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Caress Body Wash, Emerald Rush 18 oz

Caress Fresh Collection Emerald Rush Body Wash with Lush Gardenia & White Tea Essence. Experience freshness like never before. Sparkling scents surprise your senses while lush, revitalizing lather envelops your skin leaving it delicately scented and beautifully fresh. The Caress Fresh Collection helps women delight in freshness like never before – and in a way only Caress can – with revitalizing, fresh fine fragrances. Inspired by the world of fine fragrance, each body wash and body bar is infused with unique blends of complex floral notes, creating a delightful fragrance that delivers freshness in the shower. The Caress Fresh Collection wraps skin in vibrant scents. Developed by experts at the top fine fragrance houses Givuadan & Firmenich, each variant is crafted with sophisticated, multi-layered notes that linger on skin and delight the senses in revitalizing freshness.

Key features

  • Made with revitalizing fine fragrances including Lush Gardenia & White Tea Essence
  • Infused with unique blends of complex floral notes, creating a delightful fragrance that delivers freshness in the shower
  • Lightly-scented bars rich in moisturizers and vitamin E
  • Bars blend rich lather and sophisticated fragrances all in one for beautiful and silky smooth skin
  • Transform your daily shower into an everyday treat with Caress
  • Caress Body Washes treat women to alluring fine fragrances crafted by the world’s best perfumers, allowing them to be truly unforgettable

Honest reviews


Unable to Review!

The "package" came in a post office clear plastic bag, which contained the gooey smashed remains of this bottle of Caress body wash. Someone should have thought of a better packaging scheme!

Latonya Concord, NC

Forgot how good Caress Body Wash Is

With all the body washes out there I’ve tried a lot of them. For me Caress is one of my favorite. It makes me slow down and want to smell the roses. Soft, smooth, nice lather-a good way to pamper yourself!

Patrice Baroda, MI

love the smell of this

I really like the smell of this body wash. It lathers really well and invigorates me while I am in the shower. The smell is really pleasent and lingers long after you are done with your shower. I always feel really clean when I am done. I will be looking for this when I need to purchase some more body wash.

Marietta Mc Dowell, KY

Caress emerald rush body wash

I was pleased to find the scent is very light. I was afraid it would be too perfumey. It suds up nicely and feels really nice. It’s easy to wash off and doesn’t leave me feeling dry. It really is very fresh feeling and smelling. A little goes a long way, so it will last pretty long and help save me some money.

Corina Acworth, GA

Excellent product

My S.O loves this and so do I, leaves a very pleasant and sexy smell and not overbearing but a clean fresh smell. She is permanently switching to this body wash. very good product

Annette Wake, VA

Great Body Wash

Though I find this particular scent to be a step down from the original I still think it works great. Overall I find the Caress brand to be one of the best body wash’s out there, have been using it for years and can’t live without it. I would use this as both a body wash and lotion because it’s super absorbent, silky soft and leaves your skin feeling great. I gave this four stars because I didn’t care for the scent as much as the original but it’s still a top product to me. Nice change from the original and has a nice scent, absorbs quickly and leaves skin emollient and hydrated. If you like the scent of gardenia and white tea you’ll love this. Can be used during or after a shower. Also contains a lot for a reasonable price.

Etta New Milford, NY

Emerald Rush Caress Body Wash

The Emerald Rush Caress Body Wash smells heavenly. Just like the Caress soap, the body wash is gentle on my skin and I’ve never had any adverse reactions using it. Like soap, it’s critical that the body wash leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean and Caress certainly does just that. The scent is wonderful and the body wash doesn’t dry out my sensitive skin.I would certainly purchase this body wash.

Elisabeth Mountain Lakes, NJ

Gardenia, what’s not to love!

Gardenia is one of my favorite scents, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Not in this body wash though, it is bright and fresh and smells wonderful. The flip top is easy to use too. Some of the body washes I buy I end up wrestling with in the shower, but this one opens and closes easily. I recommend it.

Robyn Tyner, IN

love the fragrance

I would recommend I love the fragrance its not too strong alsolove how it lathers up without having to use too much!!!makes my skin feel nice and soft

Marva Radford, VA

Beautifully Scented Body Wash

I chose this body wash because I liked the ingredients and the scent as it was described. The scent was exactly as I expected but a bit more subtle than I like. I normally use a competitor’s products because of the strongly scented body was and bubble bath. However, if you like a light scent that is beautiful but won’t compete with your antiperspirant or perfume. I found that the body wash created lots of lovely suds with my bath sponge. I’m going to keep using this lovely product and I’m also going to try it out as a bubble bath. I will be purchasing more.

Margery Londonderry, VT

Decent Body Wash

I like the emerald color, it has a nice scent and this thick body wash sure last a long time. It leaves a nice clean feeling and is about average for the higher end body washes. I tend to rotate through the brands and I will probably use this as one of my choices. The bottle is easy to hold in the shower and the lid opens easily. A well thought out product which I really enjoyed.

James Hopkinton, MA

love this

I love Caress products. This body wash is new, fresh and light. It has a great fresh clean scent that rinses off clean and leaves your skin feeling like you put lotion on. It has a great lather and you don’t need to use a blg blob to get alot of suds. Your skin will have a very delicate, light scent for a while and it doesnt’ clash with any fragrance you may use. It’s just a clean, nice feeling after your shower.

Cortney Lastrup, MN

Emerald rush

Sounds like an Irish romance novel! This body wash comes in a pretty green bottle and has a nice clean and unisex scent – neither girly or guy-like, so it’s good to go for the whole family.

Karina Gifford, WA


I was very hesitant to use this product as I dislike strong scents and feared the gardenia would put it over the top. It does not. In fact the combination of white tea and gardenia offers a very slight light scent that is barely noticeable…just the way I like it. It is a green liquid much lighter than the heavier white creamy liquids I am accustomed to. It lathers on he skin and washes away without feeling greasy. I really like it and will use again..

Therese East Chatham, NY

Good body wash with an average scent

I’m a fan of Caress. I like the thickness of the product (you don’t feel like you are sudsing up with slightly thick water), I like the smell, and I like how well it lathers and washes. So I came into Caress Emerald Rush with some idea of what the product would be like.To be honest, this is not my favorite Caress scent, nor was it the scent I was expecting from something labeled "Lush gardena and white tea essence". I much prefer "Tahitian Renewal" or "Velvet Bliss". This scent is more of a generic "fresh" scent – not too heavy, but also not too "distinctive" or "memorable".But, beyond the smell, the product works great. I love the viscosity of the product; I hate body washes that are mostly water and spill all over your sponge, getting all over the tub floor (slip hazard!). It lathers up marvelously, cleans the body great, and washes off wonderfully – no yucky slimy residue!I would recommend this if you aren’t a big fan of heavy scents or the more floral/sweet scents and don’t really want a body wash to leave behind a scent. I enjoyed this but would probably not buy again for myself (I like floral scents to be honest).Brought to you by:*C.S. Light*

Ellen Rhodesdale, MD

Fresh “Green” Scent

If you like herbal scents, you might like this. It’s flowery and sweet, but with grassy undertones.What I liked:1. Lathers great.2. Flip top is easy to open and when closed, keeps the water out.3. Bottle is easy to grip4. Scent is clean and fresh.5. Didn’t irritate or dry my sensitive skinWhat I didn’t like1. Nothing, really.The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because I prefer some of the other varieties of Caress Body Wash over this one. The Tahitian Renewal is much creamier and is my favorite at the moment.

Deidre Mc Donald, KS

Lathers Well and Leaves Me Fresh

I was a little disappointed in the smell of Caress Body Wash, Emerald Rush. It smells more like a hand wash dish detergent than gardenias and white tea to me.It does lather well, and I felt totally clean and fresh after my shower.There are 18 ounces in a bottle so it will last a long time.I have lots of allergies and some skin diseases and yet there was no irritation or rash after using this product.I would buy it because the price is great but I am still seeking one that has more of a flower smell to it.

Jan Sutter Creek, CA

Very clean and fresh scent! Works well on my dry and sensitive skin!

This product has amazed me because it is lightly scented, yet not overpowering. The scent is fresh and clean. Since I have very dry, itchy and sensitive skin, I was happy to discover that this product seems to improve my skin.If you are searching for a body wash that is gentle, yet effective on this skin, this is the one to consider! And I say this because if my rough, itchy skin actually improved using this, it is highly recommended by me!

Libby Enterprise, OR


I love this soap! I think it’s been a long time since I used Caress soap but I think I’ll be switching brands after using this. The gardenia and white tea make a lovely scent that you can smell on your skin afterward but is by no means overpowering. I was also impressed with how sudsy it was. The first time I used it, I probably put a little too much on my sponge because I didn’t realize with how much it would get sudsy. Afterward, it left my skin feeling soft.I would recommend this for any skin type.

Rhea Mendon, MO

No better or worse than other brands.

I have YET to find a body wash that gives a good lather. I have tried almost a dozen thus far, and am still searching for that elusive product. Caress Body Wash gives the exact same amount of lather and scent as Olay, Dove, St. Ives, Aveeno, Squave, etc. It costs less than luxury brand names, but is not the cheapest on the market either. (Prell is the worst I have found so far.)As with the others, users need to rinse thoroughly or end up leaving an oily film on their towels. The scent does not linger with this product, but no other product has either.I am determined to find a body wash that will impress me.Reviewed by Detra Fitch.

Traci Cheshire, OR

Absolutely awesome…

Caress Body Wash, Emerald Rush, 18 Ounce review is part of my obligation to the Vine Club.This body wash leaves the body clean and refreshed, the gardenia with white tea scent lasts and it is so nice that people comment.Highly recommend buying it for unequaled skin softness…

Mitzi Caddo Gap, AR

Amazing foam, great scent, doesn’t bother sensitive skin

Too often I find that body washes sold at drug stores do not have the same amount of foaminess of products you buy at Bath and Body Works. I end up using more wash to get the same amount of soap. However this caress body wash is different.I applied a small amount to my net loofah, and found it made a great amount of soap foam. Most importantly, the body wash did not bother my sensitive skin. I am a pale redhead who is allergic to pretty much everything. I had no irritation, burning, redness, or rash. The smell is pleasant and not overwhelming, thus causing me to sneeze like other body washes do.Overall I highly recommend this caress body wash.

Fay West Suffield, CT

caress body wash, emerald rush 18 oz

whoever shipped this did a excellent job. they taped the top so it would not open-a big plus. the wife popped the lid and we smelled it. i just wanted to eat it, it smelled so good. the wife then took a shower and used this product. it has a good light fragrance, not over powering. she advised that it did a great job cleaning the body, lathers up great and left her skin soft and not oily.

Petra Animas, NM


‘Caress Body Wash’ is refreshing, and very gentle. The sweet fragrance is light, not over-powering. We used this product several times, prior to posting a review. A small amount each time you use it, produces a smooth, fresh lather. In comparison to many other body washes we tried in the past, this one is less expensive, and will last longer. In the desert heat of Arizona 8 months of the year, this product is very much needed, and satisfying. At present in winter, it was 80 degrees yesterday, which makes us think about refreshing showers, and soothing baths.Thus far, we have used this product over 1 week on a daily basis. There are no reactions, redness, or skin irritations noted. ‘Caress’ serves the purpose, and in the long-run will save me money.The sweet aroma is pleasing, and leaves your skin smooth, feeling like silk. This is another bonus, because many products can dry your skin. We are extremely content, especially that we can pay less, and care for very sensitive skin at the same time. We will be ordering this product in the future, and highly recommended!

Cecilia Mammoth Spring, AR

Delightful Scent and Suds

I totally love this bodywash. Extremely sudsy and smells fantastic. My skin feels silky and smooth after using. Great product and will order more in the future. Love love love Caress Body Wash Emerald Rush!!!!!

Ruth Craig, NE

It works

I use Caress Body Wash a lot and like it. It lathers well and a little goes a long way. It rinses off well and doesn’t dry out my skin. I enjoyed this new scent as well. It is strong so if you are sensitive to scents you might not like this, but the scent doesn’t last for long either so I have no problem with it.

Marisol Mountain View, MO

smells great

This is a great bath product and it smells very nice. Not overwhelming at all. This is a repeat purchase waiting to happen.

Leta Georgetown, FL

Absolutely delicious smelling

I love this new Caress. The smells are exotic and make your skin feel amazing. I have tried all three versions and all of them have become my favorite. It lathers up great and leaves you feeling clean and silky

Alisa Cobalt, ID

A beautiful scent and product

I have gotten two of these Caress Body Wash products to review. I loved them both but prefered this Emerald Rush over the Aqua Sparkle.The smell on this product is very pretty and light, not overpowering. Often Gardenia products can be overwhelming (but I love it so the more the better!) but this is strong in the bottle but light on the skin. The scent did not change like the other product did. It did leave just the lightest hint of fragrance after which is lovely.It’s a good quality body wash. It’s very thick and concentrated, so you don’t have to use a lot of it. It leaves you clean and soft without any dryness. The bottle is easy to hold and open with wet/soapy hands.Overall I love it and highly recommend!

Leeann Phelps, KY

Body wash lathers up nicely and leaves me feeling clean but smells like bug repellent to me

I always have at least 10-15 different liquid soaps in use in my shower or bathroom because I prefer to alternate body washes every day for a week or two. I’m particularly partial to men’s body washes because of the bold scent and the clean feeling I get after washing with them. I also love body washes that are strongly fragrant. This body wash is definitely strongly fragrant but not in a good way.In general, I like or love many Caress body washes. In fact, I currently am usingCaress Tahitian Renewal w/Exfoliating Pomegranate Body Wash, 18 fl oz(which I love) andCaress Body Wash, Sheer Twilight, 18 oz(which I like very much) so when this came up for review I was eager to try it.Before getting in the shower, I opened the cap to take a good whiff and noticed it has a very sweet fragrance that is almost sickly sweet but which I felt still smelled nice. I then showered with it. It lathered up nicely and left me feeling clean. However, in the shower the fragrance reminded me of bug spray and for that reason only I do not like this body wash and would never purchase it.

Joy Morristown, SD