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C. Booth Original Bath and Body Oil, 16 Fluid Ounce

Original bath and body oil is blended with a lightweight sunflower and sesame seed oil that can be used in the bath or massaged into dry skin for a gorgeous, all-over glow. Hydrate. Nourish. Beautify. C.Booth is luxurious bath and body care inspired by apothecaries, influenced by skin care science, and made for all. Get custom-blended bath care for nourished, gorgeous skin.

Key features

  • You’re left with a nourishing, healthy glow that leaves skin and your senses satisfied
  • Lightweight sunflower and sesame seed oils create a softening bath infusion or an intense skin conditioner
  • Hydrate; Nourish
  • Beautify; C.Booth is luxurious bath and body care inspired by apothecaries, influenced by skin care science and made for all

Honest reviews


great price and quality

Moisturizes very well and is made of all natural ingredients, no mineral oil like other body oils. Mineral oil only moisturizes the top layer of skin; the oils in this penetrate to moisturize the deeper layers. It feels light and not greasy after rubbed in. For moderately dry skin, not severely dry skin (for which I would recommend shea butter oil).

Lindsey Chittenango, NY

Curious about paraben

I really care about paraben, sulfate, phthalates and some, and I thought this body oil is only natural and ordered it, but I searched online and found a webpage saying it has paraben. But when I received this, the label said it’s free from paraben, and sulfate and mineral oil. I don’t know which is correct. Anyway, it still has some artificial colors.

Tamra Aston, PA

My favorite body oil

My favorite body oil! I use this after getting out of the shower, and it moisturizes better than any body cream, lotion or other body oils. The fragrance is soft, light, clean and pleasant–won’t clash with perfumes. I will not let my household be without this body oil :-0

Patty Alpine, TN

nothing dramatic

Ii didn’t notice anything outstanding either way.I could probably find something cheaper and more effective.At least I tried.

Maribel Riverhead, NY

I love this stuff…

I have looked for this all over and couldn’t find it. I thought they had stopped making it. This is a great price for a wonderful product. I don’t like lotions….I love body oils after a shower…they soak into your skin and make you feel so luxurious…this one doesn’t fail you either like some can. I never use baby oil and nothing with mineral oil in it…that will just sap the moisture right out. This has no mineral oil and keeps you hydrated all day…and your skin looks amazing..just put it on right after your shower, while your skin is still wet. And then towel off…you won’t be slippery or greasy…just wonderful, beautiful skin…oh and you smell a little like chocolate. I love it….it is very lightly scented…a little scent of vanilla and a little a cocoa butter, makes for a lovely natural smell…

Susan Pico Rivera, CA