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Caress Body Wash, Aqua Sparkle Lilac Blossom & Aquamarine Essence 18 oz

Experience freshness like never before with caress aqua sparkle, infused with lilac blossom and aquamarine essence. Sparkling scents surprise your senses while lush, invigorating lather envelops your skin leaving it delicately scented and beautifully fresh.

Key features

  • Infused with lilac blossom and aquamarine essence
  • Also available in aqua sparkle and emerald rush
  • Designed to delight your senses and make you feel like a million dollars, every day

Honest reviews



Just a few weeks ago, my daughter and I tried this product, only in a different fragrance. We have been using ‘Caress’ beauty products for many years, and never encountered any problems. Only a small amount is needed to create a good lather, and great for shower, or bath.The Lilac Blossom & Aquamarine Essence fragrance is a light, sweet scent, not over-powering. This thin plastic bottle contains 18 FL OZ, which will last a long time, and can stand in any small area. This body wash is soothing as it leaves your skin feeling soft, and silky. We have severely dry, damaged skin from residing in 8 months of intense heat in Arizona. As much as we need to satisfy our thirst in the hot desert climate, our skin-care is just as important.You can smell the refreshing scent for hours after using. Most important, we have had no redness, blotches, or allergic reactions noted. We love it, and also find it not only refreshing, but a good stress-reliever. ‘Caress’ has produced another good quality beauty product with flying colors. We will be ordering this product in the future. Highly recommended!

Elaine Sanborn, ND

never knew gems had a scent

I had to get this cause its said sparkles and aquamarine. glad i did smells like the ocean to me love it leave my skin feeling soft and nice too

Adelaide Narvon, PA

Caress Body Wash Aqua Sparkle

I have tried several Caress body wash products, and Aqua Sparkle is not my favorite. It actually smells good, but the smell is not strong enough. This scent it actually the first of the Caress body washes that did not live up to my expectations, which was disappointing.

Monica Iberia, OH

Smells great in bottle but doesn’t linger on skin

I love the smell and color of this body wash. It lathers well and rinses off easily. The cap opens and closes with no trouble.Once I start to use this body wash, it still smells great but by the time I’m finished, the scent is gone and does not linger, even on my skin. I wish it did.So if you are looking for some scent after you are done, it doesn’t work But if you are looking for a great body cleaning product, this is it.

Lora Crisfield, MD

A Great Body Wash!

Caress Body Wash, Aqua Sparkle is a great body wash, it lathers up fine. The frangrance is lilac and is very light. I wish that it was just a little bit stronger. But I am loosing my sense of smell so you may be able to pick it up more.I did feel fresh after using it and had no allergic reactions to it. I am getting all three of the varieties of this body wash so I can pick whatever suits my mood. Makes me feel pampered too!It is a generous sized bottle so it should last a long time (18 ounces)I highly recommend this body wash.

Leila Salem, FL

Blue is the Nicest Color

I’m a sucker for anything that’s blue colored. This one is a lovely shade of blue and smells excellent. I’ve been using it for almost two weeks and I’m enjoying it. The scent is very nice and fragrant but not overpowering. It lathers up nicely and there’s no residue left. I’ve been using bars of soap for the past year so this is a nice switch.

Dena Rochester Mills, PA


Not super girly…smells clean not flowery…though it works well, it does not have lots of later or bubbles…I am girly so this was okay but, not great

Leonor Brooten, MN

Soapy Caress

The Caress Body Wash, Aqua Aparkle works as advertised. It’s blue and smells of flowers and will get you clean in the shower. It’s a decent body wash if you like flowery scents.

Shelia Strathmore, CA

Concentrated body wash

I like this body wash. It was thick, concentrated and lathered up well. My one objection to it is that it is intensely scented. I prefer mildly scented products or ones considered fragrance-free. I knew this would have a fragrance, but during the actual shower it is pretty overpowering. So if you like fragrance, this is a good choice. If you dislike it or are sensitive to scented products, you may want to choose a different product.

Nona North Falmouth, MA

Make a shower a lasting experience…

Caress Body Wash, Aqua Sparkle, 18 ounces review is part of my obligation under the Vine Club.This body wash is packaged with great elegance and the color reminds of Mediterranean Sea experiences.The scent is invigorating, making the shower experience rather enjoyable, leaving the body fresh and feeling smooth.Highly recommend this product if you are into making a shower a lasting experience.

Lilly Brookline Village, MA

Caress Body Wash, Aqua Sparkle, 18 Ounce

I really love this body wash. It has a pleasant, but not too overpowering clean aroma. I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful what I use on it. My skin had no problems with this body wash. It doesn’t leave you feeling slimy like some body washes. It’s a very nice body wash.

Rosalind Maysville, MO

Pleasant scent

Body wash is pretty much body wash, but what sets this one apart is the nice scent. Some are too strong for me, but this is a nice, clean scent.

Ericka Vandalia, MI

Nice product

Caress Body Wash, Aqua Sparkle, 18 OunceThe only reason this did not get a full five stars from me is it doesn’t feel as luxurious on the skin as some other products I’ve used and still buy. However this DOES get a full 4 stars for a good reason. This body wash is great for traveling with. It does a good job as doubling as bubblebath. Enjoy and don’t forget to put your items in a ziplock bag if your traveling so body wash or shampoo doesn’t get all over your clothes!

Marcia Summer Shade, KY

Close but no cigar

Caress Body Wash, Aqua Sparkle Scent has a nice lather but the scent is another story.It says it’s "Infused with lilac blossom and aquamarine essence." I didn’t get that from this. It didn’t smell anything like Lilac blossom to me. Now the aquamarine essence part was there. And so was a flower scent. But it wasn’t "Lilac Blossom"I mean it doesn’t smell bad. And it does a good job of cleaning my body. But just like the "Juicy escape" scent, it doesn’t smell like what it says it does.

Erika Clinton, MN

Aqua Sparkle Works Well and Smells Great

When I opened this bottle of body wash and smelled it, I thought it was going to be way too floral for my nose. However, when I actually used the product, I found I loved the scent. I generally like things that smell like “aquamarine essence.” whatever that may be, and the lilac blossom scent doesn’t overpower it.This does a great job of cleaning, and I like the way my skin feels after using it. It lathers nicely, especially when I use one of those little nylon net balls, so a little product goes a long way. It seems to rinse off nicely. This is a great everyday product, and one I will continue to use. For anyone interested in buying it, a little judicious shopping is in order because price and shipping costs vary.

Kathy Fullerton, CA

Average, at Best, Body Wash

I didn’t care for the "Aqua Sparkle" body wash. The scent, some lilac and aquamarine, is a little overpowering at the start but does not last long which defeats the purpose of body washes. It offers a solid lather but there are much better body washes on the market. I honestly can’t recommend buying this at Amazon where the price can exceed $10. There are a lot of chemicals in here so those looking for more natural products should look elsewhere. While I found the product pleasant, the price at Amazon and it’s short effectiveness really undermine it and prevent me from recommending it.

Kathryn Billerica, MA


Love this body wash. Fresh and clean skin is important as well as smooth and moisturiezed and this Aqua Sparkle does all of that. The fragrance is light and does not interfer with body lotions, sprays or perfume. After showering I felt clean and refreshed. Will purchase again

Germaine Milano, TX

Great Smelling and Smooth Wash

I love to have a body wash with a good scent that isn’t strong and perfumy. This Caress wash is great. The Aqua Sparkle smell is very good and fresh and not strong and perfumy. It lathers nicely and leaves your skin smooth. It works as well as a higher end body wash without the specialty store price.

Elvia Houston, MO


I have never used Caress products before, I really like this body wash. The bottle is a good size and will last me a long time. The body wash lathers up very nicely with just a quarter size amount on my sponge. The scent is a nice light lilac scent. When I first smelled it from the bottle I thought it would be overpowering but once applied it wasn’t at all. I will try some of the other scents when I am done with this one.

Tricia Garnett, SC

Very nice product

I love body wash products but I have sensitive skin so I have to be choosy about the brand. Over the years I have found that Caress products work well for me so I was anxious to try the body wash.This product comes in a nicely shaped bottle with an easy opening top that can be used with one hand. You do not have to use much of the product to get a nice foam. The fragrance is subtle enough to not overpower and it rinses off easily. I am very pleased with this product and would definitely purchase it for future use.

Kim Wardville, OK

Smells nice and fresh

This Caress Body Wash smells wonderful, and it makes lots of rich suds, even in our hard well water. My skin feels smooth and fresh after showering with this body wash. Nice product at a great price point.

Alisa Grand Blanc, MI


I like to use body was with a poof and this stuff really foams up. It expands in the poof and really lasts. I like it. It’s fine, but nothing too special. I won’t seek it out once it runs out or anything like that. It has a very unique smell that I can’t pinpoint. I’m not too big of a fan of the smell. It’s just okay and I won’t be recommending it to anyone.

Kasey Mineral Point, PA

Did not like the smell

The name is misleading…with the word sparkle you would think there would be shimmer in this product but there is none. I did not enjoy the smell. The lather was great and the color very pretty but would not purchases on the smell alone.

Sofia Delta, IA

For what it is its fine…

Not the greatest ingredients list or highest quality, but it does clean my body and has a pleasant “ocean” type scent that doesn’t overpower or offend. Its also a large bottle which makes it a good value. You can get better stuff buy you’ll probably have to pay more, so for what it is, its pretty good.

Debbie Lucile, ID

Smells like Mr. Bubble!

I remember the first time I started using Caress Body Washes. I had read somewhere that Paris Hilton liked the Tahitian Renewal so I had to have it! Ever since then I’ve collected the coupons from the Sunday paper and wait for the sales. If you do it that way, it ends up costing less than two dollars!This scent is heavenly. With a name like Aqua Sparkle I thought it would smell of the fresh ocean with sparkles on it that would stay on my skin. I was way wrong, but it’s still very nice. Every time I use it I’m reminded of the smell of Mr. Bubble (from the 70s; I don’t know how Mr. Bubble smells these days). There is no left-over sparkle but that’s okay because the smell is fresh and clean and a little fun.I will definitely be purchasing again.

Cassandra Lehman, PA

Caress Body Wash

This is a large 18 oz bottle, the price is good, however this is not a high quality product. The lilac blossom & aquamarine essence scent is a little overpowering and I felt a rush to my sinuses on smelling it. The lather is good, but the ingredient list makes me shy away from this one. I tend to avoid products with SLS in them because of their side-effects. There is nothing natural or healthy in this product and I can’t recommend it due to that.

Allie Burkettsville, OH

Nice, Pleasant Scent, attractive packaging

This is a nice light fruity/perfumed scent, which I found sort of difficult to identify. The bottle says lilac and aquamarine essence. I am not entirely sure what aquamarine essence is. Nevertheless, I liked the scent. I took a shower with it, and found the scent expression lingered for about an hour. The packaging is attractive, and I like the fact that it is blue. I let my sister and mother smell it, and they both agreed the scent-in the bottle smells good.The ingredients don’t strike me as too wonderful. I actually don’t want a body wash that is soapy or lathers, so would’ve preferred more natural ingredients. Sodium Laureth Sulfate can be irritating to some people.Nevertheless, I like the scent and would buy again. Just prefer natural ingredients whenever possible.

Shirley Waynesville, NC

Great body wash

Looks like it may have a strong scent, but this totally doesn’t. Nice smooth gel, does not leave a residue and does not dry your skin like soap.

Mabel West Harrison, IN

What does an aquamarine smell like?

I like scented body wash, especially florals. The description written on the container says "lilac blossom and aquamarine". I love lilac scent, but I cannot detect it in this. It does have a nice clean scent, and my husband uses it without complaint. If I have something heavily floral, he normally shies away from using it. Anyway, it’s a nice body wash, which leave me clean, but doesn’t cause my skin to be too dry. I gave it a 4 star review, because the description of the scent is a bit misleading. I guess I never knew what an aquamarine smelled like….

Shawn Sergeant Bluff, IA

Not that great

I was disappointed in this body wash. It didn’t lather that well and the smell was too artificial. It didn’t really smell flowery at all. There are better body washes at a lower price than this.

Nadia Dodson, LA