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California Olive Ranch Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 25.4 oz

California Olive Ranch Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 25.4 oz

Key features

  • California Olive Ranch cold presses their award winning 100% California grown olives within hours of picking for a fresher taste
  • California Olive Ranch

Honest reviews


It’s the Real Thing 🙂

I was pretty ticked off when I read that a number of EVOO’s that I’ve purchased in the past were not the real deal. Most recently i did the recommended test – putting in the fridg to see if it solidified – my Fresh n Easy brand didn’t (FAKE!) However, California Olive Ranch EVOO passed with flying colors. Add that to an incredible aroma and flavor and well I just purchased my 2nd bottle (this time the large size!) AND I can’t picture using anything else anytime in the near future!!! Thanks for the real deal!!!

Terri Seney, MI

Top notch authentic olive oil!

Not only am I impressed with the price but the quality of this olive oil. I watched Dr. Oz and did not realize that there are so many imposter olive oils out there. I had been using Kirkland’s and I believe that is also authentic, but it’s not packaged in the dark glass bottle. This olive oil was on the list of authentic olive oils so I purchased it. I use olive oil everything — cooking, my skin, hair, after I do facial peels, I mix it in all my body lotions. . it’s something I can’t do without. This olive oil is one I will continue to purchase over and over again. . TOP NOTCH.

Ernestine Cedarhurst, NY


Deee-lish-us! You can taste the quality. Not heavy to where it’s choking like some olive oils. Wish they made flavored ones, like lemon.

Verna Fountain Inn, SC

The Right Stuff

"If you picked up the New York Times yesterday, you may have learned an alarming fact from an entertaining graphic in the Sunday Review section. “Extra Virgin Suicide” by Nicholas Blechman—which has been deftly GIF-ified on the Times website—explains the problem with extra-virgin olive oil made in Italy: Most of it is neither extra-virgin nor made in Italy. Instead, Spanish and North African olive oil is shipped to Italy, cut with soybean oil and beta carotene, and nefariously mislabeled. “The ‘olive oil’ is shipped around the world, to countries like the U.S., where approximately 69 percent of the olive oil for sale is doctored,” writes Blechman." SlateOne of the few olive oils recommended by Tom Mueller, who wrote the definitive article on olive oil is ‘California Extra Virgin Olive Oil’. Most of the other olive oils out there come from other countries, are sent to Italy where they are fortified with soybean oil and beta carotene. No wonder the taste is rarefied. Count your lucky stars you can find this wonderful olive oil on Amazon. The rest of the olive oils on the list I did not recognize, so I assume my local grocery stores and food COOP’s do not carry them.This olive oil is light, and tastes like olives. Check the label to make sure you have the right stuff.Highly Recommended. prisrob 01-27-14

Christina Billings, NY

My favorite Olive Oil!

I use EVOO on a daily basis but most of the brands I’ve tried are bitter and unpleasantly spicy or terribly expensive, I found this brand at my local Safeway store and decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. This is a great oil to use on salads, for dipping, or in your favorite recipes. The taste is very green and earthy, not as spicy and dank as many olive oils are. It has a very bright and light flavor, and though it costs more than many store brands, it’s totally worth the extra money. It has a beautiful green color that I love, so happy I found this brand.

Heidi Houlton, WI

All time favorite!

I stumbled onto this at Fred Meyer and started purchasing it through Vitacost. The flavor is amazing, it has a nice grassy earthy taste to it and use it as a finishing oil as well as with all of my salad oils. In a crunch, I do use this for cooking as well.

Gayla Pacific Beach, WA


I consume a fairly large amount of olive oil. Recently tried this one and I’m impressed. The best tasting EVO I’ve ever tried and the price is right too!

Nina Mammoth Spring, AR

Excellent American Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I love this EVOO. It’s an award winning oil that’s perfect for everyday cooking, especially sautéing. I can use a fairly high heat without it burning whether I use stainless steel or enameled cast iron.If folks are having issue with any cooking oils, note that the harvest or press date on the bottles should be taken into consideration. Not only does this brand print the harvest date, but a best by date too. Rancid oil doesn’t always mean a production problem.Quality olive oils really should be used within 6 months or less of opening and shouldn’t be stored in the fridge or near a heat source. Leaving oils on the counter next to the stove will degrade them. Just keep it in the cabinet or pantry where it’s dark and cool to yield best result.I also recommend this brand’s Arbequina formula for salad and crudites. It’s a bit lighter and loftier.I keep about 7 different quality oils for cooking and baking in my pantry (grapeseed stays in fridge). All are in glass vessels and serve their specific purpose for specialized cooking. This is an excellent all around product, American produced, at an extremely fair price. I always stock up during sales.

Martina Cedar, MN


This one is a keeper, it is a lovely olive oil. I did find that I can purchase this locally and will likely do so from now on. So disappointed to discover all this time I was not using real olive oil so was pleased to discover this.

Abby Kingman, AZ


This is one of the best tasting olive oils I’ve tried. My husband had to drastically change his diet, so we switched to olive oil. The taste of this made the transition painless.

Marguerite Sycamore, SC

Good Oil

Good tasting oil! Note that this olive oil is a certified oil so you are getting REAL olive oil and not left over remnants of other oil products.

Traci West Salisbury, PA