out of the shower.

Key features

  • Fragranced with the scent of Red Lychee and Patchouli Oil
  • A finely fragranced body wash
  • The alluring fragrance lingers on your soft skin long after you step out of the shower.

Honest reviews


Nice, but overpowering at times.

I usually buy Sheer Twilight, but I was looking to try something different and decided to give the Scarlet Blossom a shot. The texture, lather and scent are all really nice and the price can’t be beat. Although I really like the subtle scent that lingers on my skin afterward, it is strongly scented out of the bottle. For that reason I can only use it occasionally so as not to become turned off. I recommend it if you’re not too sensitive to strongly perfumed body washes (or if you are, only use it occasionally like I do).

Lillian Chatawa, MS

I’m in love

What can I say… this body wash leaves a lingering soft fragrance on your skin after you have showered. The scent is exotic and very sensual, makes you feel feminine and leaves your skin moisturized. I would definitely be purchasing this again.

Sabrina West Jefferson, NC

I smell delicious.

This stuff is super sensual and sexy. Very rich and inviting. My husband likes to smell my skin right after a shower, so what more need be said? 😉

Alba Spearsville, LA

Five Stars

LOVE the fragrance

Jaclyn Death Valley, CA

~Delicious Scent!

This smells soooo good!…I’ve been using this body wash for a few weeks now and I am still In Love with how it smells on my skin!…It’s so intoxicating!..I hope they continue this scent b/c it smells and lathers like a dream!…

Tami Welch, OK

I absolutely love the scent of the this body wash!

This body wash has one of the best scents have I have ever experienced in a body wash. It is multi-layered and hard to describe – complex, sultry, indulgent, soothing and sensual – a combination of floral and dusky spice.Highly recommended for the scent. I am not sure how it would rate as a moisturizing body wash, but it is such a treat! I also love the name – Scarlet Blossom – and the lovely dark ruby color. It lathers well when used with a shower puff.

Madeleine Sangerfield, NY

Very nice

I have three favorite brands and one of them is Caress. I have found many scents I truly love but this was not my favorite though it was a nice scent but didn’t seem to stay with me once dry.

Bobbie Goleta, CA

Love it.

Awesome fragrance and soft skin. I love it and the price is right. I would recommend to anyone. Will be buying this one again.

Bernadine Clearbrook, MN

Smells so FREAKIN Good!!!

I love this stuff! Smells sooo good and lingers in the air hours after I’ve showered. Cleans well, rinses well, and doesn’t dry out my skin. I hope they NEVER discontinue this one.

Maryann Vendor, AR

Wonderful price, kinda weird smell

I ordered this because I needed some body wash, and this was such a great price. It works well and lathers up well, but the smell isn’t really what I thought. I expected a floral, girly scent, but this almost has a masculine smell. My husband agrees. It’s okay for the price

Andrea Parrish, AL


This shower gel smells sooo wonderful. I buy it monthly. If they ever take it off subscribe and save I hope they have something equally as great to take it’s place.

Eddie Dunnell, MN

A very sensual, lovely scented body wash.

I love scents like this, so I had to buy this when I smelled it at Target.Very sensual, alluring, and sexy.I took off a star due to it not being of the best quality. I usually only buy organic/all natural bath products.This stuff didn’t do anything for my skin other then make it smell pretty, but I knew what to expect.

Lola Morriston, FL