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Cameo Perfect Brow Makeup Dark Brown

Cameo Eye Brow Makeup – Cameo Perfect Brow Makeup Dark Brown

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  • Cameo Perfect Brow Makeup Dark Brown

Honest reviews



It’s a great brow product. I have black hair and the color works well, but it could be used for even brown brows as there is a lighter color that I don’t use. Keeps my brows looking sharp, and I haven’t noticed any fall when applying the powder. I also really like the application brush included. It is stiff but soft, not all hard like some brow powder applicators. I like it 🙂

Cathryn Papaaloa, HI

I use it everyday now

I’m used to filling in my eyebrows with brow liner pencils but I decided to give this a try and I’m so glad I did. I love how you get 3 colors to choose from (i use the darkest) and it comes with a brow brush and tweezers. I was worried about the pigmentation but its very good and stays on all day with a few touch ups every now and then. I wish they sold these in stores. it looks so natural and you cant even feel it on. I will definitely be buying more when I run out.

Alana Bodines, PA

great for me

This product is just what I needed. It’s a perfect color for my eyebrows, I thought it would be too dark but it suits me fine. Since I have thin eyebrows, the stencils actually work for me, which is surprising because there were so many complaints on them. I am very pleased with my order and will definitely be buying more.

Jennifer Ford, KY

Great product

Works well! Do not use the tensils to shape my brows tho, dont need it…. No complaints! Would recommend to friends and family for sure!

Ella Humboldt, KS

Brow perfect

I don’t have very think and full eyebrows so i tend to use makeup to fill them in.I have tried using pencils to fill my eyebrows in but i find it doesn’t look natural enough and doesn’t stay for 8+ hours at a time.So I needed something that would define and fill in my brows and last for a whole day. I bought this on a whim and was happy i did. Its a nice set. Although i have no use for the stencils i am happy with the rest of the set!I would definitely recommend!

Nelly Raleigh, NC

Nice shades.

I love the different color of the eyebrow shades, the only thing that I have to complain about is the stencils. It is all in the same shape and those are not my shape. But I still use the shades for my eyebrow. It works better than the ones I buy from my drug store.

Lesa Fischer, TX


I finally have fuller brows!!!! Absolutely love this product. Will order again for sure. Really not sure of those brows stencils tho.

Rosie Whitwell, TN


5 stars!! I love everything about this product!! Idk why everyone is complaining about the stencils they work better than the Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils I bought for six dollars. This is way better and it comes with mini makeup brush and a brow comb plus matte brow powders!! I will def. order again when I run out!! Honest seller. Thankyou!!!

Reba Mount Pleasant Mills, PA


Great! I have really dark hair bc I dye it blue black and was concerned it wasn’t dark enough for me but it marched perfectly and has yet to ever come off even in the snow!

Concetta Oceana, WV


At this price, it cannot be beaten. The three colors are great for blending to make a natural brow. The stencils are nice for newer brow users that don’t know what shape to use. The tweezers are bad though, but they aren’t the reason why I bought this.

Faye Oak Grove, LA

great producy

Really good brow powder it beats my nyx brow powders. Love this much more paired with my revlon brow pencil.

Johnnie Dwight, IL

Super cool

This product is awesome.. I bought a few and none did what this product does, so pigmented that don’t need much!

Loraine Lexington, MO

Made her happy

Like it says ” Perfect Brow ” ! I used this on my girlfriends eye brows and she loved the way it made her brows more pronounced and the perfect shape and color . Can’t really say more than that since I don’t use it on mine : -)

Marie Feather Falls, CA

good for the price!

the light brown gives me perfect color matching for my complexion. the brush that came with it came apart the moment i took it out of the package, but a little super glue fixed that. The arch stencil will only work if you have an amazonian head, the brow is super long & the arch is super high.

Fern Lyles, TN

Not for me

I thought this would give me perfect eyebrows but instead it gave me thick bushy eyebrows that didn’t fit my face so I don’t think this item is for me

Aileen Salesville, OH

Its ok

This is great.. goes on light so you don’t mess your eyebrows up. I am not extremely impressed but it works.

Dorothy Hulbert, OK

Natural color

I really like this product. It’s all you’d need to create a perfect looking but natural eye brows. The stencils gave me a better idea how to shape them

Manuela Bridgeport, PA

Goes on smooth but flakes all over your face

I was initially unimpressed with the cheap little brush and tweezers that came with the product but thought I’d give it a try. The color was good, and it went on smooth, but immediately flaked all over my cheek. After dusting all that off, I used the "light" color under my brow as it instructed to define the brow… but it was way too dark (and I’m dark complected) and looked horrible. I’ll be returning the product and sticking to my brow pencil.

Elisabeth Worton, MD

Versatile, easy to use, and nice colors

This kit is very versatile and easy to use. The brush is pretty nice and makes good outlines of the brow. The colors also are pretty – matches very well if you have dark brown hair and eyes.

Pamela Holcomb, MO

Nice Kit!

I ordered this and I just knew it would work in luew of usingmy eyebrow pencil all the time. The shipping was really fast and it was wrapped really nice , packaged well. Everything looks just like the picture above.

Sharron Wellton, AZ


If you’re looking for perfectly shaped brows you don’t have to look anywhere else this product doesthat and more it makes you’re eyebrows look like pure perfection .

Flora Warrendale, PA

Overall, great brow product

Well, first off the stencils are useless.But, the powders and spoolie are great.I didn’t care for the angled brush or tweezers. I prefer a stiff, thin brush when using brow powders, but that’s personal preference. This one seemed a bit flimsy. The tweezers were a bit too thick and didn’t grab and hold many hairs at all. However, that’s not what I bought this for.When swatched on my hand, the powders seemed very silky (not chalky whatsoever), but not very opaque. But when applied to brows, they look fine. Brow powders shouldn’t actually have too much color payoff or they can be a little too harsh in my opinion.I only really use the darkest shade, sometimes the middle one. I never use the lightest one, though some people may find some use for it. I applied them with a thin angled brush (not the one included) and blended with spoolie and my brows looked 100% natural and very put together.I’d recommend this.

Jade Ackerman, MS

Not for those that like dark eye brows.

Nice color eye brow liner but not as dark pigmented as I like. Some people like lighter color eye brows, I prefer darker color eye brows. The brushes are a perfect size for eye brows but the case itself feels cheaply made. The eye shadow palettes were all crooked. Overall, gets the job done.

Geneva Seneca Falls, NY