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CARE NO POO FOR BLOW FRIED COLORED HAIR 12 OZ Design House: Deva Concepts Fragrance Notes: Botanically Infused And 100% Sulfate Free. An Interchangeable Product Line Gives You The Simplicity And Freedom To Focus On The Specific Needs Of Your Individual Hair Type.

Key features

  • Creates the ultimate healthy look
  • Enriched with Vitamin C and orange peel extract
  • Provides maximum frizz prevention and slows color fading

Honest reviews


Still full of chemicals!

The only way that this product differs from traditional shampoo is that it does not lather. Other than that, it still has damaging chemicals – alcohol, Behentrimonium Chloride, Laureth 4, Diazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, etc. These chemicals are bad for the environment and bad for your scalp and hair. This product is nothing more than a gimmick for the easily fooled.If you really want to go no shampoo, try the baking soda and apple cider vinegar method. This product is not worth it.

Mona Saint Francis, MN

Great for color-treated hair

I have fine, wavy hair. For years I blow-dried it straight, and because I also color my hair every other month, my hair ended up very dry and damaged. I’ve tried so many different shampoos, and my cabinet is full of half-used bottles that I was unsatisfied with.I decided to stop blow-drying and let my hair naturally wave. What a pain. Store brand and salon brand shampoos still left my hair dry. I color my hair reddish-brown, and it always faded quickly. Whenever I’d re-color it with the same exact color, people always thought I had changed it and dyed it darker. Nope, the shampoos I was using were just fading the dark color to orange.I gave DevaCare a try, even though its on the high end price-wise, I’ve spent so much on different brands of shampoo, it was worth a try. Thank god I did, this is the best hair cleanser I’ve ever used.My hair looks so healthy now. I use it with the DevaCare One Conditioner, and it looks great. My hair color doesn’t fade, now my roots actually come in lighter than my dyed hair, which never happened before. My hair now air-dries very well with a natural wave and is very soft.The one thing I’ve discovered after using this for a few months, is that I still need to use a standard shampoo about once a week or so. My scalp is naturally pretty oily, and my hair gets weighed down after a week of just using this cleanser, but its a small price to pay for having healthy hair.

Vanessa Prairie View, TX

Great for keratin-treated hair

I swear by no-poo. I originally started using it for my naturally fine, curly hair, and I continued after I started to straighten my hair with keratin treatments. I’ve tried a couple of other sulfate frees since then, but I’ve found that the no-poo extends the life of the keratin the longest.For me, it has two drawbacks: First, it basically feels like washing your hair with conditioner, because there is zero lather. You really need to scrub at your scalp to get it fully clean, and often times I find that I don’t do a good enough job. Second, I don’t like the smell, which is a mix between strawberry and bubblegum. Thankfully it’s not very strong, but I much prefer the scent of the no-poo for curly hair, which is more minty. I think I’m going to switch back to that after I finish this bottle.

Maria Parker, WA

Thumbs way up

Love how this stuff makes my scalp feel. I have color treated, kinky curly, african american hair. My curls are poppin after I use this stuff. I section off my hair into fours and use the product in each section. Then follow up with the conditioner

Tanisha State Line, PA


I will never put shampoo on my hair again.

James Hoffman, IL

Smells nice

Feels like conditioner because it is a non-lathering hair cleanser. I use it more for cleansing the scalp than the hair because my arc angell gel is removed so nicely with water. It has a pleasant citrus smell and is sulfate free so it is gentle on your color.

Lucille Melbourne, AR

Not what you get from the salon, but seems to work . . .

Like the other posters, I have to say I’m not 100% sure this is the actual real product. I usually buy this from my local salon, but saw it on Amazon for a lower price and thought I’d give it a try. The color and scent are off. For me, it seems to work fairly well – haven’t noticed a huge difference in how it works compared to the "real" product. However, I don’t understand why it looks so different from the original. So overall, feel free to give it a try, but keep in mind that it might not be the real deal.

Julia Joplin, MT

Not a fan – 3b curls

I have 3b curls that are fine and of light to medium density and this doesn’t clean well. I use mixed chicks leave-in so perhaps this just does not clean that well. Even if I used this twice it leaves my scalp dirty, yet leaves my hair dry. It’s an odd and ineffective combination. Not only that, but my hair lasts fewer days between washes. You hair has to be pretty clean already (1-2 day hair, mine goes til 4-5 days) for this to be effective, since this works best if you only wash your scalp/hair once.

Melinda Panama, NE

Good product.

I switched to this product about 6 months ago, thanks to my hairdresser. I love the scent, it’s great for my curly, frizzy hair, and my color seems to last longer.

Robbie Harrisonville, PA

Hair-changing product

I never really liked my curls until I began using this product! The book – Curly-Girl explains it all. If you have curly hair, this product is a must!

Paige Readyville, TN

Frizz no more

I have Shirley Temple naturally curly hair that gets dry and frizzy. I am on major medications now and a few years ago much of my hair fell out due to illness and some awful pills I had to quit taking. I couldn’t wash my hair often or color treat it for a long time. Now, years later – it’s all grown back in and long. But I couldn’t find what to use on it that was economical and really clean product. This had really high level reviews. I used it for the first time today and I love how soft and manageable my hair is. There is no frizz, I was able to comb thru it wet with a wide-toothed comb and let it dry naturally up in a bun. I didn’t bother styling it and when I let it down – it was beautiful like I had styled it that way on purpose. No muss, no frizz, no odor, and I am now a fan. Try it.

Nanette Thornwood, NY

Love it

I’m a huge DevaCurl fan. I only have "swavy" hair as they classify it, but nothing brings out the potential of my hair like DevaCurl does. I was using regular DevaCurl, but my mom accidentally ordered me DevaCare, which is the same company, but DevaCare is so much creamier and just awesome.

Twila Cameron, WI

My favorite@

This is my favorite shampoo, hands-down. Not many stores around my area carry this product line. It is great for curly hair like mine. Gentle but effective.

Ines Pinehurst, NC

The Only “shampoo” I’ll Ever Use!

I’m so glad I found this product. I have thick, curly hair, use syling products every day, and wash my hair once a week. I love how clean this gets my hair without sulfates! My hair feels silky soft and clean and the smell is wonderful. I’ll never go back to sulfates and I’ll never buy another cleanser again!

Octavia Clatskanie, OR

long time customer

i have been using deva products for 13 years and love them. no harsh chemicals. gets my tangles out. smells good and cleanses scalp.

Billie Sylvan Beach, NY

changed my hair, love it

This is so worth it! I have naturally curly hair and has been using the drugstore sulfate free and it worked…so I thought. I would try this since id been using the b leave in for 2 years as recommended by a stylist. Ive been using this only for 4+ months..with the devacare one condition. I then style with the b leave in and light defining gel. I get compliments now all the time. My curls are finally defined and moisturized. I have fine hair, medium amount ( not thick or thin).

Saundra Presque Isle, ME

Not a fan

I like the concept of no-poo but don’t care for this product. No matter how little or how much I used, my hair never felt clean.

Gertrude Ennice, NC

Literally…no poo!

This takes some time to get used to at first…shampoo that doesn’t suds? It’s totally against what we all grew up with! But, oh my gosh, after some time of me getting used to it, I could not go back. Suds scare me that it’s stripping my hair now of the healthy stuff. So, for 2 years, I have been using this and am completely satisfied how my hair went from frizzy, limp waves to gorgeous waves. Even if I don’t put anything in my hair after the shower, it’s beautiful! I always wanted to get out of the shower and just go – and I can now. I had to live with greasy serums in my hair, or flat iron it because I hated it, furthering the damage. But once my hair dresser convinced me to switch, I can’t say enough! Even if you don’t have curly hair, it’s worth it. My daughter has straight hair, but we have switched her to this and it’s gorgeous! If we use the line, I can actually get a gorgeous wave in her hair! The trick to the Deva line for you curly girls? Stay away from TOWELS! Go buy some cheap flour or cheese cloths and scrunch the hair dry with that. Or, even microfiber towels. Regular terry/bath towels cause the frizz! Wash, condition (leave the conditioner in) and scrunch hair dry. Gorgeous waves or curls 🙂

Jana Dornsife, PA


I’ve started using conditioner like products to wash my hair and it works very well. It has a nice aroma and the price is great. It will last a long time.

Tisha Refton, PA

citrus scent

This was my first deva care purchase. When I’ve gone to the DevaChan salon they have used this on my hair so I knew it was the same great product as DevaCurl no poo, just better for color treated hair and with a citrus scent. This product and brand is well worth the money. I have hair past my shoulders and I go through a 32oz bottle in about 4 months. I love my curly hair for the first time in my life and DevaCurl is a big part of that. I’ve been using the nopoo for almost a year and I still love it.

Ina Celoron, NY

It’s About Time!

Finally, hair care products for curly hair that actually work! I’ve been using this line for several months now and have to say, I love the DevaCurl products. For the first time, my curls have definition, shine and are so soft. I found that using both the No Poo and One Condition, I get the best possible results: soft, shiny, bouncy curls. I also use the AnGel to help control any frizz. These products are a bit pricy but are worth it to me as they actually do what they claim to do. I had been fighting with my hair forever with the use of blow dryers, flat irons, and heavy silicone straighteners only to watch it succum to rain or humidity in the blink of an eye. I’m done fighting and have come to love my curls, now that I have the proper tools to deal with them. I no longer use terrycloth towels on my hair either, old worn out t-shirts work great and don’t create any frizz like towels do. (Just one of many great tips found in the book, “Curly Girl”.) I didn’t believe this at first but it works…no towel, no frizz. Highly reccommended.

Shelley Decatur, MS

Saved my hair and skin!

My hair was falling out, breaking and full of knots. I started research and found devacare products. Not only is my hair beautiful, growing long and healthy but my curl pattern is better as well. I use this on my kids (4.5 and 7) and both of their hair is growing thick and beautiful. In addition I was diagnosed with dermatitis which is worsened by SLS’s so this change would have been necessary.

Shawna Hitchcock, OK