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Canus Goat’s Milk Natural Original Fragrance Body Wash, 33.6 Ounce

Goat’s Milk is naturally moisturizing. Fresh Goat’s milk contains proteins, mineral and vitamins which are easily absorbed into the skin. Fresh Goat’s Milk contains capri- and caprylic- acids which reduce the alkalinity of skin care products. This reduced alkalinity brings the pH level closed to that of healthy human skin. Dermatologits often recommend Goat’s Milk products to patients suffering from dry-skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. This is one of the goats’ best ideas yet. An all-natural body wash that combines the fresh clean of our bar soap with the extra moisturizing benefits of a gel. Just a little squirt on a wash cloth quickly builds into a super-rich lather that rinses clean leaving only soft, supple skin and a fresh, pleasing fragrance behind.

Key features

  • Original fragrance
  • Pump top
  • Natural

Honest reviews


Nursing Home Smell and Defective Pump

The pump on the bottle I got was defective and cracked when it arrived at the house. After all of the positive reviews, I thought I would love the smell, but I think it smells like a nursing home. Really not my cup of tea. If you’re debating this purchase, I recommend going to a store to smell it first if you can. The defective pump by itself would be tolerable, as Amazon has good customer service and will replace a defective item. It’s the smell I can’t get past.

Rosario Hazelton, WV

Very creamy

My wife and I love it. Very creamy and does not have an oily residue feeling on your skin. I would recommend this to my friends and family.

Jeannette Missouri City, TX

Like but not again

Very moisturizing body wash, good size and great value for the money. The consistency is good as well, lathers pretty well too. Biggest problem is the smell, is it very hospital. if you like the smell of an old folks home, then this is for you.

Winnie Wellford, SC

Not for me

I ended up returning this. I had purchased it with the lotion, but the scent was just awful. Really, really bad. It permeated my skin, so even when I washed it off, the scent still lingered.

Paulette Leming, TX

very moisturizing, but heavy perfume

Some may find the perfume pleasant, I certainly didn’t find it unpleasant, just way too strong. But I must admin that I’d rather have no smell or a very mild natural smell (like lemon, tea tree, etc) vs. a chemical perfume addition. The body wash works very well, and left my skin very soft, but it’s not for me.

June Stockbridge, GA