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Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream, 16 Ounce

Cantu shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream is an intensive deep penetrating leave in cream conditioning treatment that is made with pure shea butter and other natural oils to stop and mend breakage, repair split ends, and add manageability and shine with every application. When used daily, cantu shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream helps promote strong, long healthy hair.

Key features

  • Leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable
  • For severely damaged, dry or coarse hair
  • Helps stop and mend hair breakage

Honest reviews


Leaves flakes in hair!!

I did not purchase from this seller. My review is based on the product only. There is a question as to the product’s quality. I was on my third jar when it flaked up immediately in my hair. As soon as I put it on my wet hair it flaked up. I tossed that jar and bought another…..Same thing…. I don’t know if it had been on shelf too long or if it needs to be blended before using but I won’t buy it again. There are dozens of leave-in conditioners so there’s no need to risk one that leaves flakes. I had to wash my hair 3 times to get the flakes out.

Estella Cheraw, SC


If you are a natural, you’ve heard of it. I kept hearing about it so I had to get it. I tried it and it left my hair dry. Tried it again and again, all different ways but my hair just didn’t like it. It smells good but I would find that walking around and smelling it made me feel nauseas. This is a protein product and I’ve since learned that my hair doesn’t like a lot of products with high protein. Profectiv Mega Growth is also protein but I guess not as strong because that one really works for my hair.

Tonia Moss Landing, CA

Not for Relaxed/Permed hair

First of all I believe this is a good product. That is…for natural hair types. I have two sons, one of which has really dry hair, and this keeps his hair moisturized without an oily look. Seems that we could add it everyday and it would not be overdone. My hair on the other hand, which is relaxed long african american hair, was very weighed down by the use of this product. My hair is not super thick so I felt as if adding this before blow drying made it paper light and thin looking. Lots of fly aways and no control. It was not horrible and it did keep my hair moisturized but I think very little goes a long way. My hair would not keep any curl after using this product. Not all day anyway. I live in Houston, TX and the humidity combined with this product does not work out. I think maybe adding this after drying might work out better, but I am not sure I will use it on my hair again.

Lolita Wilsonville, NE

Great Leave In

This leave in conditioner makes my hair feel soft and moisturized. It instantly brought life back to my second and third day curls. Its great to use as “underwear for your hair” under a curling gel/cream and works great for twists and braids.(Note: this conditioner should not be used on straightened hair because it will cause it to revert to the hair’s natural pattern, causing frizz.)

Kathleen Golconda, IL

My leave in of choice

I am currently using this conditioner. I applied this in my hair today due to the hot weather in the 90″s….. My hair felt repaired and ready once I applied the cream. The cream has a thick consitancy and also smells nice. I love this product it turned my dry hair from being out in the sun to replenished moistured hair. A lot comes in the bottle and a little goes a long way. Well worth the bang for the buck!,,,,

Terra Panola, OK

Not Half Bad

I’m a person that likes products that moisturize my hair and do that well. I’m not a big fan of things from factories after finding out Acne Products only make my acne worse. However, this little jar is wonderful. It’s heavy as god knows what and it isn’t half bad. However, it is a tad thinner than I thought it would be. It’s almost like pink lotion but a bit thicker.I brought this at my beauty supply store for 5.99.(Can also get it from CVS for 6.49) So I was happy. The only reason why It doesn’t get 5 stars is because it doesn’t moisturize my hair like my Canola/grapeseed oil mix. Even if this product has a good amount of Canola oil in it and makes my hair soft, I like my oils better. It’s great for bontus and twist outs. It didn’t define my hair at all btw, Eco Styler Gel does that job. lol Overall nice job.

Sarah Boykin, AL

Will never use again

I am a natural with wavy/curly that presser her hair. I typically use Garnier Leave In products as they leave my hair feeling light, shiny and silky; but the beauty supply store in my area didn’t carry it and I was pressed for time. I had a choice btwn this and cream of nature leave in and opted for this. Wrong move. I used as directed and this has left my hair feeling heavy, greasy, and gross. Granted this smells good, but I supposed this is for hair types that are very coarse as my hair is not. I do not like the weighed down feeling this product leaves on my hair and am currently in the process of looking for a clarifying shampoo to get this out of my hair and go somewhere to get my Garnier leave in conditioner that I normally use. Hopefully this hasn’t messed my hair up too much.

Billie Randolph, OH

It’s growing on me…

UPDATE: I now have renewed faith in this product after trying another one that didn’t work at all for me. I had been using Cantu for my roller sets and the results were always fairly decent, but nothing to rave about. I decided to graduate to a curl-specific product (Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie) and my hair didn’t like that product at all. From now on, it’s Cantu leave-in conditioner for me and my curls!I first bought this product around May 2011. I started transitioning to natural and this seemed to be the most mentioned leave-in conditioner on all the natural hair blogs.I don’t love this product, but I don’t hate it either. It’s difficult to judge because while I have about 4 inches of new growth, the product reacts a little differently on my relaxed ends (still have 5 inches of relaxed hair).My new growth doesn’t feel as soft as I’d like it to once my hair dries. I was expected a very soft feel, but that’s not what I get when using this product.The one thing I do REALLY like is that it’s a superb detangler. It’s not labeled as a detangler, but my comb glides easily through my wet hair when I apply this product.Another thing I really like is that when I use it to set my hair with rods/rollers, my curls come out super soft and bouncy – not hard and crunchy like gels and setting lotions.Will I buy it again? Maybe. Like I said, I LOVE that it detangles my hair so easily. But I would like to try other products now so that I can compare.

Terrie Shubert, NE

A Tamer

This product was good on my daughter hair. She has a more courly kinky natural hair. This product was easy to use, it made combing the hair easier and tame. It also, smells nice as well..

Lena Cadiz, KY


I’ve been completely natural for 6 months and I use this product on wet hair when I’m doing simple twists. I have 3c/4a hair and it’s also the C in my L.O.C method. It was so hard to find a good moisturizer but this left my hair moisturized for the entire week and I’m so happy I tried this. It’s like my best friend, but the smell is kind of loud but I doesn’t bother me as long as it gets the job done.

Vanessa Baileyton, AL

Best leave conditioner I’ve ever purchased!!!

I bought this Product because a colleague said she uses it for her daughter after she removes her braids and her hair never frizzed up!so I did the same.and she was right my hair does not break off anymore after I remove my braids!I just go get my ends trimmed and wrap my hair at night and continue with my day!no more worries!

Ramona Boles, IL

I like the smell

Seeing that I have to put a lot of smelly stuff in my hair now to start growth again, this product has a pleasant smell and works wonders. So, yes I would recommend this…This product came on time and does what it claims….Thanks…

Angelica Waban, MA

Great Product because…

This is a great product because it smells absolutely wonderful. I use it when I want to air dry my hair for a natural curl usually for the first 2 months after a fresh perm. It leaves my hair smelling so great! I use a lot of heat on my hair otherwise so I use this product after a shampoo to protect. I have to add a shine serum when blow drying because this product isn’t going to add any kind of shine to my hair. Sometimes I use just a tiny amount (and I do mean tiny) on dry hair to freshen up the smell of my hair and protect against the humidity. My hair gets really frizzy when its humid but not when I have Cantu in it. It’s perfect for me!

Michell Foster, NE

Been using for a while a now..

I have been using this product for about 2 years or so now and when i first got it i really did like it and still loves the smell too…but after a while i started to notice something..It moisturizes when my hair is wet but the next day its as if i never used anything. It dries out really quickly on my 3b hair texture and i think its time to give it up and try their natural hair line leave in. It may work for you but i am on my last jar and probably will not be repurchasing.

Kris Misenheimer, NC

Conditions Wells

I am african american with type 4a/4b hair that is about arm pit length. My natural hair was very very dry. This conditioner has put back the moisture in my hair it needed. I love it. A little goes a long way as the first time I applied it I put way too much in which it caused flaking. But this is a good daily leave-in for natural hair.

Gayla Fairplay, CO

Great for a overnight conditioning treatment

I use this as a overnight treatment mixed with an egg and some coconut oil. When I wake up in the morning and rinse it out my 4a/b hair is full of life.

Pearl Seneca Rocks, WV

cant go wrong with the cantu!

smells amazing and luv it in my hair oh yes! I will definitely keep this around for my 4c hair! lol

Ada Hamden, NY

Love it!

After trying many, many hair products to find what is good for my natural hair, I stumbled upon this product. I love it. It defines my curls and has a terrific smell. I like it much better than the Knot Today leave-in. This product did not leave my hair flaky or dry. Combing through my hair was a breeze, and at only $6 at my local Family Dollar store, this was a steal!

Bertha Green Sulphur Springs, WV

not worth it

This products smells nice and I like the concept of anything Shea Butter but it did nothing for me. I might give it away.

Lorie Lillian, AL


I have 4b/4a hair and this product made it like a straw broom every time. I tried several times to use it but my hair just doesn’t like it. My daughter has 4a/3c hair and it’s the same thing. Good thing it was cheap or else I would have really been upset that I spent my money on this.

Reba Spindale, NC

best so far for 3b/3c

It is the best I’ve found for my mixed-race 3b curly hair. My hair is very thick and very thirsty. I comb thru in the shower every morning, gently squeeze out to dry, then apply this cream with my fingers from roots to ends. I let it air dry and that’s it. This cream is thick enough to help define curls and weigh down a little but my hair sucks it up until there is just enough left to leave some softness. I do not experience any build up or flakiness unless I mix with any other sort of cream or gel. My reason for leaving off a star is because I feel I am missing some shine. Hair is moisturized and curly, but a little dull. For that reason, I sometimes run some Cantu Hair Milk spray through on top of the cream. It works well.

Lydia Sharon Springs, KS

love it

I totally love this, the smell and every thing, I use it on my hair and my kid hair. its soft and helps detangle it a little. great for thick hair

Desiree Camp Pendleton, CA

Sticky Residue

I have naturally curly hair that is prone to frizz and has damaged ends from a bad highlighting job. I decided to try this Cantu instead of the Macadamia Oil leave-in product. When I tried the Cantu I was careful not to use more than necessary as it is in a jar and not portioned out with a pump. All I can say is: YUCK. It didn’t really absorb into my hair, just sat on top like a heavy styling product, and left a sticky residue. And to top it off I still had frizz. My hair felt gross all day, I ended up putting it in a bun and couldn’t wait to get home and wash this stuff out. Two stars because it smells okay. Just not the right product for me.

Anita Fawnskin, CA

Keeps My Hair Soft & Easy to comb

I didnt get this stuff from this site I actually purchased it at Walmart but I cannot stop raving about this stuff! Keep my hair soft, its very light weight, keeps my hair very nicely moisturized & I have very, very ,very thirsty hair!! I love this stuff!!

Leah Seeley Lake, MT

Amazing Conditioner

This leave-in conditioner is amazing, it moistens and keeps the hair moist. I use it weekly and I have no complaints. It also have an amazing scent, a fresh-clean scent.

Nettie Moyie Springs, ID

My hair just plain hates this stuff.

I have thick coily 3/4 AA hair. This cream is gross. It just sits and coats my strands, making me feel disgusting. It also smells like play dough and seems cheap and artificial. It is a protein and my hair does not like protein anything, especially protein leave ins.This is my experience and it was a negative one.

Joanna Calabash, NC

feels like cream so heavy

I like this product as a conditioner ive put this on wet and dry hair it feels like conditioner and it feels heavy but it does condition so its nice I only put it on the tips but I do wish it was lighter.

Gay Osgood, IN

It’s a good product.

I am an African-American woman with natural 4a hair. I have been using this product for over a year now and I still like it. It is very moisturizing and provided good slip. I have low porosity hair. That means that my hair is more prone to build up and has difficulty absorbing moisture. I have to apply this product on damp hair for a better affect. I first bought this because of the ingredients and it was so popular with other natural haired women. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect. You have to be careful not to apply too much product because it will flake a little. I have recently started using the Palmer’s coconut curling cream. it is slightly more moisturizing than this one, but it also flakes if you add to much.I am planning on trying the Cantu curling cream for natural hair next. I recommend this leave-in conditioner to any naturally curly haired person.

Patricia Mica, WA

natural newbie

I just started this natural journey and I honesty can’t say much about what it does to your hair. The texture of the cream itself is thick and it smells nice. I do use it all the time. More so than all the other products I have purchased so I guess that says something.

Jannie Seneca, OR