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Burt’s Bees Poison Ivy Soap, 2-Ounce

“Leaves of three, leave them be.” 99.82% Natural. Our unique blend of jewelweed, clay and pine tar are carefully formulated to offer a mild and cleansing bar of soap, perfect for anyone who enjoys the great out-of-doors. Customer Inquiry Hotline:  1-800-849-7112

Key features

  • 99.82% natural
  • Features pine tar and tea tree oil
  • Gentle cleansing bar soap

Honest reviews


This is an amazing soap that really works

This soap works almost instantaneously to stop the itching of poison ivy and all of the other similar types of plants in that same family. I.E. poison oak, poison sumac, ect.It has a wonderful smoky aroma that my children love. That really makes it easier for my to get them to use it.

Selena Olton, TX

Works as Promised!

Picked up a little rash while camping and had this plus Benadryl. This soap really works to stop the itch and it will prevent the rash from spreading. It really works, and it doesn’t have a foul odor or any weird side-effects like oral medication (Benadryl works great but makes me so sleepy). It’s the best OTC poison ivy treatment I’ve ever used.

Enid Goodsprings, AL

Healed it, when even the doctor couldn’t

My husband got a bad case of poison ivy and it was just eating his skin off, he even went to the doctors, which he never does, but nothing made it stop……it was awful….then my cousin said to try this…..this stuff is amazing! Totally stopped it in its tracks and started the healing after the vey first use. I will never be without this in my house! Smells strong and not so great, but works.

Ashlee Longbranch, WA

Works fine

This soap will help dry up the oozing and itching of poison ivy. Best to use it as quickly after exposure with cool water for best results. Warm water opens pores which can make poison ivy get deeper into skin.

Sofia Von Ormy, TX


This stuff is effective. If you spend time out in the woods then I suggest keeping it on hand. If you’re miserable and itching you want relief now. It is stinky though so store it away from anything you don’t want the smell to transfer to.

Ramona Bucklin, MO

Have used this for many years -It Works

I discovered this soap at a Whole Foods many years again. I was tired of getting a nasty case of poison ivy every spring so I used this soap when I came in from yardwork – no poison ivy even though I knew I touched it. That was 7 years ago. I have a bar of this soap at the kitchen sink as well as the shower – and only a touch of poison ivy here and there when I haven’t used the soap in the shower. I will always have this soap in my house. Thanks Amazon for making it easy to get it

Alicia West Chazy, NY