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Burts Bees Herbal Blemish Stick

Herbal Blemish Stick (White) by Burt’s Bees .26 fl oz Liquid This blemish stick contains 10 effective natural herbal ingredients including willowbark nature’s version of salicylic acid which clarifies and gently exfoliates skin to clear pores and help prevent breakouts. Combined with tea tree and juniper oils known for their antiseptic and astringent qualities and calendula to reduce inflammation and redness this concentrated formula keeps your skin clear naturally. For best results apply blemish stick directly to the affected areas 2 to 3 times daily. Additional applications my irritate your skin because of the formula’s potent botanical ingredients.

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Best pimple and blemish remover I have EVER found – and I tell all my friends.

In a sentence: This product removes pimples and blemishes in less than 24-hours (in most cases).With more details: I make no statements about how this product may work on your skin – you’ll just have to give it a shot and see. What I can tell you is that for me, and the many friends I’ve recommended it to, it’s hands-down the best blemish remover we have ever used.It has saved me many embarrassing moments in public when I catch something the night before and give it a few swipes of Burt’s Bees. But let’s talk about what you get.The blemish stick itself is like a roll-on. The liquid inside has a pleasant smell of mint, licorice, outdoors, and any number of adjectives that are in that herbal genre. If I had to pick a gender, it’s a masculine scent and the bonus is that it seems to work well as a nasal decongestant too if you happen to have some blemishes on or under your nose.Unscrew the top, turn it over, and start rolling it across your face where the blemishes are. I’ve noticed that there are some manufacturing differences across sticks. On some the silicon ball tends to slide easily and on others it needs to be primed in order to roll and bring the liquid out. Not a big deal.I like to give a blemish a coating every couple of hours if possible. You will notice that on normal skin there is some visible drying that can occur after several days of use – watch for that if you have sensitive skin.Pimples tend to being shrinking within a few hours and in some cases on my face they have 90% vanished by the next morning. Other pimples take 2 days to be completely gone – you’ll just have to see what works with your skin.No other product (and I’ve tried many of the Oxy-style pads) has come close to the herbal power of Burt’s Bees, and it’s nice knowing that I’m using completely natural and organic stuff on my face vs. a lot of chemicals that don’t do the job anyway.Give it a try – it’s the only thing I use now for blemishes, and I’ve converted many friends over to it as well.

Natalie Maunie, IL

Fair job

I roll this on after a good facial cleanser, let it air dry, then add some moisturizer.I think it’s a toss up. I’ve noticed that it’s helped some pimples, but then others have continued to flourish.I do think adding more of the product 2-3 times a day produces better results than one application.It’s not something I would necessarily recommend. I wouldn’t buy again myself.

Rosa Howard, PA

Thank GOODNESS for this!

So, I am a junior in university. I haven’t had a problem with acne since I was a sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL and then suddenly my face wants to break out over winter break. I tried clean and clear acne moisturizing lotion, every peroxide based spot treatment, all the masks you could think of and even slept on a new pillowcase every night- NOTHING WORKED.Then I remembered an old favorite from back in the day and went searching at my local Target for this blemish stick. FOUND IT! And guess what? It worked. In ONE night. I had 14 painful nodule pimples that had not surfaced, and in using this one night I now only have two. The others dried up. Pimples that I could not get rid of for the life of me have dried up and the dark spots from old healed ones is gone.Coming from someone with SUPER sensitive skin, this is like a miracle. Give this a try. I promise it is worth it!

Lora Fort Gaines, GA

Love it!

I love this little blemish stick. Love the medicinal smell, the way it feels when it hits my skin. My skin has cleared tremendously with another system I have been using. Well I still get an occasional hormonal pimple. Which is nothing before. Well I am a picker also. Will pick at a pimple until there is a nasty scar & it will linger for months from the picking. Well anytime I get the urge to pick, I slater this lovely.stuff on. It not only is helping to kill the bacteria in the blemish, but also keeps me from picking. I will not be without this product!!!

Angelina Columbia, NJ

Time to shrink those nasty blemishes!

I bought this on a whim searching through amazon to see what blemish products they got and it was a good purchase! I have been suffering from adult acne ever since I graduated from high school and I still have it despite the fact that I’m in my mid 20s. I have very sensitive skin and most of acne products out in the market don’t work for me. (Proactiv, Clinique… you name it) A lot of acne products use benzol peroxide and salicylic acid. I’ve had horrifying experience with products (extreme redness and dryness) with benzol peroxide, so I tend to avoid them. Salicylic acid, I don’t have much problem. They do work a bit but doesn’t do any wonder. I’ve used the bodyshop’s teatree oil and proactiv’s spot treatments for a while for painful blemishes that I get occasionally. The thing is they only work for a certain period of time because your skin builds tolerance. This blemish stick is working good so far. It reduced ginormous blemishes I’ve had for days on my forehead almost over night. When I first applied it, WOW it stung like you know what. It was so strong and licorice-ish smell wasn’t very appealing either. I’d recommend you to use it before you go to sleep at night. The price is very reasonable and it should last for a while.

Zelma Rosburg, WA

It works for me!

I purchased Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick after my usual stick – Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil – was no longer stocked at my local grocery store. This product also contains tea tree oil, along with willowbark (“natural” salicylic acid), calendula, parsley, eucalyptus, juniper, yarrow oil, and many more. I was impressed by how quickly the stick reduced the redness of blemishes from my face. It dries acne very quickly as do most tea tree oil products. It is easy to apply. It does seem to clear and dry blemishes slightly faster than my old Desert Essence sticks, but it dries my skin less. I use it several times a day on all areas of my face where zits have popped up before. It does its job well; zits appear far less often and when they do, they disappear much faster, there is far less redness, they aren’t as big, and the best part – less scarring!The downsides? The product smells bad (to me, anyway – like antiseptic licorice). But once it dries on your skin, you will not smell it and neither should anyone else. The scent is unusual but you will get used to it with time. Another downside is that the product is used up very quickly, so you may need to buy in bulk. I wish they sold these sticks in 3-packs or more.A similar product is the Burt’s Bees Targeted Spot Treatment. I have used both; the stick lasts longer and is easier to apply.Recommended for acne prone skin.

Pat Orefield, PA

Gross applicator

One thing that creeps me out a little bit about this product is the application. It’s a rolling silicone ball. After 3 uses, I held the product up and can see dried skin and small hairs floating in the solution, because the ball is rolling in and out with contact on your face and the medication…its kind of a gross design to be honest, I definitely wouldn’t share with anyone else but I’m concerned because acne thrive on bacteria and while yes there is alcohol in the product, its definitely spreading old grimy cells and hairs over and over again on your infected skin. Gross, right?Anyway, the applicator is a little tricky the liquid doesn’t always come out and you need very good light to see if it actually applied to your skin. The smell is very strong, licorice and fennel, but not a big deal for me. It helps my skin, but not as quickly and drastically as my benzoyl peroxide cream (partly because its more sanitary). I’ll give this a try for longer just to try and stay natural, but its not a miracle product just a decent alternative.

Rowena Sandusky, OH

Sensitive acne skin

It’s difficult to find a product that helps to heal acne that is not irritating. This dries up whiteheads and does not cause more of a problem. It does not sting.

Johanna Norman Park, GA

Got a blemish………..

Well after a week of using this you will be smiling from ear to ear. I can not believe how well this works. I work for a Derm Doctor and have used all kinds of RX’s and still had adult blemishes.Well I am on my way to a clear face, also use the acne solutions lotion it awesome!

Marjorie Cartersville, VA

really convenient

it’s really strong. I really enjoyed using it, but i’m starting to not like the idea of how the roller ball is in contact with so many pimples.I’m going to start using tea tree with qtips after this.

Marguerite Skykomish, WA

Been using this for years

This is one of my go-to zit-zappers. Works best when out of the shower or when a blemish is open/near the surface of your skin. Does not do much for deep or very inflamed blemishes. Excellent for smaller blemishes. Warning: stings immensely for a few seconds when applied to an open blemish, but it will likely be greatly reduced by the next day. Also has a strong medicinal smell that some may not like, but I got used to it after a while.

Bethany Petersburg, TX

Little disappointed…

I have never had horrible acne, usually the hormonal kind with one popping up here or there. Nothing I couldn’t handle or would get stressed out about. In December, my face broke out in places it never has before and I was going crazy! I decided to switch over to natural remedies and this was a natural spot treatment that seemed to get pretty good reviews so I bought some. I really was disappointed with this product. Obviously, I didn’t assume it would make them all vanish in a day, but geesh, after two weeks I was hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel. I gave this product 2 stars because I like that Burt’s Bees is putting our natural products (although it does have alcohol in it which can actually irritate your skin) but overall, this product did not work for me. As another reviewer pointed out, the rolling ball is a little disgusting as well. It rolls over your skin, picks up bacteria and dead skin cells and then puts them back into the container! Kind of gross if you really think about it. I was very on top of applying this on my pimples as well (morning and night after cleansing and before putting on moisturizer) so that was not the reason for it not working. I also found that sometimes the liquid would not come out enough and other times it came out so quickly it would start running down my face. I give Burts Bees props for a step in the right direction but this product did not work for me.

Brandie Fairfield, VA

Pimple, meet your death!

UPDATE Feb 10th, 2012:I still use this almost every day. It is my favorite facial product, simply because I don’t get as much of any acne these days, but when I do get the occasional redness of a pimple show up, I just roll some of this over it. It has a cool, not warm, feeling to it when you roll it on. Gradually, you see the redness fade away over the course of a few days, and the skin returnsback to normal with no scarring. Great touch up tool. I stand by my recommendation.———————————————————–Being a young adult, pimples occasionally pop up on my face. Sometimes more than others. With this product, I can touch up pimples or spots of inflammation, and I ALWAYS see results. Sometimes results are instant, but sometimes it’s more gradual (it depends on what you have to work on).For smaller pimples and whatnot, I would suggest carefully popping them (note: the more inflamed the pimple, the less you should try popping them) and then applying this magic stuff to the spot to heal overnight.Basically, this stuff goes on ANY inflamed bit of skin to HEAL it. This applies to pimples, razor bumps, insect bites, or cuts. It will definitely speed up healing time and minimize scarring to almost nothing.~~~~~~ It is by far the BEST spot treatment (acne/pimples) tool I’ve ever used! ~~~~~~

Josephine Clearfield, UT

Acne? Sensitive skin? Try this!

I have sensitive skin and I’ve been on Accutane and countless other prescription and nonprescription products. While the Accutane helped immensely in treating my skin issues, I still get breakouts on occasion. When the dreaded breakout does occur, I can expect to have the pimple or pimple and subsequent blemish for at least three weeks. So, I’d been searching for something that I could get without a prescription that would treat my acne and reduce the redness and blemishes left by my acne.In the past, I’d always been incredibly sensitive to products containing the traditional acne fighters — benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. The peeling and itchiness became painful. So I was leery of this stick. The ingredients contain willow bark, the extract of which is a natural form of salicylic acid.The negative reactions I have had with synthetic counterparts to salicylic acid have been absent while using this stick. I have had no itching or redness. I was fretful about potential peeling (you all probably know how hard it is to apply makeup to a peeling face)but have experienced no peeling.I use it at least two times a day when I feel a pimple coming on and usually have been able to stop a pimple in its tracks. When I apply the stick to an already formed pimple, the next morning the pimple, while still present, is usually diminished in size.For the price of this stick, I wholeheartedly urge you to try this product. It is a natural alternative to the seeming barrage of chemicals that we ingest and put on our skin daily.This product does have a scent but it is not overpowering in my opinion. If you are highly sensitive to scents, however, locate a store that sells this product and try a display sample. Walk around the store with the scent on your hand or under your chin and see if you can tolerate the product.This product is made in the United States and not tested on animals.

Joyce Key Largo, FL