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California Tan Sunsets Tanning Eyewear 1-PR Random Picked Colors

Protect your eyes without looking like a raccoon. No nose piece, no “raccoon eyes”! Emerge with a perfect tan, every time. These wont work in a stand up.

Key features

  • Tannind Bed Eyewear
  • 1 Pair Random Picked Color
  • No strap, will not work in a stand up unit.

Honest reviews


These did not work for me!

Great in concept, horrible in execution, try as I might I have not been able to get these to work and stay in place.I bought these to use outside in the sun (not in a tanning booth). I thought that they would be a good compromise to help save my eyes from some of the UV rays as I was sunning. Thus far, I have been unable to get these to stay on my face for more than a few seconds. I don’t know if there is any trick to them or not …. but for me, they do not work. I wanted them to work because I liked the concept. But they do not.Not recommended.

Jeannie Vaughnsville, OH

Terrible – Useless – Returned

I bought these SPECIFICALLY to avoid "raccoon eyes," and after just two uses I looked like I was some comedic movie character who fell asleep on the beach and someone played a prank on me. It was seriously so obvious and embarrassing I had to tan a few more times without goggles (which I NEVER do) just to even things out a little bit. I did myself a BIG FAVOR and ended up buying the Wink Ease sticker goggles, which are amaaaaaazing – although they can be slightly prices since you only get 3-6 uses out of each pair before the sticky properties wear off.

Kelly Genesee, PA

eye wear

You can see through these when you are in the tanning bed, and also them seem a little large and cover up part of the under eye on your face, so you still get raccoon eyes

Antionette Prosperity, SC


Works fine does what it’s supposed to no string so if you need one these are not for you. I like em

Lila Bliss, NY


I really like these things. I used to not wear any type of eye wear in the tanning bed at all bc I didn’t want raccoon eyes that everyone was talking about getting with those little glasses. But, after reading into how dangerous it was to not wear any protection for your eyes and after noticing that even with my eyes closed the tanning bed lights were super freaking bright and I really felt like it was really stupid for me not to have some sort of protection on my eyes so I started looking into eyewear that wouldn’t be too bad and I came across these. They work good they don’t make u have raccoon eyes so they do the job pretty well…U def can’t use them in a stand up bed but then again what kind of eye wear CAN you use in a stand up bed? I don’t use the laydown beds anyways so it didn’t matter but I would recommend these to my friends or anyone that doesn’t want to use the eye protection from the tanning places.

Elise Wyandotte, OK