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Calvin Klein euphoria for Men Eau de Toilette

Addictive. Masculine. Sexy. euphoria men invites you to reach beyond your limits and experience your most intense desires. This fresh oriental fragrance blends crisp, modern freshness and aromatic spices with a sexy, creamy signature. Top Notes: ginger pepper cocktail, raindrop accord, chilled sudachi Middle Notes: black basil, sage and cedar leaf Base Notes: amber, patchouli, Brazilian redwood and creamy suede

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Synthetic crap that does not last.

This cologne sucks. It smells sweet and synthetic. After about 10 minutes, nothing is there. Although the bottle is nice. Never again.

Jeanne Riverdale, IL

Yum !!!

This is all my husband wears and its amazing ! I love it! Nice big bottle ! Smells like a man not a teenager and not my Uncle Chuck ! LOL

Agnes Little Lake, CA


Beyond the wonderful smell, the selling point for me was the pricing, which was extremely competitive. Excellent product, excellent quality. I am very happy with my purchase.

Cora West Lebanon, IN


Got it as a gift for my boyfriend. I have always been a fan of the Women’s version anyway. He LOVED IT!!!!!

Imogene Henderson, TX

I’m impressed

I bought it for my husband, at first the aroma was very intensive and I was like "Ops, too strong…mistake…", but after not so long it starts to change the aroma and I was surprised how soft and sexy became.

Rosemary Saint Robert, MO

Calvin Klein has created a first class fragrance – it needs to last longer..

I am a huge fan of Calvin Klein fragrances – I have several of them in my collection and will add more… I was tremendously excited to try Euphoria – even while there are many nay-sayers out there criticizing the longevity. My assessment of Euphoria is that it is a great scent and the nay-sayers are correct – the longevity is weak to poor.Out of the bottle, Euphoria is a successful blend of ginger pepper and suede notes that is a great scent. Soon after the initial application, the fragrance settles close to the skin. The projection, sillage, and longevity are weak with the longevity at 3 hours at best. While no compliments have been received to date – the fragrance is quite pleasant and I am certain that with time and continued wear – they will come.The bottle and packaging are traditional Calvin Klein – first class. This is another bottle that I am very fond – you folks know the drill – I prefer the clear bottles that show the clarity of the fragrance. Euphoria is a scent that offers great flexibility in that can be worn during any season and for any event. Lastly, the price/value is good – the going rate is less than $30 for the smaller bottle. Not too shabby…My final tally for Calvin Klein’s Euphoria is 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. I really like the scent, but due to weak longevity, I can not evaluate higher or strongly endorse. If you are a fan of CK’s fragrance – add it to your collection. Play like a champion every play and every game – it may make a difference…

Meghan Starlight, PA

Perfect fragrance at a perfect price

My hubbie bought a bottle of Euphoria about 2 years ago and ran out. I didn’t think Amazon would carry this product but they did at a fraction of the cost of what I paid for the first bottle. This fragrance has a nice sweet smell to it while keeping it “manly”. I really like it..and if I like it…he likes it:)

Monica Earleton, FL

Sweet Euphoria

This sweetly fragrance is one of my favorite EDT, its really sweet and fresh with some spicy notes, some people can say it dosen’t last long but in my experience last around 6-8 hours. The tester version last longer but its less sweetly.

Lupe Upton, MA

pretty ok

so a friend recommended this fragrance… and I bought it… while it is an alluring fragrance it doesn’t stand out as noticeably as some other fragrances I have tried… but still a lovely enough fragrance,

Rae Bowers, PA