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Calista Tools Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler Hot Air Brush Plus Bonuses

The Perfecter FUSION STYLER was created by Maria McCool, a nationally and internationally recognized stylist for over 25 years. Maria set out to develop a professional-grade product that would solve common hair issues for women everywhere. The Perfecter hot air brush utilizes ceramic and ionic technology to help infuse body and shine. The pro-quality bristles work to help perfectly smooth, lift and direct your hair. The Perfecter features two temperature settings to choose from and boasts an automatic shut off after one hour, so you never have to worry if you remembered to turn it off. The Perfecter FUSION HAIR STYLER is a heated round brush used to help add volume, body and shine, and to help create smooth, frizz free hair for all textures and lengths. This heated round brush is for all hair types; thin to very thick, straight to super curly, fine to really coarse and both long and short. The Perfecter Fusion hair styling tool will replace your hairbrush, flat iron, curling iron and hot rollers!

Key features

  • INCLUDES: Perfecter Fusion Styler, 3 styling clips, detangle brush, and thermal travel case.
  • As Seen On TV, the Perfecter Fusion Styler is the all-in-one hair styler that will replace your hairbrush, flat iron, curling iron and hot rollers!
  • The Perfecter Fusion Hot Air Brush is the only hair styling tool you can hold with both hands and not have to avoid burning hot plates or barrels. Ceramic barrel, variable heat settings, Heats up to 390º F.
  • The Perfecter Fusion heated round brush uses ionic technology to help hydrate and heal hair, as well as gentle ceramic heating to achieve salon-finished styles at home.
  • Create silky straight styles or beautiful bouncing curls. Remove frizz for a smooth lush texture. In just 3 Minutes, you can now curl, bend, smooth, straighten, shine, increase volume and so much more!

Honest reviews


Best Christmas Gift 🙂

My mom bought me this hairstyle as an early Christmas gift and I am absolutely in love with it. I have naturally pin straight, baby fine hair and although I don’t have any problem styling it with flat irons and wands, my bangs can be a pain in the behind. If I don’t style them with a large round brush and dryer, they lie flat on my forehead in a scraggly kind of way. Unfortunately, blow drying with a round brush is one thing I’m not very good at and while I can usually get my bangs to look alright, there are plenty of days that they just look ‘weird’. This brush makes styling my bangs soooo much easier and I love that I can use both hands freely without risk of burning myself. If I over curl my bangs, I just slowly brush them downwards at an angle with this brush (left/right) until bam! – perfection :)I don’t think I’ll ever get any root lift from this brush but that’s something I’ve never been able to achieve anyways; I think my hair is simply too long to stay lifted at the roots without massive amounts of styling products and I prefer not to use any – I like my hair to have movement. I am able to get my hair to look as though I’ve had a blow out with a round brush using this brush and that’s pretty much effortless. I can also produce loose wavy curls; but I think I’ll stick to my other irons for this since I’m fearful that my hair will get tangled in the tines.I am surprised that some of the reviewers have had issues with the tines breaking off as they’re not thin at all but rather, pretty heavy duty, thick plastic tines. I haven’t owned this brush long enough to know if I’ll have that problem but my mother does own this exact same brush, uses it daily, and has had it for about 6 months and it still looks good as new – no missing tines whatsoever. So far, I think this is a very quality made product and I would highly recommend 🙂

Deanna Chapin, IA

No worth The money

I bought this brush and the first thing I have to say is that is nothing else than a hot roller with an attached electric cord.In no way it substitutes a hair dryer and a curling iron. It does not get hot enough. It may be ok for someone with fine hair but I have a full head of curly hair past my shoulder and it did not straighten it. It also gets tangle in the hair when I tried to put some curls in it.I will say, if your hair is mostly straight and is not too longer, this can be useful, but I still think is too expensive for what it is.Also they say you get an extra $40 dollars value in the brush, the 2 clicks and the pouch, well there is no way those things are worth $40.

Jessie Croghan, NY

Calista Perfecter

This last summer I had surgery on the Disks in my neck, the surgery lasted a little over 7 hours and the end result all the disks in my neck were fused together which keeps me from being able to turn my neck like I normally would to curl it, in addition when I was finally able to curl my hair it wouldn’t come off the Iron and burnt off that was either from Thyroid Medication I’d just started taking or the Meds for the surgery I don’t know for sure but after burning it I had to have it cut short but like the cut. In the mean while I was afraid to use my Marcel Curling Iron again, I actually had to throw it away. What a disappointment I have several of the hot brush curling irons that you can buy at any Drug Store, or Beauty Supply Warehouse but they do not get hot enough and I was not able to get the volume I was after. I saw the this product advertised on TV and watched the Video clips about what it can do on YTube, so although expensive to buy the unknown I bought it and I love it. I get the lift, volume and curl on short hair like I never expected to get from any product. I’m an Stylist, or was before this surgery and wish I had known about this Tool a long time ago. If you are using it you do have to hold it on your hair a little longer than advertised for curl and just a little bit of Styling Gel is a good idea (just a bit), don’t expect to just run it through your hair and come up with wonderful curl, but if you just brush it through your hair slowly you will get volume. I do opt to hold it longer than just a second and get the curl and lift where needed and volume all the way down in the back of my cut an my hair shines like crazy. I love it and highly recommend this product. I have fine hair and after using this product my hair looks nice and thick. If you don’t hold your hair down with heavy spray the curl for me lasts two days but being a Stylist I know how to work my hair. If you have difficulty turning your head to curl your hair this is the product for you. I have a razor cut and the end results after using this make for a wonderful style. It is worth every penny, I’d seen it before and wish I had purchased it before I really needed it. Also it does heat up fast, turns off after about an hour of non use and has 3 settings. I really do love it for that stubborn swirl in that area of the crown that is hard to get rid of and make do what you want it to do. I’d never recommend any product that was expensive to anyone if I had not seen the results for myself. It works for me and I LOVE IT.

Joann Letohatchee, AL

Love this styler

I have fine, thin, color treated hair. I have stopped blow drying and let it air dry. I have stopped using a curling iron. This perfecter is PERFECT. After my hair is dry, I use the Calista Tool Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler. It gives my fine, thin hair so much body AND my hair looks thicker and fuller in less time than I used to spend before. I highly recommend it. Also, I used to burn my cheek or neck with the curling iron, but not with this Clista tool. I did not have any problem with hair getting tangled in it.

Emma Swepsonville, NC

My Hair Looks Like I Just Stepped Out of a Salon!!

I didn’t buy my Perfecter on Amazon, but I saw all the negative reviews and felt compelled to share my opinion. I love it! I have fine, jaw length layered hair. This gives me shine and much more body. Very easy to use and my hair is done in about 5 minutes. Highly recommend!!

Helga Ogdensburg, NJ

Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler

First, let me give you some background on my hair. I am a white female of european decent. I had Shirley Temple style blonde curls until about the age of 4 when my hair turned brown and frizzy. The frizz is tamable with just a hair dryer and a round brush in the cooler months, but come spring and summer, just the slightest bit of humidity (or if I sweat) and my hair frizzes in a most unattractive way. I get a protein smoothing infusion which tames the frizz, but it still loses style. Since my hair is thick, I have it layered. I wear it shoulder length with bangs.So, I’ve seen the infomercial and I’ve read the reviews on here. Since my hair isn’t ethnic, super short and somewhat cooperative with the flat iron, I thought I’d run out to Target and pick it up for a trip to Florida tomorrow. Of course I tried it as soon as I got home.It heats up quickly. I like that I can use the hand not holding the styler to guide it. The barrel gets hot, but the brush is touchable. It takes a slow pass, or several short passes. It’s definitely not a 3 minute job, like the infomercial professes. It takes about as long as it would with a flat iron.I have to say that it did a pretty decent job of getting my hair to look freshly blow dried before the frizz sets in. It’s easier to style with this and direct my hair than it is with a flat iron.As far as making my hair shiny – it already was from the protein treatment from my hair salon – but the perfecter didn’t burn or dry out my hair either.

Virgie Smoot, WY

calista tools perfector fusion

This is so nice. MY hair is lighter so when I used a plate iron my hair would sometimes brain. It does not burn and looks shinny like they said it would too. I am glad I got it for it works beautiful. I even took it to my hair cuter and she was really moved by it and thought it would be good. Not to mention all the ladies at the store liked it too.

Ana Bainbridge, NY

The best styler I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a LOT)

I HATE blow-drying my hair. Trying to work with air-dried hair and make it look awesome is kind of difficult and takes a bit of time to make it presentable.This tool is AWESOME. I can wash my hair when I get home from work and let it air dry. Then, the next morning is magical. This tool gives my hair volume and bounce whether I go straight, curly, or wavy. Yes, I can do all 3 looks in minutes with this styler.I haven’t used a blow dryer, curling wand, or straightener since this arrived on my doorstep. My hair is shiner and healthier because I’m not blow-drying it. I love this thing.The only downside is that it has a fast-acting auto-shut-off. If I turn it on and go make a cup of coffee, it sometimes turns off before I return. It has yet to shut off while I’m doing my hair, but it does if I put it down to take care of unruly pets (which is pretty much every morning).

Mattie Harshaw, WI