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Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream 12 oz.

Cantu® Shea Butter for Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream. No sulfate silicone parabens or mineral oil. Defines and moisturizes, dry damaged hair.

Key features

  • Helps heal dry, damaged hair
  • Provides intense moisture and strength
  • No mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, silicone, phthalates, gluten, paraffin, propylene glycol, PABA or DEA

Honest reviews


Really Great Ingredients, Except for the Petroleum

I must say naturals have been RAVING about the Cantu Shea Butter Line. I was not a fan of the ingredients in the Cantu Leave In Repairing Cream. So when this product came out from Cantu I was all over it. I try my best to be vigilant about reading the ingredients and apparently I missed the one ingredient that I consider a big no-no. I am one of those naturals that really like using all natural ingredients! Sue me! I don’t want to wash my hair with clarifying shampoo weekly. I am a co-washer and I use shampoo once a month. With using petroleum and mineral oil the usage of shampoo would just be way too frequent. With this product is does make your hair soft but also it makes it greasy. I had previously added shea butter to my hair/scalp. So this going on top of it was the icing on the cake. I’ve only used it about three times but I am considering giving it away. I am almost positive I am. I am a product junkie at this point anyway so I will not be missing much. Except for my 7.99 which was a complete waste of money. Do better Cantu!

Marta Gibson, TN

It’s “ok”….

I purchased this product at Walmart about a month ago in my quest to leave gel behind. I saw this, it was cheap, and smelled great. (Yes, I cracked the seal and smelled it! LoL!!)I figured what the heck? A lot of curlies gave it a great review after trying it in their Curlbox.Well, I have no stellar review for this product. It’s not 100% “bad”. It does have some great ingredients. It would be a big big hit…But it is full of Petrolatum.. Yes this product has mineral oil in it. Though the label clearly says it contains no mineral oil, it has petrolatum very high up on the list. I’m not sure if the makers of the product don’t KNOW that Petrolatum and mineral oil are the same, or they are trying to pull a fast one before anyone notices. Either way, I think it’s a weak move on their part. Plus I think if they took out the petrolatum and replaced it with ANY oil it would be a better product. With all the oils and good stuff that’s in it, I’m wondering why would they muck it all up with Vaseline? Go figure.Far as the performance of the product, it didn’t define any curls once your hair is dry. I’m not sure why it’s called a “curling” cream. It’s really thick and sits on your hair for a long time white. I’m not fond of that, plus it leaves your hair greasy, but kinda dry. I read a review stating that, but now I know exactly what she meant. My hair was filmy and didn’t accept any moisture for DAYS and then it still felt like water was just beading on my hair. It did wash away with my regular sulfate free shampoo, so I guess that’s a plus for those who use petroleum, but want to still stay “modified CG”. I have nothing against using mineral oil, but for my hair it just makes it hard and greasy and really offers no benefit.I suppose it would be great for winter sealing if you’re going to twist/braid your hair away. Or if you do twist outs it may work. But for wash n gos, that’s a big “No” in my book.But it does smell great. If you are use to thick, creamy products and don’t mind petrolatum it may work for you. As for me, I’ll use it to braid DH’s hair and won’t be repurchasing.

Lauri Whittington, IL

Love It!!!

So far this has to be the best curling cream I have came across and used. I purchased it at Walmart for a very reasonable price and couldn’t wait to use it. The cream is white and have a very good consistency…its not too thick or runny. It’s just right. I usually do not like the strong smell of Cantu products but this one smelled light and wonderful. I used it on my twist outs and it came out great. My hair was not greasy or sticky which usually occur when I use certain gel products for the curling effect. This left my hair shiny and silky and now its a staple product in my overall hair care.

Rosemary Henriette, MN

Natural Hair only

Seller was prompt and price was good this item is for natural hair only i had a little perm in my hair so i didnt get the curls that i was wanting , that curl strong definition. But i did have a some curls so you will have some i just prefer alot more so i continue to grow ot my perm then im sure it will work better and also try the other cantu shea butter products they work well also i am still using all cantu product so just be sure your nature hair before you purchase this product if natural im sure you will have the best curls….

Melinda Milford, CA

Prefer the Cantu Leave In Conditioning Creme

I have 3b/3c black/Japanese hair. I need a product that weighs down some, but also defines curl and provides moisture. I used this Coconut Curling Cream but was not impressed. I prefer to use the Cantu Leave-In Conditioning/Repair Creme. I feel like this one is a little thinner and does not moisturize as well. I feel like it leaves too much build up.As with most people with ethnic hair, I wash my hair maybe once a week or every other week. I use the same product daily. I feel the Leave In Creme responds better to this, as my hair sucks up the product and I can use the product every day without a ton of buildup on my scalp and on the hair itself.Please see my review of the Cantu Leave-In Repair Creme.

Rocio Chappell, KY

Provides Moisture

My hair is natural and I desperately needed something that will provide moisture to both my scalp and hair. I love this product and it smells divine. I have been using this for over a year and I purchased it at Wal Greens where I find that they carry diverse ethnic hair care products.

Paula Indianola, IL


Cantu’s natural hair line is excellent!!! every product i have tried from the co wash to this stuff is awesome!! it not only smells good but moisturizes like heaven in a jar way better than the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie way better price wise as well ..and i NEVER thought i would say that because shea moisture used to be my first choice. My hair feels soooo soft and smells amazing. JUST GO AND BUY!!! I would recommend their whole natural hair line to all textures!

Jeanine Hastings, MI

Curling Cream

Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream is great, has a really strong scent so should use early enough to allow scent to dissipate a bit. Seem to have good holding and moisturizing quality

Ines Duncan, AZ

Love it

Love this product it doesn’t give me as many curls as the Eco but it makes my hair feel soft and manageable.

Luisa Jupiter, FL

This smells wonderful

This product smels great, and I do have luck with it for my twist outs. However, after a while it just feels a little heavy(greasy). However, I don’t throw out my prodcuts and since it does moisturize my hair, I will use it up. I purchased it at a beauty supply store.

Mindy Pataskala, OH

4 1/2 stars

I received a sample of this in the mail. I got it for my daughters hair which is biracial, curly, fine but EXTREMELY frizzy, she has the type of hair that gets frizzy just by staring at it too hard.Needless to say, I’ve gone through many, many products. I love Mixed Chicks, but it’s just too pricey for the amount that we use.I have to admit this worked nearly as good as Mixed Chicks, it left her hair defined and frizz free ALL DAY!!! That’s a huge accomplishment. I have used other "frizz free" products formulated for curly hair, that made her hair look beautiful before school but when I picked her up at the end of the day, it looked like a mess.The only complaint I have is that, now I love the product I can’t find it anywhere except online! I go to places such as Target and CVS where they sell other CANTU products, yet this one isn’t carried. However, I will place an order via Amazon because I appreciate the results.

Eileen Adairville, KY