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Calvin Klein ETERNITY Eau de Parfum

Romantic. Timeless. Feminine. ETERNITY was inspired by the ideal of lasting love and intimacy. This classic scent is a harmonious blend of white flowers and creamy woods. Topnotes – freesia, mandarin, sage Midnotes – muguet, white lily, marigold, narcissus Basenotes – sandalwood, patchouli, amber

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Forever ago.

This is an old scent. I remember this when I was in college back in 1988 and a class mate had this on and I was transfixed on the beautiful smell coming from her. This is a crisp clean scent, I would put this in the green catagory of scents. I perfer the Eternity Summer to this but only because its sweeter and I tend to lean toward sweet scents. This however is a very pleasant scent but my nose has become overwhelmed with this scent for over twenty years now and can tolorate it no more. Its a pleasent scent but quite old in terms of scent life for a marketed perfume.

Dixie Coldwater, OH


This just arrived and I am so happy! Eternity is one of those that never go out of style because it is just so awesome. Will buy again. And again and again.

Christine Shelby, MI


This is a fairly loud white floral. Extremely popular when it first came out, now vaguely reminiscent of “Giorgio”. For whatever reason, it hasn’t held up very well, hence the low price here. It may very well suit a certain person or occasion, but overall, it is a pungent 80’s type scent that has gone the way of huge shoulder pads.

Bobbi Lando, SC


This is a popular parfum in Thailand. I am taking this for Christmas gifts for a couple of friends there

Terra Duke Center, PA

New favorite

This is my wife’s new favorite. Its very pleasant, neither light nor heavy, just right. It lasts all day and then some. we gave three of these away as gifts to family members and everyone loved it. Highly recommended. This is a great value too as this perfume is 72$ in stores.

Ina Medora, IN

Loved it

I loved the compact container that I can take with me anywhere. I will use it often and I am very pleased.

Jamie Smithdale, MS

Great Price for a classic!

I bought this during Christmas at a Dept store and spent way to much. I was so happy to see that Amazon carried this fragrance and it was priced very nice!

Wendi Marksville, LA

Exactly as described

This is exactly what is sold at Macy’s, but for a lot cheaper. Great purchase, I recommend to anyone who wears this and wants to save money

Jami Italy, TX

is deep smell

I love is very nice to smell it I recommended to buy also for a gift is perfectplease be free to buy it!!!

Mindy Trenton, AL

Eternity Everlasting

I’m supposed to get 2 day shipping as a Prime member, but this took 1-2 days longer. It’s OK though, because I love this scent, just as I have for years. This is a huge bottle, and a tiny bit lasts literally all day. The classic, fresh, powdery scent is subtle and clean.

Robin Saint Michael, MN

Great price

Wonderful find and a great price.. I love the smell and it is the actual thing.. I couldn’t think of a better place to get my perfume from.. Thank you!

Juliana Mashpee, MA

i love this perfume

If you like perfume that last for hours then this is it a must buy but please spray a small amount please because a little goes a long way so you do not have to spray alot

Tanisha La Salle, CO

Yes!!! Its the real thing

I recently ordered this perfume, and then noticed in some of the comments different people have commented on it being the real perfume or not. I then contacted amazon customer service and they assured me that this is the “Real thing” and not a knock off version. I recieved it and it is in original Calvin Clien packaging and it smells wonderful! Lasts a long time, and I get lots of compliments

Jewel Stratford, TX

Smells heavenly

I had not tried Eternity before and bought it based on the reviews from amazon. I am very pleased and will continue using it.

Norma Loretto, PA


I am very happy with my Eternity by Klein…I have not worn it for a few years and just love the smell of it…It is clean and yes a tiny bit spicey…just a bit…I wear it as a day fragrance and an evening as well…I cannot say a bad thing about it…I like the fact that it stays with me all day… Recommmend it for a signature fragrance!

Helen Centralia, TX

Sweet Fragrance at a sweeter price

I’ve bought numerous colognes/perfumes and they never cease to amaze me. I love this fragrance, and I love the price even more. I normally pay 76 dollars at Dillards for this size. I’m so glad I found it online. Fragrance is great! I will definitely order from here again.

Brandie Choudrant, LA


This is my favorite fragrance of all! ETERNITY is ethereal … heavenly … sweet and never overwhelming. I first started using this scent 15 years ago and although I’ve tried so many different ones, the scent of eternity lingers in my mind. Yes, this is a CLASSIC fragrance yet it is still FRESH and not old-smelling. This is a great signature scent, it has the staying power even if it’s not a heavy scent. I don’t think you can go wrong with this fragrance, it’s worth trying!

Mariana Long Barn, CA

Oh, no!

It smells old and stale. Very unhappy. Hope Amazon gives me a credit so I can order another bottle of Eternity.

Erna Floyds Knobs, IN


I love this perfume, so when I saw the price I could get it for in this size, No hesitation! Is the real thing and I will definitely be shopping for the perfumes I am already familiar with, online! Highly recommend!

Alana Phyllis, KY


I buy perfume all the time and had never bought Eternity until I smelled it on a friend. It is a clean, crisp smell but not too strong. I have since purchased it and find I like it very much. In fact, it has jumped up to number 1 in my ever growing collection of perfume. I would definitely recommend this lovely fragrance.

Lorna Penn Valley, CA


Love this fragrance. I try others, keep coming back to this! Amaozn’s price was SO MUCH better than where I usually purchase. Can’t beat the quality and price!

Mallory Americus, KS