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Camille Beckman Glycerin Hand Therapy, White Lilac, 8 Ounce

A Camille Beckman best seller. This unique restorative cream moisturizes and nourishes through the careful blending of glycerin, vitamin E, aloe vera, almond oil and botanical extracts. The formula softens the outer layers of the skin and penetrates to deeper inner levels. glycerin Hand Therapy provides a protective barrier against harsh weather and is a loving treatment in exchange for the strenuous demands we ask of our hands. Cruelty-free product, no animal testing. Made in the USA. Camille Beckman has been handcrafting the world’s finest creams and lotions since 1986. Since the beginning, Camille Beckman has remained committed to small business values and is proud to be a thriving woman owned and family operated business located in the small town of Eagle, Idaho. Based on rich and wholesome ingredients, their formulas are handcrafted in small batches using old-fashioned methods that create a difference you can feel. To provide income for stay-at-home mothers, the tiny rosebuds, which top many products, are hand-tied in the local Idaho community. From creating American jobs to donating to philanthropic projects across the US and the world, Camille Beckman strives to be an active, positive part of the community that supports it.

Key features

  • Unique restorative cream moisturizes and nourishes through a blend of glycerin, vitamin E, aloe vera, almond oil and botanical extracts
  • Freshly picked bouquet of lilacs
  • Provides a protective barrier against harsh conditions
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Look to Camille Beckman for luxurious skincare products formulated with rich and natural ingredients

Honest reviews


So glad I read the other reviews!

I apply hand cream nightly and wear cotton gloves. I think I’ve tried probably 30 creams and I had never found one that actually works consistently so I kept changing from one to another. Well I’m here to say I won’t be changing again 🙂 This stuff works GREAT! I also bought a jar for a friend who suffers with the cracks on her fingers. So far she likes it too. Overall I’ll definitely be buying this again!

Augusta Anthony, KS

The Creme De La Creme of Creams!

This is the absolute best creme for dry hands, feet, legs, arms, elbows – any surface area you’ve got that’s dry, this is what you need! I got so tired of lotions that felt great when I put them on, and an hour or so later it was as if I hadn’t put anything on at all. Then I found Camille Beckman and this stuff leaves my skin feeling great for hours. As mentioned by another reviewer, you need to let this soak in for a few minutes but after that the effects last for hours. I keep one jar by my bed and another at work. You don’t need to use much so a jar lasts a long time.If you have dry skin and have been looking for something that lasts longer than an hour or so, give this a try. The “Camille” scent has a bit of a rose scent to it, which I like, but they do have a wide variety of different scents if this isn’t your style.

Willa Blackstone, MA

My Pacquin Replacement

I used to use Pacquin hand cream which has been discontinued. The Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy is now my new favorite. It has kept my hands from cracking near the knuckle which most hand creams don’t do. My hands stay soft and moisturized even if I skip a day. And it’s not at all greasy once it dries just a minute or so after you put it on. This is now my Pacquin replacement and I like it even better than Pacquin because it smells better. I use the French vanilla scent.

Katina Belen, MS

Wonderful hand cream!

I bought these for Christmas gifts and one for myself. This is wonderful hand cream and everyone I have it to loved it. Very dense in the jar but absorbs wonderfully into my skin. My hands feel very “protected” when I use. I would rather pay more for a product that works great than to waste money on something I have to reapply constantly. Highly recommended!

Latanya New Milford, PA

Love it

Camille Beckman Tuscan Honey Glycerine Hand Therapy is the best. I use all of camelle beckman hand and body cream.

Amanda Grand River, IA

Gotta love this handcream

This handcream is divine- it makes my hands really soft and it smells incredible. My favorite scent is Camille, but the others I tried also smelled pretty good.

Mariana Allenspark, CO


I read other reviews that this was a nice product and crossed my fingers — am I glad I did! I just received it and used for the first time, but I must say, it feels great, and the fragrance is absolutely unbelievable. It’s not strong, but it’s like I just brought in a bouquet of fresh lilacs from the lilac bush outside! Beautiful. No powdery undertones, no greasy feeling on the hands — just perfect. It’s February, but my hands smell like Spring! (And they feel better!) I highly recommend — it’s only been on my hands for about an hour, but the fragrance is still there, not overpowering, and really, really perfect. Will update review if necessary. But for now, all thumbs up! (I guess that should be "both" thumbs up…)

Tameka Waterville, WA

The best hand lotion I have ever used!

This is simply the best hand lotion I have ever used. I love that it isn’t greasy, and I can actually see the difference in my hands when used a few times a week. The scent is not overpowering either. I have paid a lot more for a jar of hand lotion, but I have never had these results. I have a smaller size tube in my purse at all times, too. This makes a great gift, and I have converted a lot of new customers for this product. I highly recommend it.

Marcia Klamath Falls, OR

If you love thick, creamy lotion – this is for you

This lotion is delicious – it has a wonderful smell, its thick and softens your hands like nothing else. It doesn’t leave an oily residue – the only drawback is the high price – which is really quite high – but it is worth it!

Kris Mc Cracken, KS

Very moisturizing

I love all Camille Beckman products, the glycerine hand therapy is fantastic. However after purchasing this scent (in a HUGE tub) I realized the Tuscan Honey scent is pretty awful! If your hands are extremely dry I recommend this product in any other scent

Rosalyn Chickamauga, GA

My Favorite Hand Lotion

If you haven’t tried a glycerine creme before, it’s important to know that it is not quite like a lotion. Glycerine is a colorless, odorless fat that makes an ideal base for food, skin products, and other items. It’s even found in wine and beer. It helps give a bit of “body” to a product without affecting how it tastes or smells.For skin care, glycerine in essence coats the skin with a layer of thickish oil, so that moisture is kept in. It also means your hands remain a bit sticky for a short while afterwards. Glycerine is often used for hands and feet, where a soft sock or mitten is put on afterwards to keep the glycerine from rubbing off. If I can wait the five or ten minutes, I simply put it on and wait for it to absorb in. I *love* the way my hands feel after I use this,The Camille Beckman white tub of glycerine has a nice, light pink color and soft rose aroma. It has a cool rosebud on top too :). The tub is easy to scoop the glycerine out of, and the cream goes on smoothly. It does remain sticky immediately after you put it on, but as I mentioned, this is normal. I use this on my feet when I’m relaxing, putting clean socks on over the glycerine and letting it soak in. I love putting it on my hands. In fact there are times that I’ll be typing away, and my fingers will feel a little rough, and I’ll go get some cream to put on. It’s like my fingers crave the lotion 🙂 It’s definitely much better for my hands than pretty much any other lotions I’ve tried.The only downside here is that it’s a bit expensive, and it’s not found in most grocery stores. So you need a specialty shop near you that carries it, or you have to order it from the web.

Minerva Curtis, WA


An amazingly good smell and a nice, thick, but quickly-absorbing consistency. You will feel the difference and your nose will thank you. Excellent and I’ll definitely re-order when it’s done (which will be a while as a small dab will work).

Effie Amherst, VA

Awesome hand cream

I have been looking for an organic hand cream for a while and this is it. Absorbs into skin immediately and softens hands without a greasy residue. I will not use anything else now that I have used Camille Beckman.

Dora Gloucester, NC