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California Baby Hair Conditioner – Calendula – 8.5 oz

Developed by a mother, California Baby has your child’s best interest at heart. No synthetic fragrances No numbing agents Helps to eliminate cradle cap No gluten, soy, oat, dairy or nuts except for coconut (seed of a drupaceous fruit), which is not typically restricted in the diets of people with tree nut allergies. Contains the active ingredient of Calendula (kal’len’dula), which has been used to soothe skin for centuries. Our 100% botanically based hair conditioner works to maintain natural shine and flexibility while our proprietary herbal complex, Calming essential oils and natural emollients help to soothe and heal irritated and itchy scalp. Our essential oils are guaranteed pesticide free. After years of ingredient and product research, I feel this is an excellent product. Sincerely, Jessica Developer of California Baby

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  • Developed by a mother, California Baby has your child’s best interest at heart
  • California Baby

Honest reviews


Very Good Product

I’ve used many natural conditioners and this is so far the best I’ve found. My daughter has thick, wavy hair and this is the only natural product that seems to work and leaves her hair soft and nice smelling. I’m very sensative to frangrance and this doesn’t bother me which is another plus. I’ve used it on my own fine curly hair as a leave in and it works great. Every so often if I’m not able to find this product in store I will try something new but I always go back to the California Baby conditioner because it really works the best.

Tamra Gradyville, PA

Great for adults too! — UPDATED

I have really sensitive skin and often get sore spots on the top of my scalp from eczema. I wondered if the commercial shampoo and conditioner I was using was drying my skin out on my scalp, so I decided to find something natural to use with no artificial fragrances. Finding the shampoo without sodium laureth sulfate (or other surfactants) was relatively easy, but finding a conditioner that didn’t have known allergens was horrible. Everything, even hypoallergenic stuff, had fragrance, parabens, etc.I started using California Baby Calendula Conditioner last night for the first time. After shampooing and rinsing, I put a generous amount on my hair (like the label said) and worked it in, concentrating on the roots and the ends. I left it in for about 3 minutes while finishing my shower routine and then combed it with a wide tooth comb and rinsed it out. I also dried my hair after showering and put a quarter sized amount in my hair as leave-in conditioner. My hair has never looked so golden before! I have blonde hair and it almost looks brown if I use any other natural hair care products. The calendula conditioner combined with the natural shampoo make my hair feel silky and smooth. It was much more manageable and my scalp does not itch! I am very pleased!UPDATE: I had to stop using this conditioner because it was causing pretty bad eczema breakouts. Not pleased anymore.

Constance Onida, SD

Gentle but not great at conditioning

This conditioner does not do a great job at getting out the tangles but is safe for little ones with a head of hair. Perhaps it is made for babies?

Leona New Canton, IL

Love it

This conditioner smells really nice and gets the tangles out well. My daughter has curly hair that knots easily, so combing through is always a challenge. This stuff works well and isn’t greasy or heavy, without relaxing her curl. Her curls come out nice and her hair is shiny.

Leah Bryceville, FL

Tames the frizzies in my baby’s curly hair

My 23 month old has a head full of tight ringlets. I had went through many natural products trying to find something that would help smooth out her hair. I am so happy that I found this. It doesn’t detangle or anything like commercial conditioners do – but it does leave her hair soft, silky and manageable. It also took care of her dry scalp. Not only that, her baby fine hair isn’t weighed down by this – even when I leave it in. It also smells nice. (If you’re familiar with California Baby products, it smells like the rest of the line does.) My only gripe is the price. I really wish it wasn’t so expensive.

Nellie Elk Park, NC