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California Tan Instant Sunless Spray 6 Ounce

Provides instant rich bronze color in a quick-dry formula that is sure to bring out the very best color-rich sunless tan.

Key features

  • Innovative packaging allows easy application from all angles
  • Breakthrough fragrance technology eliminates odors at the source
  • Fresh sunny fragrance

Honest reviews


not good

I have tried many different sun tanning sprays, and this one wasnt very good. you have to spay ten feet away to get an semi even tan. the bronzer is messy, and the smell still smells like that fake tanner smell. I got it because it said that the tanning odor was not there, but I still smelled it.

Marcia Niceville, FL


This is about the 6th spray on tanner I’ve used. Out of everything i’ve tried this one produces the most realistic tan I’ve seen though. Lots of bang for the buck too ie more DHA. Plus, it has little to no tanner smell. Lastly, i’m not crazy for the bronzer in the product. Wish they came out with a bronzer free version just because it gets a little messy. However, at least it too comes out looking natural.

Margret Hortonville, WI

Best sunless tanning product

I’ve been through many tanning products, but California Tan has got to be the best. I own every single product their is, and I absolutely love this one! The California Tan sprays on evenly leaving your skin golden brown! I will be buying more of this product!

Kelley Stevensville, PA


this product and brand is amazing , a must have for tanners and fake tanners, everyone need this product, I love the color and the smell

Denice Whiting, IN

Tan it or Ban it

This product is impossible for getting an even tan. Forget using it on your face–it doesn’t spray on evenly and drips in clumps.It’s in my "give away" basket

Shelby Levelland, TX

Find better

The color comes out great, and it smells good. I like that it doesn’t come out too dark (since I’m very fair skinned) and is buildable. It lasts for about 5 days. The thing I really didn’t like was that it drips a lot while spraying, causing you to rub it in, leaving streaks and stained hands. The whole reason I bought a spray one was to avoid these problems.If you decide to try it, make sure you let it dry for a few hours and then take a shower otherwise it will stain your clothes.I honestly think there has to be a better product out there. I’m going to try Fake Bake, from what I hear it’s really good.

Dollie Kadoka, SD