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BY champper Fashion Caviar Nails Art New 12 Colors plastic Beads Manicures or Pedicures Nail Art Hot Sales

* All you need is a little time & patience. * Apply coat of clear or coloured varnish. * When completely apply a generous coat of clear varnish. * Whilst wet sprinkle the beads over your nail (do one at a time). * Pat down & fill in any areas which need more beads. * Package included:1 X box of Caviar Nails Art(12 colors)

Key features

  • This seasons must have nail art.
  • 12 colour ‘Caviar Nail Art’ – suitable for manicures or pedicures.
  • Create this look yourself, girls, are YOU ready for the attention?
  • Set Contains 12 colours (may vary from pictures)
  • They come in a clear round dishes with lids

Honest reviews


I Love it.SODIAL(TM) Fashion Caviar Nails Art New 12 Colors plastic Beads Manicures…

I Love it….. Quick delivery…Awesome product..they look so cute and the colors are beautiful…Thanks…SODIAL(TM) Fashion Caviar Nails Art New 12 Colors plastic Beads Manicures…

Jennifer Dry Fork, VA

Really Fun!

Really a fun way to do your nails!

Kerri Hinckley, IL

really like

i love this product so much i would anyone to buy this,i really like it.they met my expectations and so much more,my friends like this product

Eleanor Broomall, PA

Caviar nails, oh my

My shipment was FBA. Micro beads in nail art is so cute! you dont even have to cover your whole nail. One could accent a flower (creating stamen). I had 12 differnt colors, one case held like a multi color..(it had pink white and blue. awesome!) seems as though the colors you get are random. these beads are tiny (as many of you know) and i dont know the word for this but they like to stick to the sides of the case! (static-y? lol) You could pick these up individually with tweezers if going for detailed work or just pour over ur wet polish for a full coverage of caviar nails. (pour rest back in case). Recommended for all who love textured nails, be careful these can be messy!

Tasha Tuskahoma, OK

These are cool.

Love the look of these when all is done. They are a little tricky to get the hang of but the result is pretty cool.

Gloria Williamsfield, IL

Like them

I like the caviar beads but there a little to shiny for me. I thought I was buying more of a matte finish and not shiny. But besides that I like them and would order again.

Gracie Hazelton, KS

great color concentration

so excited to use these to create some great new nail art! the clients are going to love them =)

Nettie Otis Orchards, WA

ok but……

these are ok but some of them weren’t even half full some of them are really full so it kind of makes up for it but still a few of them i will probably combine becuase there isn’t even enogh to do one nail.

Bridget Natrona Heights, PA

Beautiful Colors

They came pretty fast and I love the case they are stored in. They all had a good amount of micro beads in each one and I have used them many times over the last month. I am wearing some of the gold ones now on a poinsettia flower I painted for the Christmas week. It looks great with the beads in the center of the flower. =0)

Mallory Old Fort, NC

very cute i liked this 🙂

I have to start this review by saying I chew on my nails so I have very short nails to begin with but I gave this a try anyways and I really like it, I had it for a week before I couldn’t stand it and chewed it off lmao, I painted my nails as I typically would sprinkled these on over another container and repeated until the whole nail was covered and I put a glob if u will of clear nail polish over it to seal it and make it last longer! Lol I noticed the bright colored ones did bleed a little but I didn’t bother me. So in my experience the bright pink and red were the ones that bled into the other colors.Also not all of them were different colors, the colors look way nicer in person not pastel and ugly like the picture I saw but they are pearlestic (having a pearl like sheen on them) im not disappointed with my purchase I really liked it only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was bc I got two containers of the same green and my favorite color is green so I guess it ain’t too bad but havin two shades of green would have been cooler lol the shipping was fast too I got it a week after ordering

Amy Camden, TX