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Canus Goat’s Milk Rich Moisturizing Pure Vegetable Oil Soap, 5 oz Bars, 3-Count Boxes

We combine an all natural soap base with fresh goat’s milk and our original fragrance of essential oils which will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. 3 Pack Bars

Key features

  • Case of four boxes, each containing three 5-ounce bars of soap (12 total bars)
  • Made with naturally homogenized farm fresh goat milk (not powdered)
  • Triple-milled soap is created to be hard and long lasting
  • Light, clean, mild fragrance is gentle and pleasant

Honest reviews


Indicative of how bad the market is

The fact that this soap gets such glowing reviews, to my mind, says much about how little people expect from modern soap. Most soaps (Dove, Irish Spring, etc) are not much more than detergent crystals pressed into a bar, with varying levels of glycerin and fragrances to tell them apart. Canus Goat’s Milk Soap promises something other, the goodness of a real bar soap. Real soap is made from fat and lye- goat’s milk would be a great source of fat so I assumed it would be a real soap. It is far from that.After a solid scrub my body felt like I had a sunburn. This isn’t exfoliating, it’s abrasive. My skin felt so terrible I used my favorite craft soap (Savor, found on etsy) to re-moisturize my skin. This soap would be great for cleaning cast-iron pans, but for human use I would say stay away.Real soap has an obvious trait- it dissolves completely in water. When I tried the Canus soap, the water in my shower started backing up immediately. I checked the hair trap, and it was filled with what looks like a crystalline powder. Given how abrasive this soap is on my skin, this residue is indistinguishable from a finely powdered salt. I had to again use my craft soap to rinse off the hair trap.So in short, I had to use my soap to clean up whatever this product is. I do not recommend it.

Tia Ottosen, IA

Holy soap scum!

Pros:-Light scent…reminiscent of Old Spice-Perfect lather-Leaves skin soft, but without residue-All natural ingredientsCon:-Leaves a ring of stubborn soap scum in the tub; I found myself having to scrub out the bathtub nearly every day!I’ve come to the conclusion that this soap would better serve as a hand soap, mainly because I don’t have the wherewithal to scrub my bathtub every day.

Michele Fessenden, ND

best out there

As many reviewers have stated before, I don’t think there is a better goat milk soap product. I haven’t used them all but many.

Marie Bagdad, KY

On My Short List of Must-Haves

I originally received this product in a gift set about five years ago and immediately fell in love with the scent. It’s a clean, fresh and a little bit powdery scent that stays with you all day long.It lathers nicely and unlike most bar soaps that make the claim but do not deliver, Canus actually does not dry out your skin. I live in New England and ran out of this soap a few weeks ago and had to make do with a glycerin soap that was supposed to moisturize. My skin is now the dryest it’s been in a very long time.In these difficult economic times, many of us are doing without some of the little luxuries. I’ve decided this soap is one I cannot do without.

Dominique Molena, GA

Very drying soap

I bought this product based on the strength of the reviews here, but this soap dried my skin out every time I used it, and that was over the course of several months. Would not purchase again.

Katelyn Big Run, PA

Love This Soap

I bought this soap because I always wanted to try a goat’s milk soap. After searching the health and beauty section of, I found this soap. I read several of the positive reviews and decided to try itr for myself. It arrived today and I immediately used it to bath this evening. The scent is wonderful. The bars are quite large and it smells terrific. Also, It lathers very well and leaves you feeling very clean. This is now one of my new favorite soaps and I will continue to buy more in the future.

Alyssa Evergreen, VA

Lovely creamy lather

This is great value for goat’s milk soap. It lathers up very easily and the soap is nice and smooth, no gritty bits in it to scratch the skin. I would prefer a bit less scent. I wish they made one which smelled like apples or oranges, or something more natural. But overall I like it and will buy more when I finish this lot.

Vicki Granville, PA

Great Soap choice

If you are looking for a healthy soap this is a great choice. It is a strong bar, last a long time and WORKS even on a big strong man’s odor – my husband loves it. The scent is perfect for both us. Great soap and can’t beat the price on Amazon.I still love this soap but had to edit my review a bit after checking […] the soap doesnt get a high non toxic rating. Rate’s somewhere in the middle like regular soaps.

Patty Coos Bay, OR

Wonderful Goat’s Milk Soap and a fantastic price!

At just over $20 for four bars, you can’t miss! Amazon’s price is better than any I’ve found on the internet. This soap won’t leave you dried out, and the lather and scent are a plus! While I prefer the Orchid Oil scent, I couldn’t turn down this bargain price on the original, which still smells really nice. My husband and I are hooked on Canus goat’s milk soap, and we try hard not to run out of it. Highly recommended!

Luz Farley, IA

Canus Goat’s Milk Bar Soap

This stuff is nice and leaves me and my daughter with a fresh clean scent that never cloys. I am not sure of the essential oils in this soap, but I seem to smell a light fragrance of cloves and patchouli. Maybe I am wrong, but I swear it smells yummy. The soap also lathers very nicely. Great soap from a great company. Since I have been using it, my skin just glows.

Wendy Lake Grove, NY