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Cameo Perfect Brow Makeup Natural

Achieve great eyebrows!

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  • Cameo Perfect Brow Makeup Natural

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Not too fond of this.

This brow kit comes with different brown brow colors and some shapes to fill in. The colors are hard to mix to be consistent, and the brow shapes to fill in are not too realistic–the shapes are too long and full. An eyebtow pencil is more proficient, and the color is always consistent.

Rochelle Hillsborough, NC

Just confused

I’m new to this whole eyebrow shaping thing, so I’m just confused as to how you’re supposed to set the plastic thing and puck around it?

Janice Stout, IA

very cool

I don’t know exactly what to do with the but the color powders are great! The brush works well to blend the colors. Great deal for the price and convenient sized

Terrie Fork, SC

Not as Dark

I expected that it would be much darker as I am very dark skinned so it really does not show when I use it.

Dolly Venice, FL


Warning only use this stuff if you have paitience only f you have paitience i draw my eyebrows i dont shade them in i hate his stuff cuz i dont have any paitience

Gracie Clay City, IN

Mediocre at best

Definitely doesn’t compare to the $30 product I used in the past. Also, the packaging is so bulky that it’s not practical to travel with so I’m back to my old fashioned brown mascara for coloring my brows.

Debora Barton, NY


The brow templates are not something I would use. I have less brow because of my thyroid so to make them fluffier and fuller is what I needed. I like the colors but I mixed them a bit and also used a pencil with it.

Billie Madison, MN

I was skeptical about the templates but they work

The templates do work, you just have to pivot them at your arch in order to follow the shape of your individual brow. The power does set if you go over your eyebrows with just the slightest bit of foundation. I am a dark skinned African-American woman and I was able to use the darkest powder without having to blend it with anything else to match my skin color.

Adelaide Shiloh, GA

depends on your eyebrows honestly

if you have very long bushy thick eyebrows , this thing can rly improve ur eyebrows and give them a beautiful shape 🙂

Johnnie Portal, GA

Works great

I love how there are three colors so if I dye my hair darker I can use all three colors but if my hair is lighter I just use the lighter color. It has worked very well for me and lasts all day. Its also nice that it comes with tweasers so if you are in a snitch you can easily take care of it.

Emma Downey, CA

Gets the job done

You get what you payed for. It is a nice eye brow perfecter. Although, this is nice, I was expecting the eyebrow stencils to be different although they are three of the same stencil. Also, the color is more for lighter colored brows. I have really dark brows, almost black and they did okay blendind but could be just a little darker guess I should have picked a darker color Perfect brow model. Other than those complaints the product is pretty cool.

Alyson Neversink, NY


I LOVE this stuff! I go back & forth between the two top shades & it blends perfectly with my eyebrows. I do not use the stencils. its better to follow your natural brow. I rarely use the spooly and I do not use the brush. I use a longer eyeliner brush which is the same shape as the small brush that this comes with, I just feel like my long brush provides me with more control. I do not tweeze my eyebrows. I use an eyebrow razor that I buy from target / walmart , they are $3 and come in packs of 3. hope this review helped xx

Dorthy Early, TX

Perfect for a beginner like me

I found the stencil useless for me but everything else that came with it was great. i love that I can make my own eye brow shades and the little tools that come with it makes it easy to travel with on the go.

Gail Ernul, NC


I don’t like it but i will just use it for my hair roots and for eyeshadow for smoky eyes

Sheree Forsyth, MO

Nice brow set

I am glad I bought it – it is nice, I haven’t used stencils yet, but it is easy to get the shade you need by mixing those they provide. It would be better if t had a mirror as well. But you can’t beat the price.

Frieda Galt, IA

I love it

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. Great quality, easy to use, looks great! Shipped very fast and got it very fast!!!! I used to use a black eye liner to draw in my brows…. looked OK but not very natural. But these look great and more real trust me the powder looks better than pencil. Its a must try. This is my new make up!:-)

Claudine Mount Marion, NY

Not the best there is

So I got this in hopes that I would be able to start learning to fill in my eyebrows. Well, the stencil I wanted to use, had these air bubbles in it and it was very thin, thinner than the other two, and it made it a little difficult to hold down because it didn’t want to lay down flat. The flat angled brush would of been fine, except the "hairs" would come out of it every time I used it, and eventually I’m not going to have a brush because of that. The darkest brown has a red undertone to it, and made me look ridiculous. The brown above it worked alright, but it was too light for me. The tweezers are very cheap and don’t want to hardly grab a hair, so you’re better off using your own. I say look for something else because this is not worth no $7

Rebekah Bessemer, PA

Colors are awful

I do not recommend this product……the colors are very dull or too dark…..waste of money all in all in my opinion

Aimee Larslan, MT


It’s good except the fact that the powders dont have an abundant amount of pigmentation. The tweezers work really well, better than my own, and everything else is good.

Kristen Lane, SC


The colors didn’t really match my eyebrow I had to mix another product into it so that the dark brown on this palette turned into black. Which I thought would do so once applied to my dark brown eyebrows but No. You can see it from far away that its brown & not black. But other than that its okay… Not sure if ill buy again since I dont use the other colors. Prob. just buy a black powder one next time.

Celeste Creighton, MO

It helped me

I like this product because of the stencil. I do not know how to shape my eyebrows and the stencils makes it easier for me to have perfectly shaped eyebrows. The colors are nice too. I am Asian and have black hair. I like the shade and choose the lightest one because it looks more natural.

Patty Dickens, NE

Great Brow set

Got this yesterday & i try using it, it was OK i like how my brow look like now more.Just doesn’t like those lil tools stuff on it. But you get what you pay for. Still recommend this.

Lorie Blacksburg, VA

Good Product

I received my producet very fast and it was just what I needed. The tools were helpful and much more than I expected. 2 thumbs up!!!

Fanny Berlin, ND

I loved it

I bought this product because I saw in Internet people saying good comments about this product and really it’s so good! It covered all my eyebrow perfectly.

Samantha Walkertown, NC

Picture color is a bit off – better for a redhead

I purchased the Cameo Perfect Brow for brunettes, but after several uses, it can’t hold a candle to Anastasia or Smashbox. The color Cameo delivers is a little "off" from those two products. I think my skin tone is too light to make this work.Color application is easy. The product and the product accessories are of sufficient quality to get the job done. The colors are a bit dusty, but in all honesty they are of a much higher quality than I was expecting for the price point. There is little fallout.My natural hair can run a little red, so I thought I could pull off the undertones of the second shade, but honestly it doesn’t work. The second shade is too pink, the top shade too dark. The bottom shade is too ashy and does nothing to dull the top shade’s intensity. After wearing this one important evening, every photograph made me look like Groucho Marx (even though I didn’t THINK I looked like him when I waked out the door). It’s difficult to describe except to compare it with the other products I’ve owned before. If I had never seen those before, I’d never think anything was off about this one. It’s just that this product isn’t in the same zip code. And that’s fine – the price is right for that.I’m actually bummed about this because I wanted this to work. For everyday no-one-cares-what-you-look-like effort, this will work, but if you’re looking for perfect brow color matching, reach for this if you’re a medium skin tone (for the top color) or if you’re a lighter brunette for the second/third colors. If you’re a dark brunette with light skin, just fork over the money for the more expensive brow colors.

Wendi Stanley, KY

I like this brand

Didn’t care much for the eyebrow arch but the rest worked wonderfully. I was able to create more eyebrows with this kit. Ladies we all know there comes a time when we pluck to much and this helped.

Mary Foster, VA

Stencils are unuseful but brushe and powder works wonders

I’ve used so many products to make my blond eyebrows visible and pretty shape. The stencils don’t work very well since you can’t tell the distance between eye’s and nose, but I learned to measure the shape of my eyebrow with out it and just use the brush and walla it’s all done. Love it!

Angelica Westmoreland, KS

Cameo Perfect Brow Model No. 1989-B

I love the soft colors when applying this product – the stencils are complicated to use for me, but I really like the quality of the colors.

Carmella Lamoille, NV

Cameo Perfect Brow Makeup Natural

I like this very much to use and I still use it to this day although I did purchase another eyebrow brush with a longer handle on it.

Briana Vinita, OK

Okay Product – Good for the Money

I am always in search for the perfect eyebrow kit! While I like that this kit comes with 3 colors, I wish it had a gel color. Also, I would have liked a better tool kit, so I had to buy a better brush.

Eula Pleasant Hall, PA