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Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cr?me, .6-Ounces

Nourish and moisturize nails and cuticles with intensive Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. This 100% natural, buttery cuticle care cream is packed with natural ingredients to pamper you from tips to toes. Sweet almond oil and cocoa seed butter moisturize and soften your cuticles while vitamin E and sunflower oil nourish brittle nails. A hint of lemon scent leaves your nails smelling clean and fresh. The result is healthy looking and beautiful nails, naturally. This convenient small tin makes anytime cuticle care easy. Give your skin the best nature has to offer with Burt’s Bees.

Key features

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  • Pack of three, 0.60 ounce tins of 100% natural cuticle care cream

Honest reviews


No thanks!

I like the packaging and the "all natural" approach to cuticle cream but this stuff did not fly with me.It is very greasy and does not absorb into the skin around the nails. Even though I used very little and wiped my fingers with tissue paper… I left little finger grease marks all over everything I touched.The smell is terrible. At first I thought it smelled like Lemon Pledge, which wasn’t great, but tolerable. However, after it started drying, it left more of a lemon with a touch of skunk smell on my fingers. Not good.

Amalia Bear Creek, WI

Burt’s bees

Not actually three .6 oz lemon butters. Actually 6 .3 oz cuticle butters. Still the same amount if product. Just expecting the larger containers which is why I only have it four stars.

Colette White Earth, MN

Like Lemon Pledge for your cuticles

This is a nice tin of thick balm that is laden with lemon oil. You rub it into your cuticles to prevent cracking, flaking and drying. You actually can rub it all over your hands if they are very chapped. The oil even helps to keep nails from splitting and cracking. It smells like a lemon grove.The three-pack is nice because you can put one in your office drawer, one at home at your desk and one in your purse.

Jami Linden, NC

Stocking stuffers

I stock up on Bert’s Bees products every year for Christmas. I haven’t tried this particular product but I have every confidence in it. I have never been disappointed in this brand. My granddaughters look forward to these little items every year.

Inez Bucyrus, KS


I purchased this 3 pack after buying myself one from a local drugstore and falling in love. I gave one to my sister, one to my mom and kept one as a back up for myself! My mom has to wash her hands quite a bit at work and my sister works in a factory so both of them suffer from pretty dry cuticles. Mine have always been bad, but I hate using cuticle oils because they make my hands feel gross and like they just need washed again. This cuticle cream not only smells amazing, but it actually works! I’m hooked and my mom and sister have told me that they love theirs as well. Very pleased!

Kristi Lincoln’s New Salem, IL

Amazing for home manicures!

I coat all my fingertips with this product after removing nail polish. I do nail art, so I usually have a bunch of coats of polish on which means I have to take it off with 100% acetone, which is insanely drying on nails and cuticles. I love this product because it’s all natural and because it does have a really intense moisturizing effect because of all the natural oils. Beware though, it has a bunch of vegetable oil, meaning you can’t put it on and then work with paper or on your computer unless you want it to be oily too! Put it on, wait a few minutes, wash it off and then put on the base coat, or a regular moisturizer.Previously, I used to use the Lemony Flutter Nail Cuticle Butter from Lush Cosmetics, which I do think is better (and also completely natural), but is also significantly more expensive. This is a much more economic version!

Mia Whiteville, NC


Really happy with this cream and use it all the time. Great for your cuticles and dry hands. Will be buying more when needed.

Mellisa Thorne Bay, AK


Things I like about this product:1-Moisturizes my cuticles (that’s the whole purpose, right?)2-Lasts forever (had mine for over a year and use it almost everyday)3-Smells great4- Doubles as an AWESOME lip balm (the ingredient list is 100% natural, so it’s safe to use on your lips)5- cute packagingThings I don’t like:N/ASo that tells you how much I love this cuticle cream.

Marva Bethel Springs, TN

It works + smells great

My cuticles get really dry, peel and tear a lot especially in the winter – this really helps when that happens and keeps them moist to prevent it from continuing to happen. It’s greasy, yes, but soaks in after about 5 minutes. It smells really nice, strong and lemony tart, not a sugary lemon smell nor a chemical lemon smell. I like the small tins because they’re travel friendly and easy to put in pockets or purses. The lemon also helps whiten yellow nails!

Jamie Fairfield, NC


I got it in the starter kit, and I thought, "neat" and I tried it. As with most of Burt’s Bees products I notice the scent first. Some people don’t like it and have described at smelling like a lemon-y cleaning product, but I actually like it. It’s very creamy and goes on well.Within the hour of the first time I applied it I noticed a difference in my cuticles (which are always dry and getting hangnails) and now that I use it regularly my nails have grown and aren’t as flaky and are noticeably stronger. My fingertips are also very soft. It has been described as greasy, and it kind of is, but after a little while it goes away. I usually put it on before bed anyway, and then it doesn’t matter.You can use it with or without nail polish, although you will get better results if you use it without nail polish. It will coat your nails and cuticles and fingertips. I sometimes use it as a hand cream but in the starter kit I got a lot of hand creams so I usually use one of those instead. A little bit goes a LONG way, so don’t pile it on or it will get really nasty greasified.My tiny tin from the starter kit lasted several months, and now I buy it alone and it always takes forever to use up a whole tin.

Elena Collinsville, OH

It Works!

My nails are always dry. I’ve tried various hand creams and brush on treatments (Trind, Avon, Opi) and none of them really worked even with multiple applications per day. This worked immediately. I put it on daily and my nails are nice and smooth. It also has a nice sheen so I can get away without polish…which I only wore because my nails looked so dry. Nice to finally find something that works.

Caryn Waukau, WI

This Stuff Works Good

Keeps ridges on nails in check and cuticles healthy. The manicurist at my barber’s joint recommends it. I do too.

Gabriela Veribest, TX

A Better Cuticle Cream? I Doubt It!

Chicago winters are brutal on your skin and cuticles, and I carry this cuticle cream with me everywhere I go; I keep another at home and a third at work. The price for all three on Amazon is the best I’ve found. This is a non-greasy cream that keeps your cuticles moist and soft, which in turns prevents them from cracking and splitting.

Lorena Summersville, WV

Great for travel; makes hands and feet very soft!

I use this when traveling – it fits great in a toiletries bag or in your purse when you need a little moisturizing on the go. It is a cake of lemon scented cream that you rub deeply into your hands or feet. I’ve been using it for years and it never disappoints me – and the Amazon S&S is a great deal.

Barbara Commerce, TX

Best thing for your nails

I admit that I love manicures. I have really dry cuticles though and was not very happy with the appearance of my nails until I got this product! It smells fantastic and lasts FOREVER. I rub it around my nails before bedtime and wake up with awesome looking fingers. Could not recommend it enough!

Juliette Farmington, PA

Delightful! Addictive!

I picked this cutucle creme up on an impulse, and now I can’t do without it. The scent is abslutely amazing — so very fresh and clean and natural. After massaging it into my cuticles, I rub extra around on my hands. It’s absolutely healing, without any medicinal smell. I smear a touch onto chapped lips. It’s wonderful any time of year, but in the winter it works magic on chapped lips that actually hurt when I smile.Great stuff!

Kristy Pulaski, IL

Great stuff…lasts a decade

I hate raggedy cuticles and this stuff is great. I think I bought my tin about 5 years ago and I use it often. You just need a tiny smidge. I love everything Burt’s Bees.

Stephanie Wind Ridge, PA

Works Great, Smells Wonderful!

I haven’t used Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream in a while because I haven’t been able to get any. I finally decided to order this and some cuticle remover thru Amazon. Summer is coming and my cuticles were in very sad shape, but now they are gorgeous! In fact they looked so great, I used the cuticle remover and this cream on my feet, and these worked much better than foot files, leaving my feet so much smoother.The lemongrass smell is stronger at first, but does diminish with time. This product also lasts a very long time.I plan to continue being a repeat customer!

Paige Millsboro, DE

very good

I have very dry fingers and this has helped them in 2 days so I would buy it again it is a very good product

Socorro Greenville, OH

Great stuff

I paint my nails all the time and I use this to keep my cuticles happy after I’ve used nail polish remover, and when I lotion my hands I apply this and then the lotion. It is great. Prevents cracking and split cuticles that peel up to your eyelids 🙂

Tania Elmer, OK

Smells so good!

This is a winter must-have! The balm is thick and moisturizing. It keeps nails from cracking and cuticles from getting ragged. The lemon oil makes it smell absolutely amazing. It’s a little sticky, since it’s so thick, but I find that this is not a problem if you just dab a little on your nails and work it in. Or, I smooth it on my hands right before bed, which gets rid of chapping.

Lenora Dorchester, NE


I have tried other cuticle creams but this takes the ribbon! It has a thick consistency but it rubs in like “butter” once the heat from your finger massages it into your cuticle. It really helps to moisturize the cuticle which is essential in cold weather! Since it’s made with lots of natural ingredients, it also helps the nails to grow since it can get absorbed. Plus, having a pack of 3 is great and a little bit goes such a long way that I’ve barely put a dent into my first one & I use it at least twice a day! This is a great investment especially because you get a deal that’s cheaper than buying three at a store.

Selma Los Alamos, NM

So good!

I really like this cuticle cream! It softens and smooths them so they’re not dry and white. It smells lemony fresh. It absorbs in minutes. Very good product!

Sarah East Schodack, NY

Helps cuticles a little.

It does help with cuticles before they get really bad, I prefer it on my toes. It works best as a preventive measure rather than using on a broken cuticle. On my fingers I tend to touch my face and I think something in it causes me to break out(wax?)It smells very nice, clean, and lemony. The .60oz pot should last a long long time too.

Aida Pierron, IL

Great for lips

I used to use Burt’s Bees lip balm, but grew tired of the taste. Instead, for years now, I have used the Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme on my lips. It’s got a great, light taste which does not compete with other flavors. It also has a nice feel on my lips.I carry it in my pocket daily, and have several hanging around the house. Since you don’t use much, this sized tin lasts forever. It will go rancid about 1-2 years, at which point you might still have half left, and it’s a good time to get a new one.

Jan Nazareth, MI

very nice stuff

I bought this for dry, beat-up looking cuticles. I’ve been using it at least once a day for a couple weeks, and am very pleased with it so far. My cuticles and nails look nicer. The cream smells very good, fresh and clean and not perfumed or artificial. The tin it comes in is cute, and a nice size, I expect it to last a long time since you can’t tell I’ve even used it yet. Overall very pleased!

Dorthy Cando, ND


Works good on my cuticles. I would say it works as good as straight vasoline but feels a little less messy. I like the nice lemon smell but that turns weird sometimes when putting lotion on after.

Rosalyn Eden, AZ

It really works

Burt bees cuticle cream has been a staple in my life for many years. I used to suffer from dry brittle nails and awful cuticles until I began a nightly regimen of this cream. Now my nails look lovely just playing and can also withstand several applications of heavy nail polish without any damage

Callie Red Hill, PA

Must have

I wash my hands a lot because of my daughter and her diaper changes. But the constant hand washing has left my hands dry and my cuticles really dry and they even crack. This cuticle cream really helps. It’s more a balm than cream but it still really helps. It gives my cuticles lots of moisture and I put it on before I go to bed and my fingers looks so much better the next day.

Tabitha Wright City, MO

wonderful for conditioning cuticles and nails but takes awhile to absorb

I’ve recently started using a couple of different Burt’s Bees products. I love the foot cream, so when I saw they also make a cuticle cream, I wanted to try that out, as well. I have cuticles that are kind of dry and they creep up my nails. I like to use a cuticle pusher to push them back down, but they’re normally too dry for that. Enter this product.I’m not thrilled with the little tin that this stuff comes in; I think a stick (like a lip balm) would be less messy. You have to put this on a finger and *then* rub it over your cuticles and nails. Afterwards, it stays greasy for a little while (so don’t get on the computer or smartphone right away). It has a pleasant citrus scent.However, once it absorbs in, it’s wonderfully effective. My cuticles are in much better shape and are much softer than they were before — so much easier to push back. My nails look pretty good, too. (However, don’t use this right before painting your nails, or the nails will be too oily for a good manicure. Use it the night before, instead.)Love that the ingredients are natural and that Burt’s Bees doesn’t do any animal testing. If you have problem cuticles, this is worth a try.

Kathi Plato, MN