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Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Night Creme, 2-Ounce Jar

Wake up to softer, smoother skin with Burt’s Bees® Naturally Ageless® Hydrating Night Cream. Used nightly, this jar of 99% natural face moisturizer helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with pomegranate, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, this face cream helps fight free radicals responsible for the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Use this cream as part of the Burt’s Bees® Naturally Ageless® face care regimen. Put the power of nature to work for your skin with Burt’s Bees.

Key features

  • 2 ounce jar of 99% natural night cream
  • Clinically proven to moisturize skin and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Face cream made with pomegranate oil, a powerful antioxidant
  • Helps fight free radicals that break down collagen and elastin
  • Part of Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless skin care regimen

Honest reviews


DISAPPOINTED by 2010 nigth creme to the Subscriber 🙁

Don’t get me wrong, I love BB’s Ageless Night Creme, which is my 2nd one that I recently bought via Amazon’s Saved & Subscribed program to save only $3.16. I am so regret to do so after I opened the mailing box, in which is an unboxed BB Ageless Night creme in a WHITE cap container. Since, I have been using it, and I know that there’s something wrong, so I compared it with my current one, which was bought at the local drug store few months ago. The current one is SILVER cap with the SKIN FIRMING on the container, just like what is shown on the box. I studied the WHITE CAP container detailly, it has BB copyright 2010 WITHOUT skin firming, which means that is a 2010 old version. I also have checked with the BB website to ensure the current packing is SILVER cap. Simply it is used on my face; I don’t want to put something is over an year+. Therefore, I returned it and cancelled the subscription and won’t trust Amazon’s saved & subscripted again.If I can put negative rating, I will do for Amazon’s BAD services to the Subscribers.I have bought many items from Amazon; this time was totally unaccaptable!!

Fran Eden, UT


I love the Burts Bees line, but I really dont like the way my skin looks when using this product especially in the morning, maybe i have a small reaction to it but i dont think so. It is a lill greasy and smells funky i could handle that, but i dont see that it does any good for me, if anything making my skin look bad! Ive been using it on my hands until its gone but i wont be buying it again.

Evelyn Spencer, WV

Awesome stuff for day or night

I did not have instant results with this cream like some other reviewers, but I have been using it consistently day AND night in combination with Eucerin Redness Relief Anti-Aging Serum and am seeing some great results in skin tone and firmness after about a month.Initially, I was less than impressed but continued using it because, well, I paid for it, and it wasn’t greasy and didn’t irritate. I usually get breakouts, redness, and stinging with new products but not with this one, so like I said, I continued using and am so glad I did because my skin really is appearing more youthful.Oh, and it smells light and fruity, too.

Verna Kipton, OH

Great stuff

I use this at night just before bed. I wash my face and then dab my finger in the tub to get a little ‘dollop’. A little goes a long way. This stuff is very rich and creamy, but not greasy. I find that using a small amount all over the face and neck is perfect. This is not like a regular lotion, think of it as ‘concentrated’.I also sometimes use it during the day in conjunction with the day lotion. I put the day lotion on and if I have any spots that are dry, or like under my eyes I have to keep it nice and hydrated because I have dark circles so I have to put alot of concealer etc. And you know how it looks when you put makeup under your eyes and the skin is dry? Like you are a 100 yrs old! If you put the day lotion on and then a tiny (like a half of a pea size) dab of the night creme on places that need extra care you will be so happy with the results.I also posted this on the day lotion, but Ive been using the day, night and serum for about 3 weeks and I notice my skin is smoother, slightly firmer and I have noticed that I have hardly any blemishes any more!I also use bare minerals makeup which I think everyone should give a try!This product is awesome. Use it for 30 days and you wont want to use anything else. Prior to this I was using the borba system (like 250 bucks) and I thought there wasnt anything better, until I tried this when I saw it at my local grocery store. I got all three products (day, night and serum) for about 70 bucks.My husband even uses the day lotion, thats how light and smooth it is. He wont wear anything like normal lotion or whatever, but I told him to try it to prevent ageing and now he uses it!Even if you have great skin (Im 26) I would still use it as a means of preventing dryness and the appearance of fine lines. Prevention is key in maintaining our beautiful skin.

Fannie Port Saint Lucie, FL

Love Burts Bees products

I am 51 yrs old and just started using Burts Bees, the entire line. I LOVE their products! I cant say any face cream, and ive tried eveverything, will take away lines and wrinkles, but it sure cant hurt. Moisturize, mosturize and moisturize! All skin types will be very happy with this product, in my opinion. Im completely hooked on their line, price, quality, smell and overall i give them 100 stars!

Mabel Westlake Village, CA


I have sensitive, oily skin prone to breakouts and have never been able to use a moisturizer without breaking out. This product worked wonders on my skin and I didn’t have a bad reaction. There is so much more life in my skin. I also really love the night serum, it’s perfect for under your eyes and across your forehead.

Beulah Wallace, CA

Burt’s Bee is the Best!!

Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless Night creme is the best. It keeps my skin so soft and fresh. I use all of Burt’s Bee products it seems to work the best for me, and I like it because it’s all natural.

Jenna East Haven, CT

irritated my eyes

I tried using this for a few weeks and at first I thought I had allergies but this really irritates my eyes, my right eye actually swelled up a lot for two days, I can’t use it anymore. It might work for some people but it really hurts my eyes.

Tina Richfield, KS

super night cream for my face

I really like Burt’s Bees ageless products. The night cream is not greasy, yet moisturizes my face enough that it feels soft in the morning. I believe it has helped my skin look younger, as well.

Janie Woodland Mills, TN

Really helps

This cream is replacing my Oil of Olay night cream which I have used for many years. Nice and creamy, settles in fast, smells great, and my face looks wonderful in the morning. I alternate this (for the skin tightening effect) with the Burts Bees Radiance night cream (for the ultra moisture). I also use the Burts Beeswax moisture cream on weekends. I found it a little too greasy for night use, but sparingly when I’m going to be home for a while, it really moisturizes! Yup, I am now a believer!!! You can have great skin without the chemicals, and I will never go back.

Earline Nonantum, MA

Not sure yet

The product doesnt seem bad (it doesnt irritate my skin or makes me unconfortable), but it is sticky! It doesnt dry in my skin, so I go to sleep with this very oily sensation. Because of this, I havent been using it every night, so I didnt see any result yet. I gonna keep trying.

Courtney Lane, IL

really wanted to like this

This night cream is heavier than I would like. It left my face feeling slightly oily the next morning, and while it did moisturize very well, it was not suited to my skin type. I found that if I put a dime-sized amount in my palm and diluted with a few drops of tap water, it applied like a dream and did not turn my face into an oil slick. I also liked the smell, and used this cream for a few months before I found something less greasy. I did not see any huge difference with my skin other than it being slightly more hydrated. (Previously I’d moisturized nightly but with a lighter face lotion.) Also, it never broke me out which is a plus.Pros:HydratingDid not cause breakoutsNice scent (in my opinion)Cons:Very rich and best for dry skin– made my medium/combination skin greasy* can be diluted with a little water just before using, to make a light airy cream that applies well and is not too oilyNote: Never dilute beauty products in large quantities because you will also be diluting preservatives/antibacterial/antifungal additives, which could lead to really gross rancid products.

Elvia Luxemburg, WI

Not really doing anything

didn’t do anything for me and it is tough to rub in. as much as i love burt’s products, this one might should be skipped

Aida Corder, MO

A good, solid night cream but too expensive

Wow. The price keeps jumping up on this. I got it for little over $16 using subscribe and save a mere three weeks ago. I have been using this product but alternating with yes to carrots night cream. I do like the Naturally Ageless. It has a nice smell that doesn’t overpower or linger and the cream is very emollient and it stays on the face a little heavier than yes to carrots. I am not sure what effect it is having on my skin other than keeping it soft and supple. I don’t see a big difference in lines around my eyes, but then again, I don’t use it every day. I really don’t think that this cream will make a big difference in fine lines, but it will keep skin from drying out. In the winter, that is especially important and I make sure to apply some sort of night cream every night.

Carmella Vandalia, OH

Another good Bee product

Nice feel. Absorbs quickly. I’ve noticed a difference in a short time. Just love the Burt’s Bees line of products.

Raquel Harrah, OK

Excellent creme

This is an excellent night cream. The Burt’s Bees AGELESS line of products are all excellent.The cream feels very soothing, refreshing and smells great.

Norma Dixie, WA

Nice but swtiching…

I really liked this product. Moisturizes very well. i swtiched to an all natural product with spf tho b/c I’m moving aay from Burt’s bees products. I heard they really aren’t all natural like they claim

Vanessa Levering, MI

Excellent Night Cream

I’ve used lots of different night creams over a huge price range, and this is my favorite. It isn’t too heavy, moisturizes beautifully, and doesn’t make my skin look dull the way some of the “tightening” creams do. Since Burt’s Bees philosophy matches mine, I’m sticking with this one from now on 🙂

Kitty Sainte Marie, IL

burts bees naturally ageless night creame

Not for dry mature skin. Does nothing to hydrate and felt it dried my skin. Absolutely worthless and a bunch of hype!

Rosalyn Cambridge, ME

Doesn’t it smell like a lipton tea?!!

So far I’m using it and honestly I didn’t get the chance to notice the changes, but someting that I could not neglect is it smell. It reminds me so much to the lipton tea smell.

Josie Junction City, KY

Love it!

Love this night lotion 🙂 It is thick and wonderful and smells nice and fruity to me. If you have the Burt’s Bees pomegranate chapstick this lotion smells just like that. Def. a good moisturizer, great for the winter! Have now also bought the day lotion (which is a bit thin for my taste, but obviously it is meant to be for the day). Can’t really speak to the ageless claim since I am 24, but I am planning to continue using this line of skin care!

Graciela Arcadia, WI


While it smells good, it feels greasy.. I don’t feel like my skin got any better or worse, but I really don’t enjoy the sticky feeling. So I don’t waste it, I end up diluting it with pure Moroccan rosewater

Libby Jacksonville, TX