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Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions 3 Step Regimen Kit

Gently clean and soften your skin with Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. This deep cleansing cream is formulated with natural soap bark to gently remove dirt, excess oil and makeup. Infused with chamomile and aloe to soften skin. Contains a hint of menthol, known for its cooling properties, to cool and revitaliz skin. It’s 99.9% natural and contains no parabens, phthalates or petrolatum. Leaves your skin looking beautiful and naturally healthy.

Key features

  • Kit contains 3 face care products for acne prone skin
  • Includes 5 fluid ounce face cleanser, 2 ounces moisturizer and .26 fluid ounce spot treatment
  • Naturally derived salicylic acid reduces acne and prevents breakouts
  • Non-irritating acne care penetrates and treats clogged pores
  • Acne treatments are clinically shown to prevent acne

Honest reviews


works just fine

it works, hate the smell of it but it does work. the only product i would care about is that spot treatment. their spot treatment is pretty good in my opinion but it still stinks like the rest of the products in this kit. if you can get pass the smell then it’ll be fine.

Irma Swan, IA

didn’t work

I had read such great things about this product and I was so excited to try it; I was pregnant at the time so the appeal of an all natural product was huge for me. First, I used up the cleanser far faster than anything else and it was so runny that I couldn’t contain it in my hands or on my face. I liked the lotion but the spot treatment, being liquid, was less of a spot treatment and more like rubbing a caustic liquid on my skin because it burnt, smelled horrible, and wouldn’t stay in place (of course). Worst of all, it did virtually nothing for my skin even after months of use. Also, single bottles of the cleanser at stores in my area were around $15 so I was spending a lot of money and getting no results.

Gabriela Colonial Beach, VA

Good value, spot treatment is “meh”

I’ve already reviewed the moisturizer and cleanser separately–I think they work great and this is really the only skincare regime that I’ve bothered to purchase multiple times. Usually once I finish a product I move on to something else, but this set is actually good enough to keep using. The moisturizer is non-greasy, but moisturizes well. My face feels nice, clean, and free of grease after using the cleanser. After using this product for many months, I can really see a difference in how my skin looks. My pores are smaller and less noticeable, skin tone is more even, and I generally get far fewer blemishes than I once did.This particular set on Amazon is a good value. I could do without the spot treatment though. It really doesn’t do anything for me. Plain old tea tree oil is far more effective for taking care of blemishes.

Tommie La Joya, TX

Hidden Gem In the Acne Market!!!

I have tried all of these Acne kits, Proactiv, Clean & Clean, PanOxyl, Neutrogena, Clearasil, Aveeno, and even tried several PRESCRIBED Acne medications and kits and had so much frustration after time and time again seeing little to no results and an empty wallet! Finally, I had enough and went out on a limb and bought Burts Bees Acne two week kit. I was full of doubt and about to except the fact that I will always have Acne (im 22 now and have suffered from the condition ever since i was 14) Only a few days later I was already starting to notice the difference! The biggest change I saw RIGHT AWAY was the redness was disappearing! And after two weeks I have no new break outs and can see a HUGE difference in my skin! If you were or are like me and tired of thinking you have to live with post-teen/young adult acne you MUST try this kit! Good Luck!

Mollie Lakeview, OH

nothing help

i’ve been using this for a few weeks.. and yet it doesnt show any improvement.. i am kind of disappointed of this product..

Nancy Russells Point, OH

The blemish treatment is my fave!

I have been using the blemish treatment for a while. I LOVE IT. When I have a bad breakout (I have PCOS and get adult cystic acne from time to time) this is the ONLY product that dries out the blemish FAST. I love it! Its great!

Elinor Yanceyville, NC

Works amazingly for sensitive skin

I have the most sensitive skin ever. I don’t get bad break outs but I do get those stubborn little pimples or two on my chin and nose. I’ve used this since my freshman year of highschool and I’m a senior. Burt’s bees has never failed.To the people saying it hasn’t worked. Even tho we have different skin types I bet you thisI bet you,Touch your faceDon’t change your pillow case oftenLet your greasy hair touch your faceGet greasy food on your skin.Never wash your handsTouch your hair then touch your faceUse to much makeup or use un cleaned makeup brushes.Don’t blame this product for not working if you aren’t taking all the steps you need to be taking. You can’t rely souly on the product to fix your problems.But being the girl that’s allergic to everything I can tell you it’s really gentle on the skin even if it has a slightly weird smell.

Katrina Rushmore, MN