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California Breeze Bath Salts 2lb Bag

California Breeze Bath Salts packaged in our 2lb designer bag. A relaxing bath salt. Grain: Fine/Medium grain blend Color: Blue Scent: California Breeze – A clean, fresh scent What are some of the other general benefits of bathing with bath salts? The minerals found in sea salt are absorbed through the skin which are essential to the bodies’ functions. Bath salts flush out harmful toxins from the body. They also exfoliate the skin, leaving the skin smooth and supple while helping to heal cuts, burns, wounds, and insect bites. They’re also a good stress reliever! Cruelty Free * Paraben Free * Phthalate Free * SLS Free Safe for Jacuzzis & Spas Our philosophy is simple. We want you to remember how good it feels to take a bath. Our products harmonize the therapeutic power of bathing, aromatherapy and natural sea salts to transform your bath into a healing ritual for your body and mind.

Key features

  • California Breeze relaxing bath salts
  • A fresh, clean scented bath salt – Phthalate free fragrance
  • Beautiful blue color
  • 2lb designer bag features a peek-a-boo window and aroma valve allowing you to see AND smell the bath salts prior to opening.
  • Use as Bath Salts, Shower Salts, Pedicure Foot Soak, or, mix a little salt with your favorite shower gel for a quick body scrub!

Honest reviews


Soft and happy

I got this bag in exchange for a review a while ago, and tested it quite often. I take a handful and rub my legs during a shower or before a pedicure. I love to exfoliate, but I hate that gloppy oil with which it is often packaged.As a soak this is just right. I like a very subtle fragrance, and this product delivers. It isn’t all that obvious that salt softens skin, but I have always been a fan, and this really does the trick. This is my favorite bath product at any price, and bath products can be pricey. It is a great basic luxury product!,

Inez Seward, PA

Soft Fragrance, Luxurious Experience

California Breeze Bath Salts, 2 pound Luxury size is the perfect gift for a good friend. I say “gift” because if you are purchasing for yourself, it is wise to buy a much larger bag! The price of this gift bag is comparable to other 16 ounce bath salts of this type.The scent is lovely: a blend of flowers that is neither cloying nor unmemorable. This fragrance would be lovely as an accompanying roll on oil so that the scent of the bath is enhanced and sticks with you all day. What a pleasant substitute for heavy and expensive perfumes! Even after finishing off the salts, I have kept the bag just to remind myself of the refreshing scent. Very nice.The salts are tinted blue so when you do add them to your bath water, the water does change color. However, this does not mean that the tub will wear a blue ring afterwards. I used these salts about four times and have had no incidence of tub discoloration.The salts do soften the skin and provide a wonderfully luxurious sense of stress relief. I found myself wanting to linger in the bath well beyond the point where the water was becoming cool and my skin going into “prune” mode. Not a problem! My skin felt soft and smooth afterwards as if I had rubbed it with a sugar/salt rub rich with emollients. The scent does linger for as long as it possible can–again that oil roll-on would come in handy to prolong the entire experience.The San Francisco Salt Company sent me a complimentary bag of this in exchange for an honest review.Bottom line? Looking for a lovely gift that the recepient cannot fail to love? Try the San Francisco Salt Company! Bathing in California Breeze Bath Salts will result in frequent California Dreaming! These Bath Salts are lightly scented with a delicious floral blend that is a treat in itself. Add to that a mixture of sea salt, glycerin, and aloe vera and you’ve got stress relief in a tub. The price is comparable to other brands; the experience exceeds them. Recommended.Diana Faillace Von Behren”reneofc”

Priscilla Letona, AR

This bath salt fills my senses and makes me feel good!

What makes a bath salt great? I never really thought about it before. But, wanting to review this bath salt from SF Salt Company prompted me to do so. What senses are brought into play when using a bath salt? Your sense of smell, surely; your sense of touch, and sight. This California Breeze does a fine job with these three senses. And then, there is another “sense”: That of well-being. This product certainly succeeded in lifting mine!The smell is heavenly: I catch hints of tangy citrus, lush and ripe mango, blossoming fruit trees, lily-of-the-valley, and something else fresh and clean. It’s not a cloying smell; it’s not a cheap perfume smell. It smells “rich” and “classy”. I love the smell of this salt! Of course, it hits you as you open the package, but it is a lasting smell, too. It lasts throughout your bath and leaves a gentle, light fragrance on the skin. It doesn’t last forever, though, and I found that it did not interfere with my perfume. I also put this bath salt into a large pan of water to soak my feet: The smell drifting up from the hot water was so luxurious and calming!Your sense of touch is affected in several ways: The glycerin and aloe in this product seems to make the water just glide over your body. Yes, I know water alone does just that, but this is a different kind of smooth, liquid glide and it takes the feeling to a different level. There is a variety of salt crystal sizes in the bag: Some dissolve quickly, some retain their edges for a good while–allowing you to use the salt as a buff. Not having used bath salts before, I was amazed how smooth my skin felt after applying a spoonful onto my bath mitt along with my bath gel. The roughness of the crystals feels so good, and rubbed in the right places, it feels so invigorating.The color of the crystals is blue and a little darker than the packaging. It’s a pretty translucent color and somehow matches the smell. Together, the sight and smell of this product as it dissolves in your bath provide a very pleasant experience.I know it’s hard to picture how this product smells just by a written description, because you have to take my adjectives and interpret them through your own perspective. But, I think there is one thing I can say about this product’s smell: It’s not going to offend anyone’s nose. There is nothing outlandish in this product, and it is a combination of smells that we all know and like. You can’t go wrong trying out a 2 pound bag.I received a sample of this product from SF Salt Company. A representative thought I would enjoy the experience. I was not pressured to write a review.A safety observation: When you use this product in your bath, you should either rinse it out very well, or alert the next person using it. The glycerin is a bit slippery. This is especially important if there are elderly persons using the bath.

Cassie Angola, IN

Relaxing soak, left my skin soft & lightly moisturized – Made in the USA!

I was offered an opportunity to provide an honest review for a variety of San Fransisco Salt Company products and tried their California Breeze Bath Salt the other evening. I scooped a handful of the bath salts & let the bath water run over it as the tub filled.I enjoyed the clean, fresh scent. Most of the bath salts dissolved as the tub filled, and the rest dissolved when I swirled my foot in the water. The salts tinted the water a light sky blue color & the room filled with California Breeze’s clean, fresh scent. I enjoyed a relaxing bath which left my skin soft & lightly moisturized. I didn’t need to use any body lotion later which surprised me. The tub wasn’t overly slippery like it has been with some products I’ve used…yes, I still needed to be careful, but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t get my footing.I like this so much, that I plan on purchasing San Fransisco Bath Salts for future gifts. (teachers, thinking-of-you, thank-you, birthday, & Christmas gifts are a few ideas that came to me)Other uses:Mix into shower gel or body wash to create a body scrub.Sprinkle on wet feet & rub together or massage…be careful not to slip.Dissolve a small amount into a warm foot bath/spa.California Breeze is packaged in a durable, designer bag.I was surprised & delighted to find a little, rubber ducky included in the shipment.Safe for jacuzzis and spas; this product is cruelty free, paraben free, phthalate free & SLS free.IngredientsPacific Sea Salt, Fragrance, Glycerin (Vegetable Glycerin), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, FD&C; Blue 1 Lake.Satisfaction GuaranteedMade in the USANote – San Fransisco Salt Company shipped the products using eco-friendly packing peanuts which dissolve in water.

Elda Rowley, MA

A very relaxing experience

California Breeze Bath Salts come packaged in a beautiful bag that hints at the explosion of blue color and fresh, clean, ocean-like fragrance they emit when added to a tub of steamy water.I enjoy a bubble bath every now and then but it is no exaggeration to say that this particular scent, the blue water, and the gentle moisturizing and softening effect on the skin make it a much more enjoyable and refreshing experience. I turned off the lights and lit a candle and then almost fell asleep in the tub.If you think of bath salts as a mysterious crystalline substance matched to the color of the guest towels and kept for decades in a dusty candy jar on the vanity for decoration and have never actually experienced good quality bath salts like these, you are missing out!A sample was provided for unbiased review by San Francisco Salt Company.

Bessie South Hackensack, NJ

pleasing, invigorating, and blue

A pleasantly-scented, blue-tinged bath salt.The scent is refreshing but not overpowering. These salts turn the bath mildly blue and give the water the luxuriously soft “texture” of salt-water. The GF enjoyed it and found she liked using two handfuls for a soak (but she has small hands). She reported the scent was pleasing but not too strong, and didn’t make her sleepy (like lavender baths do), making it ideal for reading in the tub.[ A sample was provided to me for review. ]A pleasing indulgence that leaves its mild scent lingering in the bathroom air. Recommended for a refreshing bath.

Antoinette Port Austin, MI

The bath salt I’ve been looking for

Back in the 1970s when I was in college, I treated myself to a couple of packets of “mineral bath salts” I ran across in my local drug store. I absolutely loved the fragrance, the light blue color of my bath water, and most importantly the relaxed feeling it provided after a long, warm tub soaking. If I had known I would never be able to find those packets again, I would have stocked up on them. I’ve used many bubble baths, bath oils, and other bath salts over the years, but I’ve never found the duplicate of those wonderful bath minerals. Till now!When I picked up this 2lb bag of California Breeze Bath Salts and took a whiff of the scent, it took me back 40 years. It’s hard to describe the fragrance, but I would have named it South Seas Soak or Bahama Breeze Bath! It just isn’t like any other scent on the market. Not perfume-like sweet…not musky. I’d have to call it an “earthy floral.” Of course when it’s dissolved in a tub of water, the fragrance is light yet lingering. I use a bit more than the handful called for, but then I have a large jacuzzi tub.You’ll love the way these bath salts scent the water, but you’ll also love how they make the water feel soft and silky. Your skin is left feeling soft and lightly scented. Even your bathroom will smell great! I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys soaking and relaxing.

Brandi Toledo, IL

Incredible in the shower, too

When San Francisco Salt Company offered to let me try some of their bath salts, I demurred because I rarely take tub baths. Their incredibly helpful customer support person explained that bath salts can be used in the shower, too, so I decided to try them.The salts come packaged in a very pretty re-closeable bag. It’s attractive enough to leave out. This particular salt (California Breeze) is a pretty blue color and has a lovely, light fragrance. The salts are fine to medium size crystals.For use in the shower, rub a handful of salt into wet skin to soften and exfoliate. You can also sprinkle some on the shower floor to scrub the bottoms of your feet. I put some on a wet washcloth and gently scrubbed my whole body, paying special attention to my feet and legs.I am shocked at how soft and smooth my skin feels! I’ve used a buffing sponge in the shower for years to exfoliate but the bath salts are so much better because my skin isn’t dry after using it. If you scrub your heels with these salts during every shower, it gets rid of dry and cracked heels. My feet feel as soft as the rest of my skin, which is amazing since I am always barefoot.As we age, we shed skin cells at a slower pace. That contributes to our skin looking dull and less radiant than in our youth. Exfoliating removes those dead skin cells and the reveals new, fresh skin underneath and gives you a healthy glow. These salts work better than anything else I’ve used as an exfoliant. I’m going to buy more as gifts for my friends because this is too good not to share.If you want to get your skin ready for bathing suit season or just want to pamper yourself, these are a great way to do it.Note: no promise was made or implied for a positive review – just my honest evaluation of the product.

Reba Mc Cool Junction, NE