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Bye Bye Blemish Drying Lotion – 1 fl oz

Bye-Bye Blemish Drying Lotion is an antiseptic and clarifying solution to reduce the size and severity of any blemish overnight. It exfoliates pore-blocking debris with a proven beta hydroxyl formula. Maximum strength salicylic acid exfoliated dead cells from pores, allowing all-natural drying ingredients to penetrate and treat infection. Overnight spot treatment rapidly reducing the size and severity of pimples. Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Non-irritating, even on sensitive skin. 75-100 applications in each bottle. Works in harmony with the skin to provide optimum results.

Key features

  • Dries up acne pimples, dries and clears acne blemishes.
  • Antiseptic and clarifying lotion guaranteed to reduce the size and severity of blemishes
  • See results overnight, exfoliates pore blocking debris overnight
  • Recommended for isolated pimples
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


Good but don’t over – do it.

This product is good for surface whiteheads only. Only use pinhead amount on the very spot. Do not spread on more skin than that or apply more than one time. It works to dry it out – but does not heal the skin beneath – so as soon as you can stop using and apply healing moisturizer to the tender new skin. (sorry for the graphic descriptions) This product is good in a pinch / not for large areas of the face or any kind of longterm solution. But it works well.

Ladonna Park River, ND

Doesn’t work for me

This product is a wast for me. I was so excited to get it after readying all the reviews. I applied it to the areas that needed it, and it does nothing for me. I don’t see any difference the next day, or even the next couple of hours aftering applying it, nothing. Wast of my money.

Lily Waunakee, WI

It actually works!

I have some what of an acne problem. They are not actually acnes but little bumps that sometimes turn into acne or otherwise sink back down. But during the last couple of months they would not go away so I would tend to scratch it off which is a really bad habit. I read a review of this product on another site and I thought why not. It’s pretty strong so it sometimes burns your eyes and dries your skin but it does the job. It got rid of my bumps in no joke 4 days. There are still abit left but I’m going to leave my skin for a couple of days since my skins reallly dry now. I really recommend it, I’m really surprised it works.

Jerri Albuquerque, NM

It works! and for under $10…….

I just bought some of this for myself and my daughter. I’m 34 and she’s 15. I’d already tried Proactiv in the past and it did nothing for me except make my face moist. The only part of Proactiv that gets rid of bumps is the Sulfur Mask. Most people don’t even realize that it’s the only thing from Proactiv they need to buy to get rid of the acne, the other stuff is to take your money. So I thought to myself, why not find another cheaper solution that had both Sulfur and Zinc Oxide in it(same ingredients as in Proactiv). Proactiv’s solution has 4% sulfur for $20(less on Ebay), while Bye Bye Blemish has 10% sulfur for only $8-$10.My acne is not as prominent as my daughter’s because I do the daily facial washing regimen and care. Being 15, she sometimes forgets to thoroughly wash her skin as often and she also touches her face alot more. She gets really bad blackheads and whiteheads on her cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. We used a blackhead remover to get black and whiteheads cleaned out on her skin. Then we applied the bye bye blemish to each on and she went to bed. I had to say that I was quite impressed. Although you could still see some of the bumps in the morning, they were quite diminished. Some of her bumps has even smoothed all the way down. After the 2nd day cleaning her skin and adding the blemish solution, most of them could no longer be seen, except for the light scarring of where some of the bumps had been.Before some of you say, “oh, she must work for the Bye Bye Blemish” company. I would say that those who speak against the product must work for Proactiv or SkinID, lol. Expensive commercials and superstar endorsements don’t make a product work better, it just makes you the consumer pay more for the product. If you check the Bye Bye Blemish website, they have celebrity endorsements too, but it still costs $8, lol. I’ll pay $8 once over $40/month any day just to try something that could possibly work better. Just be sure to follow the directions on the bottle! This stuff can dry your skin out if you overuse it!

Kerri Canaseraga, NY

Worked like any other acne stuff I tried

This was going great for me at first… But then after a few days, I noticed a NEW pimple on my face.. this was a pimple that isn’t even in my T-zone, where I get the most of my pimples. Plus, this drying lotion cannot get rid of all your pimples. In fact, blemishes are still visible after using this. So I say, trying something else first.

Carmella Beavercreek, OR

The one that works!!!

I have used the popular over-the-counter acne products over the years as well as the prescription Retin-A and had little to no results. I found this product in my local pharmacy and had doubts but I decided not to spend money on products that I’ve already used and was disappointed with. I was shocked to see the results! I am 52 yrs old and still get blind pimples on my face that are a bear to get rid of as well as some on my upper thigh – a very weird spot. This product is the bomb and either the pimple is gone the next morning or it draws it to a head – no fail (sorry, TMI). I thank the reviewer that says to replace the upper liquid with alcohol when it is used up – I’ll try it when that time comes. The bottle lasts a long time as you only need to dab a little with Q Tip. It doesn’t smell pretty but but it’s not offensive to me and once it dries, the sulfur smell goes away. That is the ingredient that works, btw. Clearasil, Oxy 10 etc. should take the clue and add the sulfur to their products to make them effective.

Louisa Sparks, NV

Comes Off Too Easy

I put this on before I go to bead and when I wake up it’s gone. When it dries, it dries as a powder which is why it doesn’t stay on. It’d be unrealistic to expect it to stay on but maybe some modifications should be made so the lotion stays on for a bit longer. I don’t see how the lotion could help shrink pimples when it only stays on for less than two hours.I find that this works best with pimples that already have a white tip. Put it on when you get home from work so it can work on your blemishes as you’re up and about.

Tisha Mccutcheon Field, NC

It helps with pimples.

I purchased this drying lotion since it was cheaper than another product at Nordstroms – it does help with those huge pimples that seem to pop up right when you have an important event to attend. Hopefully your significant other doesn’t mind seeing you with pink dots on your face at bedtime.

Ellen Sharon, OK

Doesn’t work!

I bought this after seeing all the great reviews, I’m glad to see it work with everyone else I only wish I got the same results. I’ve been using this for 4 nights on the SAME pimple and it’s STILL there. Waste of $8 bucks

Lois Ben Lomond, AR

Works overnight!

I wish I’d known about this long ago. I used to get those cystic type blemishes that take forever and ever to go away. If one starts, I dip the handle end of a makeup brush into this, dab it on, and my skin is normal in the morning. Even my husband uses it, it’s that effective. It’s pink and dry, like Caladryl lotion.

Brandy Uniontown, KS

Great stuff!!

I found this in Walgreen’s once, tried it and loved it!!! The next time I went back, though, they didn’t carry it. I went to the Bye Bye Blemish site and read some good press and testimonials, so now I want to try the peel, etc., as well as the drying lotion. I haven’t found a substitute that comes close. I was glad to read that you could add alcohol when the clear layer dries out.

Ola Rugby, TN

Great! Worth a try!

Love this. Ordered after reading many reviews and it really does the trick! I’m used to having cystic acne and needed something to lessen the severity of some bumps. This product helps the bump reduce in size overnight and it’s awesome! Glad I have it when I get some bad bumps! Sometimes it does sting and you do look like you have pink lotion all over but hey it works!

Jerry Cost, TX

Mind Blowing!!

This is simply a mind blowing product! I don’t get pimples very often, but when I do, I need something that works effectively and fast. Each time that I have used this product, it has delivered amazing results. I simply apply it to the pimple as soon as it erupts and usually with an hour the zit is dried up or gone. NO JOKE!!! This stuff works!!

Willie Alden, MI

I really like it a lot.

This works really well for me. I feel like basically what it does is dries my skin out and that makes my acne go away, but it doesn’t get too dry. I don’t think my skin is oily or dry, it seems just right, but the next morning I can see that if I had some acne it looks dry, but my face looks great after I put on my foundation.When you get it you will see that there is like a beige paste in the bottle but then there is also like a clear watery substance in the bottle as well. The first time I got this the person that gave it to me told me if it runs out of the clear stuff put rubbing alcohol in it, well I spilt it of course and added rubbing alcohol and it still works great.Also I want to mention, this is really not a lotion in my opinion. It is definitely different… but I don’t know how to explain what it is like, possibly like calamine lotion? I think that is what it is called. You have to use a Q-tip to apply; you are not supposed to shake the bottle.

Lidia Hubbard, OR

just like many other products

Works ok but takes time….just like many other products. Nothing special

Jolene Victoria, MN

Such great lotion…

…to clear up a blemish! It is pink when put on the blemish, so it is a lotion one would want to use at nighttime when they will be going to bed. Who wants to walk around in the day time with pink dots on their face?! But, it sure does work well!

Ines Neshanic Station, NJ

Just a sulfur treatment. Works okay.

This works similar to the Proactiv sulfur mask for me. I dip a q-tip down in to the liquid and then cover my zit(s) with a pretty decent layer of it.Over a day or so it definitely shrinks them down a bit.

Adelaide Katy, TX

bye bye blemish

i love this product for blemishes and bites. it clears anything up over night, and instantly. i use it to speed things along and it’s the best. lets you skin breath and heal quickly too.

Jody Brinklow, MD

It actually works!

This review may be a bit premature but I’ve used BBB twice and it seems to have worked like magic. A few weeks after I received this I felt a sore spot under my skin, which is the sensation I get when a pimple or cyst is festering. I dabbed the sediment on the area and the next day, soreness gone and no redness (which is usually next), no nothing. Same good result twice in different locations. Sometimes these things will go away without erupting, so I cannot prove it was BBB. I will see if these good results continue or if it was just coincidence. I can update the review later after more use. **Update: It has been a while now and I have used BBB on a few pimples that appeared with little warning. Applied it at night and by morning blemish is just about gone. Hard to believe it works so well. I think it’s great stuff. 🙂

Ida Winchester, VA

Works Like a A Charm

Im a 30-something with pale (dare I say see-thru)skin. When I get a blemish, it is totally noticeable and quite annoying/embarrassing–I mean come on! Wrinkles AND Pimples?!? I digress. I grabbed bye bye blemish at an online drug store about 4 years ago when I was suffering thru a particularly bad outbreak. It works like a charm. There is a trick to it though. You will be immediately tempted to shake the bottle to incorporate the pink goo at the bottom & the clear liquid on top. Do not shake it like a polaroid picture! When you receive this, you won’t even be able to use it for a day, because the shipping will have shaken it. Just let it sit out & I assure you, the product will correct itself.Here is my routine:Before I head to bed, I cleanse my skin thoroughly and apply any serum/moisturizers Im using at the time. I dip a q-tip into water and clean off any spots I want to treat with BBB. Take a new q tip & dip it into the pink gooey sediment at the bottom of the bottle & dot the zits. (Make sure to use a new q tip for every dip!) Then I will set my hair dryer to super low to dry my face, otherwise, you might end up with a pink pillow. When you wake up, if the offender isnt completely gone, it is greatly diminished.Overall, I give it an A+. I only recently ran out of my bottle, so it is really a great cost effective way to deal with nasty breakouts.Lazy Girl Tips:You can’t wear this out in public during the day. Dont try-you will look like a nutball. It basically looks like little dots of Calamine Lotion all over your face. Not sexy.Too much is really too much. It will dry your face out in sensitive areas with excessive use, so just keep it to the once nightly application.You will inevitably forget you have this on and your husband will look at you like you are an alien the first time you use it. Best to prepare a snappy comeback before exiting the bathroom.

Roxanne Republic, OH

It works!

I have been buying the Mario Badescu drying lotion for a while now and when I heard bye bye blemish was a dupe, I decided to try it out. This works just as good if not better. It dries up the zit quickly BUT, my only complaint is that it can be a little too harsh so you have to be careful. I was able to use the Mario Badescu one on recently popped zits but not this one. This one will make an open sore worse and painful. But I would rather save money and work with this one instead. Probably shouldn’t be putting anything on open sores anyway. Oops.

Arlene Grafton, IL

One of the Best Blemish Busters Ever!

I bought this product with much hesitation, thinking it was another "too good to be true" item. However, it ACTUALLY WORKS!!!! Put this stuff on a blemish, and it shrinks/eliminates it overnight! I love this stuff, and it is a "must have" for people who get break-outs!

Tricia Gaylordsville, CT

Yes It Does Work. Never Want To Be Without It Again

This stuff really does work. On some ‘situations’ it works overnight and other situations it may take one to three days – and that’s still not a long time. I had a pimple or two that popped while washing which was an accident. It ended spreading into a few more pimples and I think it became infected. It looked just horrible.I was desperate for something stronger to put on it. I read about Bye Bye Blemish and majority of the reviews were good. To my surprise, that situation on my face looked better within a few hours. Overnight, it looked even better. Within a couple of days it was completely gone.I think it was infected because as the BBB was drying it out, the pus would really ooze out. It was disgusting. After all of the pus finished oozing out within a day or so it just dried up and shrunk away. I was so happy. I’d never seen anything like it.

Anna Staunton, IN

Didn’t do anything

I honestly felt like I was just putting water on my acne. I didn’t notice any changes at all and would gladly return it if it cost me more and if I still had the box.

Janelle Sandy Hook, VA

Powerful, effective, and well priced

I have teenagers who are breaking out like crazy. This stuff seems to be the only thing that works fast and consistently on all there acne issues and they actually are willing to use it on a regular basis which is half the battle.I’ve seen high end skin are brands which offers the exact same thing fir double the price. I’ve tried both brands and got same results so I’m sticking with this one and keep the savings safely in my pocket

Melinda Hunter, NY

Decent Product

This is my 3rd of 4th time buying this. It works pretty well; and of course I will purchase again.

Doretha Union, OR

Not as good as the Mario brand

I was tired of spending $17 at Nordstrom for the similar Mario brand of this type of lotion. So, thought I’d try this. This looks the same but does not perform.

Francine Avery, ID

Good but messy

It works, and clears your zits but not fast enough for me. It also dries out your skin like crazy so I recommend using a moisturizer afterwards.

Arline Rhodesdale, MD


It blends well with my skin color and I think it’s really helping with breakouts. It has a camphor smell. Some people wouldn’t like that, but I think it smells good.

Lynette Luxor, PA

Better than salicylic acid

I have occasional adult acne “bumps” and usually have pretty dry skin otherwise. Using most acne medication dries my skin out, doesn’t really ‘kill’ the pimples and basically makes my face flake. Yeah, not attractive.I decided to give this product a try, since I wanted to avoid salicylic acid.I remembered how soft and gorgeous my skin was after bathing in natural sulfur springs…The product comes in a small glass bottle with heavy pink sediment on the bottom and clear liquid above. You dip a q-tip into the sediment and apply pink stuff to your problem areas. It dries pretty quickly, within 5 min.The only drawbacks are the (1)sulfuric smell (very mild) and (2)powdery residue it leaves on the sheets at night. It is a night-time only product in my book, since it is pink, very visible and smells a bit.Other than that, this product works very well to dry out break-outs and make skin soft and it appears to be very gentle. I have had no flaking of the skin, redness, irritation or dryness.I’m so glad I found this. No more drying, burning salicylic acid for me.

Beth Long Green, MD