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Burt’s Bees Pore-Refining Mask, 1-Ounce Jars

This all natural face mask is made with French green clay and a selection of eight dried herbs and flowers to tighten pores and stimulate skin, leaving your complexion cleansed, renewed and radiant.

Key features

  • Case of two 1-ounce jars of facial clay mask (total of 2 ounces)
  • Made with French green clay
  • 100% natural
  • Not tested on animals
  • Produced in Durham, North Carolina

Honest reviews


Superior Pore Cleansing and Refining

If you love mixing up your own masks, this is one product that makes home spa time really fun. This is easy to apply whileyou are in the bath or before you jump into the shower.Burt’s Bees produces products that are healing for the skin, there is also a calming, emotional element that makes you feel loved and nurtured by nature itself. The scent of Eucalyptus has always been calming to me and this product contains the oil.Ingredients (they have changed the ingredients to make it work even better than before): French green clay, bentonite, fragrance, peppermint leaf, shavegrass herb, calendula, rosemary leaf and sage.This mask is a lovely avocado green and will make you feel more calm. I loved how the powder can also be mixed with my favorite moisture mask or with natural ingredients for variety.I’ve rarely seen a product clean pores this well. You can simply pour some of the green powder into your hand and mix in a little water. After applying, let dry and then rinse.It dries super fast and is perfect to cleanse and heal the skin.If you love this product, also look for the Queen Bee kit with sample sizes of luxurious products.~The Rebecca Review

Latanya Frisco, CO

Smells good…as do all their products.

But hasn’t done much and am not sure if I’m using it correctly because of the vague and confusing directions. But it does smell good!

Doris Charles Town, WV

love the aromas!

I have fun mixing and making this mask plus its pretty neat looking as it drys. I really like the natural aroma and it feels and smells good for my skin =] My face is so soft after using and a lill flushed due to increased circulation to the face. I thought it was a lill pricey expecially for 1oz but i still have more than half and i use it frequently.

Kristi Woodburn, IN

Ultimate mask

The really fun part about using the product is the amount of freedom I have when it comes to fine tuning and really designing the product I am about to apply no my face. The mask comes in a lovely frosted glass jar with a polished pewter lid with a bee on it and is nestled inside in a form of a superfine powder the color of sea foam. Sometimes I mix a spoon with water or herbal tea ( unsweetened of course) or I can mash in a strawberry, avocado or any other wet and mushy healthy food. I always spread this on a freshly washed and dried, sometimes scrubbed with face scrub face and leave a thin film on all my areas of concern.The mask dries in a matter of few minutes when I get to sort out my mail, take of my socks and settle in before my shower. I try to do it at least once a week or if my skin is acting up to eradicate any redness and to exterminate any spots. I have been blessed with good skin but I still care and tend to it because sometimes great isn’t good enough. As a picky mask chooser I pick this product over all my other face regiment items to bring my skin up a notch.- Kasia S.

Claudia Arctic Village, AK

Love the Bees

I use this mask under my makeup….very lightly….I apply with water and let it dry…..I then have a smooth complexion….I apply a light coat of mineral makeup with blush……For my age…57….I look pretty good….I would recommend….

Lindsey Kelleys Island, OH

Not much product for your money.

The only reason I didn’t give this product 5 stars is due to the small amount of clay you get for 15 dollars.Other then that, I have to say I was pleased. Only used it once so far, but it left my skin feeling instantly smooth, and very clean after rinsing it off. I left it on for around 10-15 minutes. Very gentle, no irritation, and has a wonderful smell! Also has a bit of a cooling effect so wakes you right up. I don’t know if id buy this again since I can get the Indian Healing Clay for 5 bucks and you get so much product..

Erica South Strafford, VT