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Butterfly Clamps 1-dozen * Size: Large 3″ * Assorted Colors

* Perfect for sectioning long or short hair* 12 clips per package* 3″ Wide* Package contains assorted colors

Key features

  • Perfect for sectioning long or short hair
  • Package contains Assorted Colors
  • 12 clips per package
  • Size: 3″ Wide Clamps

Honest reviews


Cheap and most broke

I’ve used these a few times and broke them very easily. The metal springs holding them together would just pop off. I have a couple left out of the entire bag.

Maryanne Gwynedd, PA

100% better than the cheap clips I had

FINALLY! A sturdy hair clip that holds my hair! I had to constantly replace previous clips, therefore wasting way too much money. The butterfly clamps are durable and lasting. They still look and feel new after using them for about 6 weeks and I use them daily in hair grooming and styling. Also, the metal spring clipping holds and does not slip out of its joints. Glad I found these.

Natalia Cool, CA

Love these clips

These clips are great they can be used when styling your hair or just to tie it back. I like the colors and they are very durable none have broken so far and ive had them a while i use them when straightening my hair as it long i need to do section by section and they hold my hair in place and do not scratch my scalp which is a plus.I would recommend and buy again if need be in the future!

Jannie Martin, OH

great clips

I’ve been looking for clips for a while now and I finally found some great ones. I use on my natural hair and my extensions and there very sturdy and don’t snag my hair. And 12 clips are more than enough for my hair.

Kerri Glendora, CA

Perfect for my needs

These clips are a very good value, and they are perfect for my needs. I bought these to hold my spiral rollers in my hair, I’m going to order another set to have enough for my whole head. All in all a good purchase!

Hope Sedan, KS


Good quality and showed up really fast. These have stood up to a few uses and haven’t had a problem at all. I would recommend.

Mollie Plainfield, CT

Butterfly Clamps

Very nice product. I love the colors and they came just as descibed. I would highly recommend for anyone who wants a change of color.

Jewell Snyder, NE

Love them!

when I part my hair to curl/straighten/wave/braid it Its always a hassle to tie my hair up with a rubber band to keep it out of my face. I LOVE these ! all I do is twist my hair & clip it to the top of my head, no hassle & no pain! definitely ordering more when mine are worn out. they seem pretty durable though,

Kara Wabeno, WI

It is a must have

It arrived super fast…in the day that I was going to color my hair. I love those clips and make my life easy…worth the $.xo

Helena Lexington, NE

Butterfly Clamps 1 dozen, Size Large 3″ Assorted Colors

The clips are nice and no doubt will be totally useful because who doesn’t use clips. The colors listed are lighter than they really are, but still pretty. The lighter purple ones are darker like the top ones and the blue ones are more navy. Other than the slight difference in color, I’m fine with them. I have had these clips in the past and they have held up well, just wanted to have more on hand. I had a shortage doing my hair and went a little crazy getting the dozen pack, but I’m sure I will use them. I use these kind of clips everyday.

Rebekah Topaz, CA

Good quality hair clamps

Great clips, I use them to section my hair when detangling and styling, they are not flimsy and cheap. Good quality

Emilie Plattsmouth, NE

Good clamps

I really like these clamps. They are awesome…the colors are cute and vibrant and I have enjoyed using them…I have had them for a year now and still as good as when I got them in the mail

Lenore Bagwell, TX

practical clips

These are "cheap" clips not just in price BUT work just fine. I love the colors, especially lavendar and purple. I sometimes wear these clips out of the house when they match my clothes. Mostly I use them at home just to keep my hair up and when trimming or coloring my hair. Have been using them for awhile and they’re holding up fine. The batch of them is scattered all about so I always have a cilp or two handy. They may not be the highest quality, but they’re sturdy, and price makes them very practical.

Susan Littleton, MA

Great item, very handy

I recently acquired a flat iron and wanted clips like these to section and hold my daughter’s hair while we used the flat iron. These are well-made in friendly colors, and they’re nicely curved rather than straight. The jaws hold well but aren’t too strong. Really an ideal solution and at a great price, too.

Eloise Daleville, AL

Great Clips for Hair Styling!

These clips are perfect for parting out your hair and putting it up into sections or half way up. I like that you get a lot for not a lot of money and they seem to last forever. They also, as far as I have noticed, do not leave clamp marks in your hair. I would not wear these out and about but they are great as helpers when you are doing your hair in the morning!!!

Nanette Folsomville, IN

Colors are not as shown

The title is pretty self explanatory. I assumed *assorted colors meant the colors shown. Boy was I wrong. I received Navy Blue and neon purple. Not pleased.

Imelda Halifax, VA

great value

Exactly what I was looking for, great value! Bought for myself and my daughter, Would recommended to any woman out there.

Melinda Richfield, PA

Great Deal

I needed these! I am always losing my hair clips. These are just some cheap/affordable hair clips to get my annoying bangs outta my face when applying makeup or whatnot. Pretty pastel colors. Fast shipping. Havent had any break on me yet..

Taylor Woodstock, VT

Good For Keeping Your Hair Out of The Way

I bought these to use when I color my hair. They held the sectioned parts in place and are easy to remove as needed. i also used one to hold the towel around my neck. Got a little colorant on a couple and it washed off easily.

Evangeline Carey, OH

very nice!!!

love the butterfly clamps. my hair washing usually lasts for 1 hour but now that i have the clamps, it only last around 30 minutes.

Patti Halstead, KS

very useful 🙂

I am really satisfied with this purchase. I like the price (3.75 $) , different colors as well as the strength of the springs (I have replaced my daily clamps with these butterfly clamps as they keep my hair fixed in the position when I am working at home).

Marta Groesbeck, TX

Great clips!!!

I have really thick hair and its medium long… but when im straightening it… i need something to seperate my hair and hold it well without falling out!!! this does the trick.. it takes about 5 to section off my hair and they hold also was great using these when i dyed my hair!! 😉 love em! so glad i bought them!!!

Savannah Stoddard, WI

Best clips!

I just got a curling wand and wanted clips to help separate sections. These clips were great. They don’t hurt your head and pull your hair like other clips I have. Gentle and durable! Definitely recommend.

Eloise Arlington, WI


These are convenient to use around the house (as bag pins) as well as for the hair.

Tammy Lake, MS


I bought these clamps to I could separate my hair as I deep conditioned or detangled my hair. They are great and strong, If you have thick or long hair or even thin and short hair, these clamps are a good buy. I use these every week I do my hair,, I would recommend these clamps…

Morgan San Acacia, NM

Cute colors

Typical butterfly clamps. They do not pull my hair and the colors are adorable. Works wonders for organizing your hair while straightening. A straightforward purchase.

Kerry Gonzales, LA


They worked well, I used them on wash days. The clips are sturdy and holds my hair well. I wish they would have came in different sizes but I can work with what I have.

Joan Enterprise, AL


I bought this clips to lessen the task of washing and detanglingmy extremely curly-kinky hair. It’s made a big difference than using hair tiesand stays in place–even at the most awkward angles! It’s been perfect so far!

Gilda Fisher, AR


These clips are wonderful, i am natural 4c and have really thick hair I sooo need to put it into sections to work with and this does it perfectly!!

Kathie Steele, ND


These are low priced and you get a fairly light weight, flimsy clip, Hair clips dont need to be ultra strong but these break easily. Okay for the price, but if you plan to use them a lot you might want to try another option.

Jeri Maurice, IA