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Cabot Labs Musk Oil 1/2 oz.

INDICATIONS: The original natural Musk Oil cologne. Original Natural Musk Oil Perfume smells different on everyone. You may not even be aware of its Fragrance.

Key features

  • This musk oil smells different on everyone!
  • This musk oil has been around for over 30 years and is still manufactured by the same company, formerly called West Cabot and Cabot labs.

Honest reviews


Negative stars

I love musk oil and after the good reviews I wanted to try this. Oh my goodness, absolutely zero scent. Nothing. Nothing in the bottle nothing on the skin. It is plain oil. What a total and complete ripoff of 10 bucks. To send it back would be another 5 bucks… to say the least I am disappointed and mad at myself for buying something I could not test beforehand or something that is a pain to return. Save your money!

Elizabeth Elizaville, KY

Still Looking

Not the musk I remember. Still looking. Does anyone know what I am talking about??? Is real musk in this oil???

Sherri Randsburg, CA

Cabots Musk Oil

I’ve always heard that Cabot’s manufactures great musk oil but I hate to say that I’m disappointed and surprised about that fact. I smelled the oil and could barely smell anything. Very weak, smelled like a very small amount of the musk was mixed with clear oil, very diluted smelling, Maybe I got a bottle from a bad batch. I may try to purchase again though……

Rosella Riverside, PA

still searching…

Still searching for my long-lost scent from back in the day. Have ordered almost every musk on Amazon. So far, this is the best of the bunch. It has a hint of the old scent but it’s VERY weak. Maybe if I reduce it…

Mabel Whitewood, VA


Best musk on the market. Soft and romantic, not overbearing. My favorite fragrance.

Tricia Maysville, OK