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Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream, 0.5 Ounces

A very nourishing eye cream that will leave your skin moisturized and smoother for naturally radiant skin. Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream is formulated with one of natures most powerful nutrients, Royal jelly, to help enhance skins youthful glow while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. One of natures most nourishing substances, Royal Jelly contains lots of nutrients including a regal prescription of 8 essential amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D and E, along with niacin and folic acid. This quick-absorbing eye cream is 99% natural and heavy in nutrients to wake-dull skin and restore its natural radiance. Use this dermatologist tested, natural eye cream as part of the Burts Bees Radiance skin care regimen. Put the power of nature to work for your skin with Burts Bees.

Key features

  • 0.5 oz. jar of 99% natural eye cream
  • Moisturizes, with Royal Jelly to enhance skins natural radiance
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Use as part of Burts Bees Radiance natural skin care regimen

Honest reviews


Love it!

I really like this eye creme. I have very sensitive skin and have no issues with this product irritating my skin.Love it!

Rachael Swanton, NE

Pretty gross

I love Burt’s Bees sensitive skin daily moisturizer, but wanted something with a little spf, so bought the radience line – daily, night and eye cream.I found this product went on tacky and greasy and stayed that way. It never soaked into my skin. I even waited 30 minutes before applying makeup. I used a really good eye shadow primer and withing 10 minutes, my eye shadow was creased and smeared and worn off my eye lids. My face remained tacky to the touch all day. I was so relieved to wash it off. To top it off, there is a strange sour smell to the scent of this product that I don’t care for.I also bought the eye cream and the night moisturizer. The night cream is smoother, less greasy and doesn’t feel tacky at all. It also smells great, without the sour smell. It absorbs well, making my skin soft, subtle, lightly scented and smooth. I love the night cream.The eye cream is even tackier than the daily moisturizer and just slides around on my skin like gel or something. The eye cream smells even more sour, bad enough I noticed it all day, even though I wore perfume. So far the sensitive skin moisturizer does better for making my fine lines less visible. It made wearing eyeshadow impossible, even with eye primer, even without the greasy daily moisturizer. Its like putting slime around my eyes, slime that bever dries. I tried three times, using less and less each time with little difference. Would not recommend.I am mid 30s with oily skin.

Liliana Macon, GA


Awesome! I’m 22 and mostly got this for dark sunken circles under my eyes (genetics) but also fine lines which I probablly caused by wearing concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc everyday since I was 15 or so. I’ve been applying this at night and using this for 2 weeks now and am noticing a big difference. I look much more awake and the circles and fine lines have improved alot. My skin where I apply it is more plump so the wrinkles have filled and my eyes no longer look severely bruised. I feel content without makeup on for once! Very happy, but find this a bit expensive for a small container so hopefully it lasts me awhile…EDIT: People who complain about the greasiness are partly right but it soaks in after a minute or two even when I use it in the morning I have no problem using makeup after it soaks in and I have no problem with the makeup smearing. Also I find the smell pleasant..

Jaclyn West Memphis, AR

Doesn’t work for me

I’ve been using this for about a week now because I have a problem with puffiness. I know that it will take some time to diminish the wrinkles etc but I expected to see the puffiness/bags reduced. Well it’s been a week and this cream has made absolutely no difference with my bags. It moisturizes nicely but that’s about it. I’ll be trying something else.

Shelby Kensington, MN

This relaxed the pulling dryness around my eyes. Love it.

I just tried this product for the first time. I like it a lot.I’m 54, in the last few months, delicate skin under my eyes has looked so thin, dry and super tight.The worst suprise is that lately the pulling has also become VERTICAL pulling of skin right under my eyes.My experience with eye cremes in the past is that they either burn, don’t work for more than a couple of hours and are mostly water.I go to work in full makeup, 10 hour days, 5 days a week. I agree that this creme is a little sticky. My undereye liner and concealer do not stay fresh.I still give this product a BIG YAY and here’s why.Staying power, hydration, immediate dry skin pulling relaxation results, effective. I won’t use this during the day on my work days in full makeup but, I will use it every night from now on.I’ll probably continue to dab one tiny small pat on my crows feet after makeup for daytime, because it does the job of hydrating the dry crows feet and leaves a dewey look that I like, all day.I will also use it on my days off when I use no makeup at all. Love it.

Justine Floral Park, NY

Made My Skin’s Condition Worse!

Generally, I love Burt’s Bee products. Based on the ravings reviews here, I have decided to give this cream a try. I have clogged tear ducts in both of my eyes and non-stop eye tearing is an ordeal I have to get used to. I was looking for an excellent eye cream to help with the drying skin under my eyes. I found out that a couple of reviewers had a similar issue and decided to give this product a try. After using it for about two weeks now, I have to say that the condition of my skin not only has not improved, but got worse. I see some vertical creases and puffiness in the under-eye skin now that I have not seen before. Oh yes, it also irritates the eye if it gets there. Needless to say, I am very upset and am stopping using this cream for my under eye skin. I am going back to using retinol based eye creams.

Katy Pleasant Grove, AL

Great for Dark Circles

I am a 22 y/o female, noticed I was getting some dark circles and a few fine lines around the eyes, but mostly bought this for the dark circles. After using this product for almost a month, i have noticed a lightening of the skin under my eyes, and the lines have faded a small bit as well. As purely a moisturizer, i like the scent of it and the fact that its not too greasy, and I wear it under make-up in the morning and again at night before bead. overall, i like what it’s done so far, but don’t expect anything too dramatic. I would buy this again, but it is a little pricey!EDIT:Now been using this product about 4 months, and I am addicted! Even thought I am regularly well-rested, I was having some trouble with dark circles. Originally gave it a 4/5. Changed my rating to 5/5 because it’s lasted much longer than I expected, only 1/2 done with it now, and the dark circles have completely vanished. I’m very satisfied with it, although I wish it were a bit less expensive.

Maude Courtland, VA

Really nice feeling on the skin

This eye cream feels really good on the skin yet is not thick or eye-watering like some creams I’ve tried. It is a very clean feeling product.

Odessa Water Valley, KY

Don’t do it!

I’ve tried the Burt’s Bees Radiance Royal Jelly Eye Cream for about month now, using it morning and at night. However, this product doesn’t seem to be making a difference. Even though I’m almost 30 and don’t have too many fine lines, I feel like this cream has somehow made it worse.At first glance the texture of the cream seems light/airy and smells pretty nice, but after patting it around my eyes it doesn’t spread as evenly. It’s not emollient enough, nor is it hydrating. In fact, I feel like my under-eye area is even more dry after using this product. I will definitely not be repurchasing this eye cream.

Mariana Lancing, TN

Found my lifelong eye creme at last….

I have tried many high and low end eye creams and nothing is special out there. they all feel good, but nothing dramatic, and sometimes i get milia (little white bumps) on my eye lids from applying 2-3x a day. I decided to try this product after running out of my $65 eye creme. I started using Burt’s in mid December 2012, and I started noticing a difference about 2 weeks ago (late Jan 2013)…. So in about 6 weeks I saw improvement.I’ve been thinking, it’s time to review, I am really, really, loving this eye creme. it feels light, and fresh when applied. No strong scents, just natural. This paired with MyChelle vitamin C serum (LOVE) and Mychelle deep repair creme has been working great. I am 29 and have light, olive toned skin btw… The best regime I’ve ever had.This is what I’ve noticed:-major reduction of dark circles (due to Italian genes)-creases smoothed out-bright, toned, younger looking eye areaIt’s crazy how much better and younger I look with a better eye area. I stopped wearing under eye concealer and barely wear mascara anymore, because I really want to accentuate my (new) youthful eyes. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes thinking, come on lady, but man, once you find your ideal creme, you really want to share it with the world and encourage everyone else to try it because it feels good to look good…. it’s a beautiful thing.

Willa Milroy, PA

Don’t understand the hype

I purchased this to help hide / improve my dark circles. After using this product for several months, I have not noticed any improvement. Disappointing for what is normally a reliable brand.

Lashonda Afton, WY

I like it

great little cream , smells so good and so far work like a hidratantdont feel any bad effect , buy more for sure , come on time

Nadia Dunlap, TN

The horrible Smell!

For those of you with sensitive noses – BE WARE! I have no idea why they thought that this product needed such a strong smell, it’s not even a good smell. It overpowers even my therapy grade chamomile oil (which smells so strongly I can’t use it in the morning). I have recently converted to using products I have made myself for my skin regimen because the all-natural way of doing things has really helped my skin, but this also means that everything I use contains no perfumes other than the smells coming from essential oils. To me, the smell coming from this product is so strong that it’s unacceptable. Just opening the container in a small room is too much, much less using it on my face and smelling it for the remainder of the day. I may use this before bed, but I will not be using it in the morning – it smells like the cloying scent of an older woman who wears too much powdery, floral perfume and leaves a cloud of smell in their wake.I will say that the product FEELS nice, despite the smell.Whether the product works or not I have no idea, I haven’t been wearing it for more than 1 miserable hour.

Carmella Columbus, KY

Good moisture eye cream

The eye cream works good. It helps reduce the wrinkles under eyes and keep eyes look fresh. I don’t have too much requirement for eye cream, so cannot comment more on others aspects. And I also like its more natural ingredients, which make me feel safe to use.

Maude Atlanta, GA

radiance eye cream

I have not noticed any real difference with under eye dark circles. I liked the fact of the royal jelly ingredient. I may still use to moisturize under the eye due to the royal jelly. It does smell like bandaids, its ok.

Magdalena Prince George, VA


I just started using eye creams about a year ago (when the crows feet really started to show!). I’ve experimented with several and so far, this is my favorite. Goes on creamy and absorbs fast. A little goes a long way, too. It really seems to diminish my crows feet and makes my eyelids look smoother. The only down side is the way its packaged; I prefer pump bottles or tubes for my skin care products. I think they’re more sanitary and make the product last longer. Other than that, I love it! (How ’bout it Burt….put it in a tube for me…?)

Alissa Cruger, MS

Helps…but not the way it claims

I purchased this product because I have dark bags under my eyes. This product has not helped lighten the dark circles or tighten the bags under my eyes. However, I have seasonal allergies that cause my eyes to itch. So I’m constantly rubbing my eye area. This cream helps soothe the damage from the constant rubbing. I would purchase this product again but only during allergy season.

Lorie Norway, SC

smells a little overpowering, but feels nice.

I’m very sensitive to highly perfumed things. (I almost never wear perfume and have to keep dryer sheets in a plastic bag so they’re closed off). So the smell of the cream is a little too strong for me. But I like the coolness on the skin around my eyes.Not sure if I notice a big difference in terms of "radiance" around my eyes, but I haven’t tossed it yet. 😉

Dawn Milledgeville, IL

greasy, cause tiny pimples around my eyes

This stuff has a very pleasant honey scent, and comes in a small glass jar. It is very rich– too rich for my skin. Also, I wasn’t a fan of the jar since repeatedly dipping my fingers into the product seems unhygienic.

Michell Dawson, TX

just okay

i got this for puffiness under my eyes. i didn’t notice much difference, but it definitely smoothed out my wrinkles/crows feet. i usually just use at night.

Tonya Laurel, MD

Burns my eyes

It OK, I will keep using it until it gone however I will not repurchases. The smell is very nice but when on your face the product become very liquid and somehow always gets in my eyes!

Rachael Umatilla, OR

Burt’s Bee eye cream, nice

I am still using this eye cream and find it really keeps the skin around my eyes smooth and soft. It does not burn like other creams do and I use it around my whole eye area. Burt’s Bees makes only good products!

Juana Redrock, NM

Not good for dry skin

I find this is not near enough moisture for the under eye area, and it just seems to dry it out more. I don’t have any wrinkles thankfully but my skin is too dry for this stuff. A great eye area moisturizer is philosophy hope in a tube eye and lip cream, which is really moisturizing and I regret trying to save money by choosing another product instead of that one. I think for people with oily skin this would be a good product though but def not for dry skin and I imagine older mature skin would not benefit from this either.

Terry Magnolia, AR

Love it & a must have

I was having an issue with the skin around my eyes being try but this product definitely cleared that problem up rather quickly. I use it on my under eye area as well as my lids.

Teresa Vicksburg, PA


It’s my second eye cream and I love it. The texture is thick and the smell… you have to get used to though works really well. I’m still in my 20s and bought this for my dark and puffy eye circles.

Evangeline Dutchtown, MO

Love this eye cream

This is non-irritating and leaves the eye area feeling really smooth and soft. I love using this at night or during the day!

Sonja Roscoe, IL

Didn’t notice an improvement.

Even though I really love most of the Burt’s Bees product line, I couldn’t give this product a good rating because despite using it really faithfully I didn’t notice any change/improvement as far as the look of my eyes goes (I was particularly hoping for some benefit as far as dark circles under the eyes are concerned). It’s back to the drawing board for me.

Keri Merrittstown, PA

to make your eyes glow?

I get this through the Amazon subscribe and save…no its not for me…really!My wife says this is the best stuff, and likes to use it, but it seems that she could not find it at the local drug stores, simply because they would sell out.we have it set up to get some every couple of months, and it seems to last.After her telling me what it normally costs in a drug store, I will say that we get it at a substantial savings!

Connie Chugwater, WY

A good basic eye cream

My number one criteria has to be: am I allergic to the ingredients or smell? Clearly you don’t want something you are allergic to right next to you eyes. I am not allergic to any thing in this sweet smelling eye cream :)It does the job, but I wish it was a bit more rich. It doesn’t sink in super fast; I don’t want to rub it in so I just let it fade in. I may in fact be at an age where I should use something more "oily", but as eye creams are expensive I can’t afford to spend what it takes to try many others at the risk of having a nice smelling paperweight.

Adela Mountainair, NM

Works great!

I love this product. It helped with the fine lines and keeping it moisturized without being greasy. I use it after every face wash. I like the fact that its all natural, too. Will definitely purchase this again.

Reyna Reads Landing, MN