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Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser, 4.3 Ounce

Cleanse away impurities from your skin with sulfate-free Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser. Formulated with olive oil, aloe and vegetable-based glycerin to help nourish your skin and infused with orange oil and soap bark, this cleanser helps remove dirt, make-up and excess oil. Free of parabens, phthalates and petrolatum, this 99.9% natural plant-based face cleanser not only cleanses and rinses easily but also nourishes. Leaving your skin feeling naturally clean.

Key features

  • 4.3 ounce tube of 99.9% natural face cleanser
  • Orange oil and soap bark, this cleanser helps remove dirt, oil and makeup
  • Face wash with olive oil, aloe and glycerin
  • Plant-based and free of parabens, phthalates and petrolatum
  • Follow with Burt’s Bees toning and moisturizing face products

Honest reviews


Loved the sample.

Businesses are so misleading these days. They must make an extra kick-a** version of their products and put it into samples then water down the rest to make more of the actual product. Then sell us junk. The sample I tried cleared my skin and was amazingly clean although it seems like the product is pure lard. I was impressed so I searched for the regular sized product and after using it broke out worse than ever. Makes you wonder how organic is this stuff and is there really bees and a guy named burt involved at all? Or just a clever advertiser…It’s just not the same as the sample. Smells pretty good though. Instructions very vague (on all their products, it seems).

Norma Charleston, IL

Burts Bees; A Natural Facial Cleanser

I love the fact that Burts Bees facial cleanser is a natural product and it doesn’t dry out my skin after use. However, it didn’t meet all of my expectations. I was looking for a natural product that removes makeup and also improves complexion. The product is natural, but it doesn’t do a good job of removing makeup and it doesn’t improve complexion. The product doesn’t claim to improve complexion or remove makeup, so it’s not falsely advertised. But if you are looking for those qualities, then I do not recommend this particular Burts Bees product.

Geraldine Clearwater, NE

Amazing Product

I’ve been slowly adding to my Burt’s Bees skin care collection since I started using the Radiance Day Lotion & the Citrus Facial Scrub (and loved them both). So recently I added this product, the Facial Cleanser – and I love it just as much. First of all I have to say I have super sensitive skin. With most product lines I cleanse & moisturize and end up with a burning, stinging face. This product is like most Burt’s Bees: so gentle. I also have rosacea and extremely fair skin, so I can say for those fair maidens out there – this is good stuff!I love that it’s 100% natural in a time when most beauty products are riddled with chemicals and preservatives. In fact, this cleanser is so natural that when a little bit of it got into my mouth, it tasted sweet like orange juice!The olive oil in it makes your skin feel delightful after use – typically most cleansers leave my skin dried out and parched, but not with this Burt’s Bees cleanser. If you know much about skin care, you also know how wonderful olive oil is (for ALL skin types) and has been used for centuries as a “beauty secret” so I just adore Burt’s Bees for including it in this cleanser. Since I began use my skin has seemed so much softer, more fresh, and healthier in general. I rarely get any zits or pimples, except lately I’ve been pregnant and sometimes get a few breakouts from the hormones. This cleanser does seem to help the mild breakouts as well.I’ve found my cleanser, will use the rest of my life, I’m sure.

Olivia Northport, MI

Very greasy cleanser

This Burt’s Bees cleanser left my skin feeling greasier after I used it than it was before.I have normal-oily skin and this is definitely not a good cleanser for that skin type. This cleanser might work really well if you had very dry skin.It does smell nice though.

Angel East Sparta, OH

Natural cleaner

I used this product twice a day. It did not always remove my makeup or just daily dirt. Using a toner help to remove all the left on dirt and makeup this product did not remove. I did leave face feeling moisturized. I was not drying at all to my combination skin

Staci Grahamsville, NY

My favorite

I’ve tried many facial cleaners and this is by far my favorite. It feels slightly warm when you are applying it and smells like a fresh orange. Leaves me feeling energized for the day or re-energized for a night out. The cleanser has a nice smooth texture and feels soft.

Ma Edgecomb, ME

Clean, Fresh, and Soft Feeling

This cleanser has a wonderful scent. It also took off my makeup wonderfully.My skin felt refreshed and clean and soft. The texture was perfect – not sticky or gooey or greasy.It felt so good, I think I’ll wash my face again with it – and not wait until tomorrow when there will be more makeup to remove!!!

Stephanie Plano, IL

Great for dry skin!!!

I used this years ago when I was struggling with dry flaky skin on my face. A friend bought this as a gift and helped get my face back into shape. I found this product again and was surprised at how quickly it helps so much! I use this with the Burt’s Bees Carrot Nutritive Night Cream. I’ve never been one for the strong Orange smell; however, I don’t care, as long as my face gets better!

Carmela Adams Basin, NY

For My Skin Type It Works

I have a fair to medium completion that runs on the slightly dry side. I also have contact dermatitis on my left temple area because I sleep on my left side. This leaves my skin in that area with surface ‘bumps’. Additionally, I often have problems with facial products because I develop a resistance to them.Initially, I had doubts about this cleanser. It feels a little greasy when applied. It doesn’t lather. What it does have is an amazing orange scent. I think of it as Orange Glo for the skin. I wasn’t sure it was doing anything. However, I massaged it over my face and neck and then rinsed with warm water. My skin felt incredibly soft, clean, and supple. After cleaning, I used an astringent pad to see if there was residual dirt on my skin. The pad was clear. My skin sort of glowed, didn’t look greasy, but it wasn’t dry either. Extended use over a couple of weeks improved the texture and eliminated the dermatitis.Four years later, I am still using this on a daily basis. Sometimes I apply it with my Clarisonic or Neutrogena cleanser pad. Regardless of season, this cleanser works. On occasion when I don’t use this for a few days, I notice the difference and it isn’t good.I’ve been using the Burt’s Bees product line for a long time. I can’t say I totally like everything I’ve tried in their line, but this is among my favorites.

Kate East Princeton, MA

Did NOT work for me

Smells delightful, but this made my skin break out terribly. It has wheat derived ingredients, which causes skin irritation for a lot of people. I returned the product for a refund.. Oh well! Done with you, Burt.

Amy Bridgeport, IL

Clogged My Pores

I wanted to switch to natural products so I tried Burt’s Bees. I’m 24 and haven’t had pimples since middle school, but when I started using this a month ago my face popped up with pimples. Most of them have cleared up but the breakouts left marks and discoloration on the side of my face. My face was smoothe and pimple free; I never had to use powder or foundation. Now, I have to use concealer and pray these marks fade away. Using this product was the worst decision I ever made. To BB’s credit, when I called up to complain on their customer service line, I was refunded the amount.

Lena Hardaway, AL

Helped my skin heal

Burt’s Bee’s Orange Essence Facial cleanserBased on the reviews, I bought this cleanser for my significant other who has dry skin. I have combination skin and normally would not choose such a very emollient oil cleanser. Fortunately [as it turns out] one day I ran out of my normal cleanser and tried this product. It is oily but just a tiny drop washes your whole face. I’m guessing at the rate we’re going [it’s ‘our’ cleanser now] this one tube can last a whole year. We’ve had it a couple of months and it’s maybe 10% down, if that… which makes it very eco-friendy in terms of packaging. To cut the oiliness I just sprinkle in a little baking soda. Since the first day I tried this I have used nothing else. Let me tell you why.The orange oil really seems to make my skin more glowy and softer than my old cleanser did. With the added soft grit of the baking soda it was the most amazing exfoliation I’ve ever gotten at home. It doesn’t seem to make my pores any smaller, but it does make them look really clearer. The over all texture of my skin is softer and smoother, more light-reflective and has a really dewy feel. The alkalinity of the baking soda is itself tonifying but the slight residue of the orange oil works well in the cold, dry climate of winter where I am. So it seems to balance out the dry effects on the combo skin. During summer, I think I will prefer a lighter cleanser, but at least for winter or dry climates this is now my go-to facial cleansing product.At the time I first used it I had horrible cracks and chaps on my upper lip I had gotten from wind/cold exposure that just wasn’t going away with my everyday facial routine… partly because my lips kept cracking at night while I slept. I thought the problem was that my chapstick wasn’t doing it’s thing right. I was getting up in the middle of the night to put on chapstick, and still – I would wake up with split lips. So painful. I didn’t know a cleanser could make such a big difference in the health of your lips. The first night I used this cleanser, I had no cracking lips after like a month of suffering, and my lips returned to normal the very. next. day. For that I am sold on this product. I would recommend it to anyone, with the caveat that if your skin in combo or oil – sprinkle some baking soda in when you use it, and it doubles as an exfoliater.It’s super gentle and helped my skin heal itself.

Rena Sycamore, OH

Great Cleanser

This is my second order for this product on Amazon. It is a high quality item that displays the best results when used in conjunction with small microfiber facial pads.

Carmela Tigerville, SC

Changed my perspective on cleansers

My new find and obsession. It cleanses my oily (!) skin without drying it out. It is very important since most people with oily skin try to use something that will give them that squeaky clean feeling, except it only triggers skin to produce EVEN more oil! This product does the opposite: it moisturizes and cleans without irritating the skin. It’s all natural and it smell wonderful, like fresh oranges! Absolutely definitely a must!

Marisol Manhasset, NY

Great Facial Cleanser

I was heart broken when my favorite facial cleanser, Skinmilk, was discontinued. I’d been looking for a new cleanser ever since. Even though this cleanser is all natural (which I love!), initially, I had my doubts about this cleanser. I have combination to oily skin, and from the reviews I read, this cleanser works well on normal-to-dry skin. While washing my face with my hands, the cleanser felt oily (it doesn’t lather), but once I used a wash cloth to wipe my face, I felt differently. The cleanser left my face feeling so soft and clean. And the orange scent is delicious. It doesn’t leave that tight dry feeling on my face that I get when using other cleansers. What I also loved was that I didn’t need to use a moisturizer. The cleanser was moisturizing enough. It leaves my face feeling great all day. In a nutshell, this cleanser is all natural, smells wonderful, leaves skin soft and clean, and moisturizes as well. There’s nothing more I could want from a facial cleanser. This is my new daily cleanser.

Elsie Kellogg, IA

All great except the smell

I like the natural ingredients. It looks like a natural product in the hands, without chemical textures or synthetic appearance. I like the way it feels on my skin, similar to the sensation of rubbing a mixture of delicate oils and fruit on my face. It cleanses thoroughly removing makeup and sunblock lotion. It doesn’t strip my skin dry and instead leaves a nice moisture after wash. The only drawback is the scent– it smells more like old marmalade rather than a fresh squeeze of orange, more stale than I prefer. Overall a good, natural cleanser.

Gayle Cliff, NM

Smells amazing!

I love the smell of this product. I wish it were easier to lather on, though. I love the company because it’s eco-friendly.

Ava Hufsmith, TX

Very disappointed in the new formula

I’ve been using the BB Orange Essence cleanser for a couple of years and had excellent results – fewer blemishes, less dryness and tightness after cleansing, and easy makeup removal. However, I am going to have to discontinue use after the recent recipe change. I’m not sure what my skin is reacting to, but it’s causing me to develop peeling and swelling around my eyes.I didn’t want to jump to conclusions about the product, so I attempted to give it as scientific of a go as I could. I started using the new formula normally, just subbing it into my regular routine. After a few days, the skin under my eyes swelled and began to peel. I didn’t immediately decide it was the BB, instead I stopped using all product on my face (including makeup) for about a week. The swelling went away. I then started using my usual moisturizer (ROC) again, and had no reaction. I wore makeup again and didn’t have any reaction. Then I added the BB back into the routine and within two days my under-eye area was reacting again. I’m going to have to toss this stuff, and I’m quite disappointed as it was a favorite.

Kimberly Kearney, NE

Best face wash for dry skin

I’ve been using this stuff for years. Amazon’s price is best unless you happen to find these on sale. I have dry skin and this has always been the best for me. Also, it smells amazing.

Angelina Mescalero, NM

Uniquely wonderful

I don’t know anything about past or current ingredients that people are mentioning, or whether/how they’re different, so don’t ask me. But if it matters to you, I had the one in the orange tube, not the white one.This is a really great cleanser. The back tells you that it doesn’t leave your skin parched like other soapy cleansers and it’s absolutely true. This would be fantastic for dry, normal, or maybe combination skin. If your skin runs oily, I wouldn’t recommend this very highly.There is oil in this, as it blatantly advertises, and it makes it smell great. This cleanser pretty much doesn’t produce suds at all, which again, is great for people with dry skin. A small downside is that it also probably won’t clean very deeply, so if your face is sweaty or has makeup on it, you’d probably need to pre-wash or wipe it off or something first.You can feel a very thin “film” of the orange oil on your face afterward, so make sure to rinse well with warm water. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to avoid this product. But for me, this eliminates the need for toner and moisturizer to an extent.My skin is often pretty acne-prone and this hasn’t made it break out. If anything, my acne gets better when I use this cleanser. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase.Addendum:Well, I know it’s natural and organic now because there’s mold forming near the cap. So, yeah, beware.

Kaye Paw Paw, IL

I would definitely not recommend this product!

I do not like the consistency of the product. It leaves a very greasy feel after using. Also, I used a toner following washing with this cleanser and there was a lot of face makeup that had not been removed with this cleanser. The smell is okay. Also, it says not to use near your eyes so now I have to have two cleansers anyway. I think I will just stay with Johnson & Johnson’s Purpose which does both and is gentle also. I had just thought I’d try Burt’s Bees as I like most of their products.

Marcia Windsor, SC